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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 108

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 108

The clothes she was wearing were newly bought. She had spent more than forty thousand on it, and she wore it just to meet with Mr. Zong.

It was only the end of the month then could she see Mr. Zong.

Usually, he only appeared in big meetings. And in these meetings, there were hundreds of executives and she was not seated in the front, so she would not be able to see him clearly.

This was the only chance she would be able to meet with the CEO.

Now that he had broken off the engagement, he was single.

She had to take the given opportunity.

If he falls in love with her, she would be the CEO’s wife.

Lin Xinyan had been busy with her thoughts and did not notice that there was someone by the door. It was her negligence, so she apologized, “Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.”

“Are you trying to dismiss me with a simple ‘I didn’t mean to do it’? Do you know how much my clothes cost? Can you afford it?” Han Zhiying glared at her. Her beautiful clothes were stained with water, how could she meet with Mr. Zong?

She had not seen this face. “Are you new?”

Lin Xinyan was afraid that she would ask him which department she was from like that other employee, so she said, “No.”

Han Zhiying’s expression turned dark. Bai Zhuwei was no longer around Zong Jinghao, there was no other women around him.

This level was not supposed to have women either. Where did she come from?

Had she heard that Zong Jinghao had broken off the engagement and came to please him?

When she thought about it, Han Zhiying’s expression turned even darker.

“Are you going in? I’ll help you with the door.” Lin Xinyan felt apologetic because she was the one who spilled the water on her. Just before she could push the door open, her wrist was grabbed.

And she was pushed away roughly.

Lin Xinyan’s body leaned backwards and she took a few steps before stabilizing herself. The water that she had been holding had spilled all over her chest, even her neck was now damp.

Fortunately, the water was no longer hot so she did not burn herself. Only her clothes were wet.

She was wearing a silk dress. When it was soaked with water, the bra underneath became visible. She hurriedly covered her chest.

Although she had given birth, she had kept her figure well. The places where there should be meat were plump, and the places that should be lean was slim.

When Han Zhiying saw her chest, she was stunned for a second. Then, she sneered, “Embarrassing. Who are you trying to seduce wearing like that?”

Han Zhiying felt that she had also come to appease herself in front of Zong Jinghao.

Thinking of competing with her?


Lin Xinyan was also angry. She had already apologized. Did she have to be so mean?

“Forgiving is a virtue, have you not heard of that? You’re an employee of a large company yet you’re so petty?”

“Who— Who are you talking about?” Han Zhiying could not find words to refute her.

Lin Xinyan ignored her and turned around. She wanted to pour another glass back at the pantry.

However, she was pulled back by her arm. “No way you’re leaving.”

“Apologize to me!” Han Zhiying had an imposing manner. After all, she was the finance manager of Wanyue Group.

Lin Xinyan was just a new employee, what was she afraid of?

She was confident that she would not be on the losing side.

Lin Xinyan looked at her with surprise. “I’ve already apologized for spilling the water on you. It should be you apologizing to me now.”

“Hah! Why should I apologize to you? Who do you think you are?” Han Zhiying sneered, “I think you’re not interested to be staying in this company. A new employee likes you; how could you be so presumptuous? Are you that ready to run in front of the train? Do you think you can last long if I wanted to mess with you?”

Lin Xinyan just looked at her.

At this moment, the office door swung open, and a tall figure appeared by the door.

He looked around before his gaze finally landed on Lin Xinyan. The floor was wet with water.

And she was soaked in it.

“Mr. Zong, I was planning to hand in the monthly report to you. I wasn’t expecting this new employee to spill water on me and arrogantly refusing to apologize. We should not hire such people in the company.”

Han Zhiying complained.

After all, whoever complained first stood advantageous for these kinds of matters.

She had already arranged the roles for the two of them. The words that Lin Xinyan said would become excuses.

She curled her pretty hair and leaned towards Zong Jinghao as she spoke. She lowered her head and had an upset expression, as if she was wronged and someone needed to help me.

