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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 111

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 111

Zong Jinghao raised his hand and checked the time. About fourteen hours had passed since the incident happened. He was fast.

He knew that he was unable to achieve his goal by targeting Lin Xinyan, so he changed the target to the person she cared about the most.

He slowly withdrew his hand that was holding the phone.

Lin Xichen was a little anxious when he didn’t hear Zong Jinghao’s reply. After all, He Ruize was at his home now, and he also didn’t dare to tell Zhuang Zijin for fear that she would act rashly and alert He Ruize in case she was unable to remain calm.

“Do I need to call the police?” Lin Xichen asked.

Zong Jinghao looked at Lin Xinyan and thought for a moment. “What will you tell the police?”

Lin Xichen was speechless.

Now that there was no evidence, so the video could not be released. Besides, the short video couldn’t help much either.

“What should we do then?” Lin Xichen asked anxiously.

Zong Jinghao casually leaned against the desk, rubbed his fingers along the edge of the table, and asked after a moment of thought, “Do you want to avenge your mommy?”

“Yes,” Lin Xichen replied without any hesitation.

“Do you dare to risk your life?”

Lin Xichen was stunned for a moment, and quickly understood what Zong Jinghao meant. “You want me to follow He Ruize. When he really holds us hostage, we can obtain the evidence of his breaking the law without involving Mommy.”

Although He Ruize was shameless, but if such a thing is published, Lin Xinyan’s reputation will also be damaged.

Zong Jinghao’s gaze that were fixed on Lin Xinyan grew deeper. This kid has a really sharp mind.

He was able to understand what he meant so quickly.

“Yes,” Lin Xichen answered bravely. “But—”

Lin Xichen shut his mouth again after thinking for a moment.

If Mommy knows that Zong Jinghao uses us as bait, she will definitely be angry, right?

“But what?” Zong Jinghao asked.

“Nothing.” Lin Xichen decided not to tell him.

“You have to pretend that you don’t know anything, and act as usual. Don’t arouse his suspicion. Turn on the location service on your phone and leave the rest to me.”


Lin Xichen knew what to do.

After hanging up the phone, Zong Jinghao called the internal line to ask Guan Jing to come.

Soon he knocked on the office door.

After Zong Jinghao said, “come in”, he opened the door and walked up to Zong Jinghao.

Zong Jinghao said a few words to him in a low voice. After listening to Zong Jinghao’s words, Guan Jing glanced at Lin Xinyan. Will she be upset if she knows about this?

After all, they are risking her children.

“I got it.”

“Don’t make any mistakes. Do it personally.”


Lin Xinyan took a financial magazine and casually flipped through it. She was not interested in reading it but was bored and wanted to kill time.

Zong Jinghao seemed to be dealing with things with Guan Jing, so it wasn’t good for her to disturb him.

When Guan Jing went out, Zong Jinghao asked, “Would you like to see if they have finished talking?”

He was referring to Su Zhan and Yu Doudou.

“Sure.” Standing up, Lin Xinyan took off the suit.

Her skirt was thin, and the air conditioner was turned on in the office, so it had become dry.

Zong Jinghao wanted to put his hand over her shoulder, but Lin Xinyan dodged him. “If you do this again, I’ll get angry.”

Lin Xinyan pulled a long face.

Their current relationship was nondescript and unclear.

People might speculate if they saw them like that.

Zong Jinghao didn’t force it. He was not in a hurry, as there was plenty of time.

Su Zhan and Yu Doudou were in the reception room, which was not far from Zong Jinghao’s office. They reached there after walking through the office area.

Pushing open the door of the reception room, Lin Xinyan was shocked at the spaciousness of the reception room. The decoration here was very different from Zong Jinghao’s office. The dark office desk and chair made the place appear calm, while the right side was hollowed out and an entire glass wall was installed, making the lighting excellent. Every piece of the furnishings was very bold, and even the drinking cups were also very expensive.

Lin Xinyan could probably understand too. After all, the reception room was used to receive guests, and to discuss matters, so it represented the company.

Seeing Lin Xinyan, Yu Doudou quickly stood up. He had been somewhat restrained.

