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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 11

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 11

Lin Xinyan frowned. They were satisfied with her at the time, could it be that they found a better fit?

Lin Xinyan found it easier to accept after thinking this way.

At night, Zong Jinghao locked himself in his study upon returning home, seemingly due to his work.

In the afternoon, Lin Xinyan found out about Zong Jinghao’s favorite dishes from Aunt Yu and prepared the dinner herself.

Aunt Yu smiled and said, “This is what a wife should do.”

Lin Xinyan smiled with her head down. If it weren’t for the fact that she needed his help, she wouldn’t take the initiative to please him.

Aunt Yu sighed. “Madam passed away long time ago, so Master has remarried, and Young master seldom goes back. He values relationships very much despite his indifference.”

Lin Xinyan said nothing and listened to her quietly.

“Miss Bai saved young master when she was a kid. After she grew up, she has been following young master. Young master didn’t like her as well, but ever since they returned from that business trip, his attitude toward her has changed. However, don’t you worry, you’re his rightful wife.” Aunt Yu comforted her while patting her on the shoulder.

Lin Xinyan lowered her head and smiled bitterly. I really have no say in whom he is close with.

Despite being husband and wife, they were like strangers.

She had a clear understanding about this marriage.

Lin Xinyan glanced at the study. Thinking of the black coffee made by Bai Zhuwei this morning, she asked, “Aunt Yu, where’s the coffee bean? I want to make coffee for him.”

At this, Aunt Yu thought that she was starting to pay attention, so she took the coffee bean for her and told her, “No sugar and milk. Young master doesn’t like sweet stuff.”

Lin Xinyan nodded and quickly made a pot of coffee. She poured the coffee into an exquisite coffee cup and brought it to his study herself.

Zong Jinghao was on the phone in the study, looking irritated. “What’s wrong with the HR Department? Is it so hard to recruit a translator?”

He knew a lot of languages, but he really didn’t know about the language of A Country. Due to the language barrier, he couldn’t deal with the huge amount of things that need to be dealt with in this new project.

“Tell the HR Manager, he has one day to get someone for me. Otherwise, he’ll be sacked!”

Knock knock.

There was a sudden knock on the door when Zong Jinghao was in a fit of anger, so he didn’t tone down and said coldly, “Come in!”

Lin Xinyan felt her heart skip a beat. Is he in a bad mood now?

She had knocked on the door, so she had to go in even if it was a bad time.

Lin Xinyan tried hard to smile. “I made coffee for you.”

Zong Jinghao’s gaze slowly moved from her face to the coffee in her hand, as he narrowed his eyes slightly, wondering, she avoided me in the morning, and yet now she takes the initiative to send me a cup of coffee?

Heh, this woman is so fickle!

Putting away the phone, Zong Jinghao sat down and quietly watched her. He wanted to see what she was up to!

“I don’t know if it suits your taste.” Lin Xinyan put the cup of coffee on the table.

Without moving, Zong Jinghao relaxed his body even more, and leaned against the chair lazily.

Lin Xinyan said ingratiatingly, “Want to try?”

Zong Jinghao raised his eyebrow, suddenly realizing the possible reason for her change in attitude.

He mocked, “Do you want to ask me about the land in Repulse Bay by displaying such a sudden hospitality?”

Lin Xinyan froze, not expecting him to think of it so soon.

Suddenly, Zong Jinghao grabbed Lin Xinyan’s chin. “Is this why the Lins wanted to marry you to me even though I’m a lame man?”

His fingers were very strong, so Lin Xinyan felt a sharp pain.

Opening her mouth, she wanted to explain.

But how?

Do I say that I’m the one being abandoned?

Will he believe me?

“I’m not—”

“Get out!” Zong Jinghao let go off her forcefully.

Being let go so suddenly, Lin Xinyan accidentally knocked over the cup of coffee with her arm, and the black liquid wetted the documents on the table, making Zong Jinghao’s face into a thunder.

Lin Xinyan didn’t expect it to end up like this, so she quickly wiped it.

Zong Jinghao took the documents away and scolded fiercely, “Can’t you hear that I said, get out?!”

He disliked the way such a brown-noser looked!

Lin Xinyan could only leave.

“Wait. Take all this thing out!” Zong Jinghao was annoyed at the sight of it.

Lin Xinyan took the coffee cup out.

During dinner, Zong Jinghao returned to his room after he was done eating.

Lin Xinyan quietly sighed. He had such a bad personality, making it hard for her to get close with him, not to mention getting the land and winning the initiative from Lin Guoan.

After Lin Xinyan showered and lay on the bed, she kept tossing and couldn’t sleep, so she got up from her bed.

Thinking of the coffee she spilled on the documents when she sent coffee to Zong Jinghao, she felt a little sorry, and wanted to make up for it, so she went to his study.

Turning on the light, she saw the wet documents were still on the table and realized that the documents were written in A country’s language.

Parts of the documents that were soaked with coffee had become almost illegible.

She found clean papers and copied down the words on the document. Lin Xinyan knew that the language of this country was not widely used. Hence, as a gesture of apology, she translated them into the domestic language so that he could read them.

It was already three in the middle of the night after translating and jotting down the contents of the dozens of documents.

Putting down the pen, she rubbed her sore wrist, and put the documents in order, before putting them on the desk, and then going back to her room to sleep.

When Zong Jinghao was having breakfast the next morning, Lin Xinyan didn’t wake up, as she went to bed too late and was fatigued from her pregnancy.

Zong Jinghao frowned. “She didn’t get up?’

Aunt Yu lowered her head. “No. You’re her husband, and yet you actually asked me, the outsider.”

Understanding what Aunt Yu meant, Zong Jinghao said, “Forget it.”

Zong Jinghao wasn’t good at explaining, even to Aunt Yu, who took care of him since he was a kid.

“Young Master, I know that there’s no feelings between you and Miss Lin. But this marriage was agreed upon when Madam was still with us. Moreover, I think she cares about you too. After she came back at noon yesterday, she asked me about your favorite food. The dinner last night was prepared by her, and she even made coffee for you.”

Wasn’t her sudden hospitality to get the land in Repulse Bay for The Lins?

Cares about me?

Zong Jinghao found it ridiculous.

He turned around to look at Aunt Yu. “Don’t be fooled by her appearance.”

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