Zong Jinghao had heard the entire conversation from his room. Lin Xinyan had apologized instantly. It was the other woman who was being aggressive.

“What punishment do you think she should have?” Zong Jinghao asked as he looked at Lin Xinyan.

Before Lin Xinyan could say a word, Han Zhiying looked at this godly man in surprise. Was he asking her how would she want this woman to be punished?

It was a pleasant surprise.

Han Zhiying felt that her heart was about to burst out of her chest.

“Naturally, this kind of person could not be kept in the company. She doesn’t have a good personality.” Han Zhiying said with a righteous tone. As she spoke, her eyes were looking up and down at Zong Jinghao.

His ironed suit fitted his firm and tall body. He exuded an aura of superiority that no one could ignore.

The more she looked at him, the faster her heart skipped.

The room was silent for a second.

Lin Xinyan’s gaze landed on Han Zhiying. She took a deep breath and did not want to hold her accountable. She asked Zong Jinghao, “Are you still thirsty?”


Lin Xinyan turned to walk to the pantry.

There was a brief moment that Han Zhiying could not react to what just happened. What did that mean?

As if she finally realized, she asked, “Mr. Zong, you want a drink? I’ll get it for you.”

She turned around and tried to run ahead of Lin Xinyan before she could pour hers.

Zong Jinghao did not bother with looking at her. “You won’t need to come for work starting from now.”

Han Zhiying’s expression dropped. Was he talking about her?

It should not be.

“About that, Mr. Zong. It’s not me, it’s her that isn’t suitable—” Han Zhiying tried to explain.

She was in a panic. Why did this matter end up this way?

Should it not be the other woman who should get lost?

Her gaze fell onto the documents in her hand, and Han Zhiying found her reason. She pulled on Zong Jinghao’s suit and said, “Mr. Zong, this is the report for this month. That woman had come out of nowhere and started being ridiculous. I’m an old employee of the company, how could you say that I should just stop coming to work? Isn’t she the one who’s supposed to leave?”

Zong Jinghao looked at her hand that was grabbing onto his shirt with a grim look.

Guan Jing had just come back from working outside. He was about to report to Zong Jinghao when he saw Han Zhiying pulling on Zong Jinghao, and he froze.

What was going on?

Zong Jinghao hated people touching him.

What was happening here?

What had happened when he was not here?

What had he missed out on?

“Mr. Zong.” Guan Jing walked over.

“I don’t want to see this person in the company anymore.” Zong Jinghao pulled Han Zhiying’s hand away and shook her hand off, as if he had touched something dirty.

Han Zhiying did not want to admit her defeat. Why was she the one who was being kicked out?

“Mr. Zong—”

She was about to explain and slander Lin Xinyan more when she was grabbed by Guan Jing. “Go. You should know Mr. Zong’s temper. When did he ever change what he said?” Guan Jing said with an indifferent tone.

“It’s not my fault.” Han Zhiying still did not think that she was wrong.

Lin Xinyan held the glass with one hand and covered her chest with the other as she walked over.

When Guan Jing saw her, he was stunned. Why was she here?

“Ms. Lin.” Guan Jing immediately had a smile on his face.

Lin Xinyan nodded her head slightly. “He’s thirsty. I’ll go in first.”


Guan Jing looked at Lin Xinyan’s soaked clothes and realized what might have happened.

Han Zhiying was stunned.

She stared dumbfoundedly at Guan Jing. “You call her Ms. Lin. Do you know her?”

“Yes.” Guan Jing took the documents from her hand. “Give it to me. Pack your things and leave today.”

“Who is she?” Han Zhiying swallowed. She had already started to sense her relationship with Zong Jinghao.

She seemed to know Guan Jing well too, as if they were old friends.

“Who is she?”

Guan Jing looked at the closed office door, and thought, Perhaps it’s the person in Zong Jinghao’s heart.

In the office, Zong Jinghao took off his suit jacket to reveal his white shirt underneath.

He folded his sleeves, showing his muscular forearm.

Lin Xinyan placed the glass of water in front of him. “Here.”

Zong Jinghao looked up at her…

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