Lin Xinyan motioned to him not to be nervous.

“How’s it going?” Zong Jinghao pulled out the chair and sat down.

Su Zhan ignored him and stared at Lin Xinyan with his chin propped.

He kept looking her up and down.

He smirked. “So, this is your type? Didn’t you like woman like Zhuwei previously? Has your taste changed?”

Su Zhan knew Bai Zhuwei, her previous relationship with Zong Jinghao, and also her identity now as the daughter of the He family. He also knew that she had changed her name, but he did not like to change his way of addressing her, so he still stuck to her previous name.

“Quite a big difference there.” Obviously, Lin Xinyan and Bai Zhuwei were not the same type.

Zong Jinghao remained calm, watching him talking to himself coldly.

Su Zhan also found it boring, so he put away the frivolous manner, and said solemnly, “I need your help in this matter.”

If the other party was an ordinary person, it was naturally easy to do; but the other party was an important and powerful figure with a background, so it was not that simple.

Certain means were needed for ironclad evidence.

Zong Jinghao had already come up with a countermeasure.

He leaned back in the chair, rhythmically tapping his fingers gently on the table, as if he was thinking about something.

Su Zhan knew he was thinking, so he stopped talking. Turning his chair and standing up, he walked up to Lin Xinyan with a smile, and introduced himself, “Let me introduce myself first. My name is Su Zhan, the owner of Dacheng Law Firm. You can call me Zhan, or Su.”

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

Yu Doudou widened his mouth in surprise.

“Y-You’re the boss of Dacheng Law Firm?” Yu Doudou had spoken to him for a long time, but he didn’t even know that he was from Dacheng Law Firm, and that he was the famous lawyer, Mr. Su, who had never lost in lawsuits.

He had only heard of him and never met him.

“I finally see the real one today,” Yu Doudou said excitedly.

He thought, I can avenge my brother now.

“You think I’m a monkey? What real one? Have you seen a fake one?” Su Zhan dissed him.

Yu Doudou waved his hand and explained, “I-I admire you.”

Straightening up, Su Zhan pinched his collar, which was not creased, and said proudly, “That’s more like it.”

Yu Doudou smiled.

Lin Xinyan quietly took a step back, trying to withdraw from the pointless conversation between the two of them.

Having good eyes, Su Zhan stepped to the left to stop her from leaving. “Umm, how do I address you? If you haven’t divorced Jinghao, I should address you as Mrs. Zong.”

He rubbed his chin with his fingers, glanced at Zong Jinghao, and said meaningfully, “Actually, it’s also okay to address you that way now—”

“Just call me Lin Xinyan,” Lin Xinyan interrupted him.

Su Zhan smiled, “Isn’t it inappropriate?”

“Nothing is inappropriate,” Lin Xinyan replied.

She didn’t want to be labelled with some strange identity.

“Should I call you Yan?”

The black pen on the table fell to the ground with a snap.

That pen belonged to Su Zhan. He used it to record what Yu Doudou said to him earlier.

Su Zhan was speechless.

Zong Jinghao walked over, with steady and unhurried steps. When he passed by Su Zhan, he said calmly, “I’m sorry for accidentally dropping your pen.”

Su Zhan was again rendered speechless.

That pen was given by his ex-girlfriend, and it was very ‘precious’.

Zong Jinghao took Lin Xinyan’s hand. “We should go now.”

“Where to?” Lin Xinyan was baffled.

“You will know when you get there.”

Su Zhan was stunned in place for several seconds.

After coming back to his senses, he shouted at Zong Jinghao as he left, “Are you a kid? Doing something so childish?”

Zong Jinghao completely ignored him.


Even I had never called her like that before.

Su Zhan’s mouth twitched.

“Are we going to see Mommy?” Lin Ruixi was sitting in Zhuang Zijin’s arms, but her eyes kept looking out of the car window, feeling curious about the scenery passing quickly outside.

He Ruize, who drove the car, turned around and comforted her, “Yes, your mommy will come later too. I called her.”

Lin Xichen glanced at He Ruize and snorted in his heart. Liar.

“Really?” Lin Ruixi was excited because she was about to see Mommy.

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