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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 107

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 107

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

She did not reply him when she thought about Yu Doudou coming over. Anyway, she had nothing to do for the next few days.

Qin Ya was taking care of the store for now.

She had not had so much free time for a long while.

After giving birth to Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi, she had to prepare for her exams. After that was work. For these few years she had not let herself relax. It was good that she would be able to rest for the next few days.

She leaned on the seat and relaxed. She took out her hand that Zong Jinghao had been holding. “Focus on the road.”

There was a sense of lost when his hand was empty. Zong Jinghao gripped the steering wheel, and that sense of lost never went away.

It felt like there was a void in his heart, and it was only filled up when he was near this woman.

At the junction, the traffic light was red.

Casually, he placed his hand on Lin Xinyan’s thigh.

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

This man.

His finger was slowly brushing her skin. Before Lin Xinyan could reject him, he said, “We’re husband and wife.”

She had to give him something if she did not let him touch her all the time.

He was a normal man, not a monk.

For a woman, the thigh was quite a private place. Instead of staying unmoved, his hand kept brushing on her skin. Her face started to turn red.

She grabbed onto the edge of her shirt. Her head turned away as she did not dare to look at him.

Her heart was beating as rapidly as a hummingbird’s wings.

It was as if her heart was no longer hers and she had no control over it.

This heart would always illogically thump for this man.

Lin Xinyan did not reject him and Zong Jinghao’s mood was good.

Under his palm was her thigh and he stopped moving his hand. He drove the car through the crowded city center until it reached the office area.

Soon, the car is in Wanyue Group’s office parking lot. As this was a new car that Zong Jinghao had bought for Lin Xinyan, it was yet to be registered here. The employee at the parking lot did not lift the pole and said, “This is Wanyue Group’s parking lot. It’s not opened to public, please park somewhere else.”

Zong Jinghao lowered the car window and the employee looked at his face. The employee recognized him instantly and hurriedly lifted the pole with an apologetic smile. “Oh it’s Mr. Zong. I didn’t see you earlier.”

He did not want to lose his job because he blocked his boss’ car.

When his gaze landed on the woman in the front passenger seat, he froze for a moment.

He had been here for at least four years. He had never seen any woman sit in his car. This was the first.

And so, he stared at her.

Zong Jinghao glanced at him and winded the window up.

It blocked the gazes from the outside.

When the car stopped, Zong Jinghao handed Lin Xinyan the keys.

She took it from his hands.

“Thank you.” Although he had been reminding her that they were husband and wife, Lin Xinyan knew that this relationship was not a willing and loving one.

It was just a marriage arranged by their parents.

She knew that this car costed at least a million.

She felt bad that he did not want her to pay him back.

She had to show him that she appreciated this.

“Do you really want to thank me?”

There was a smile at Zong Jinghao’s mouth.

Lin Xinyan’s expression was serious. “Of course.”

He leaned over to her. “If you’re sincere, kiss me. That’ll be your show of sincerity. How about that?”

Lin Xinyan did not want to answer him.

There was no end to this man.

Did he not know where this place was?

This was his company.

Would he not be embarrassed if others saw it?

Lin Xinyan pushed him. “Be serious.”

“Then you’ll owe me for now.” He took Lin Xinyan’s arm and wrapped it around his arm. They walked towards the elevator.

Lin Xinyan felt uncomfortable. She bit her lips and asked, “Won’t it look bad if the employees see us?”

She was in an awkward position.

Furthermore, he had just broken off his engagement. Would the others think that she was the mistress that made Zong Jinghao break off the engagement?

“I don’t want others to think that I’m a mistress. I don’t like it.”

She did not like mistresses.

Especially when they said words like “they had met love too late”.

Or that “they met the right person at the wrong time”.

To her, those were all excuses.

Lin Guoan was a good example. He just thought of his own happiness and could just abandon his wife when he had a change of heart.

“In the future, if there’s a chance… Let’s do this again.”

If he really loved her in the future, and not the momentary interest he had in her now, she would hold his hand and stand beside him in public.

The expression on Zong Jinghao’s face slightly darkened and turned sharp.

He did not like mistresses too.

There was also one in his family.

He let go of Lin Xinyan’s hand.

Just then, the elevator stopped and someone came in. The man greeted when he saw Zong Jinghao, “Mr. Zong.”

Zong Jinghao nodded his head slightly as a response.

It was unusually quiet in the elevator.

Zong Jinghao sneakily reached out to touch Lin Xinyan’s hand.

As if electrocuted, Lin Xinyan quickly hid her head behind her back and took a step away from him.

When the Wanyue employee heard the commotion, he turned around to look at Lin Xinyan. “Are you also Wanyue’s employee? Why have I never seen you?”

Six years ago, Lin Xinyan had come to Wanyue to work as a translator for Zong Jinghao. It was just for a few days. After so many years, no one would know her here.

The gears in Lin Xinyan’s head turned. She could not come up with a good explanation, so she lied, “I’m new.”

“Oh, which department?” This colleague was quite enthusiastic and talkative.

Lin Xinyan did not answer him.

She fidgeted her hands.

Zong Jinghao stood straight, his tall figure taking up much space in the elevator. His figure shrouded a part of the elevator in shadows.

The corner of his lips was slightly turned upwards, as if waiting to see what Lin Xinyan was going to say.


Just as Lin Xinyan was at a loss for answers, the elevator stopped.

The employee went out.

Lin Xinyan breathed a sigh of relief and her shoulders drooped.

“I haven’t hired a secretary.”

Zong Jinghao’s head was tilted high.

Lin Xinyan looked at him and rejected. “No way, I have my own job.”

She did not want to come here to serve him.

She would be crazy to give up on the designing job she loved and become his secretary.

“Should I tell Mrs. William that she won’t be needing to have a branch?”

Lin Xinyan instantly admitted defeat.


“No to what?”

“Don’t tell Mrs. William that.”


“If you kiss me, I won’t.”

Once again, he had rendered her speechless.

Lin Xinyan was going to go mad from his despicable actions.

“Why are you being a despicable person?”

“I had always been one.”

Lin Xinyan closed her mouth.

Suddenly, he grabbed her by the waist. Before she could react, his hot breath had already reached her.

Soft lips pressed onto her forehead.

Soon, Zong Jinghao had let go of her. The entire process was short. It had been so quick that Lin Xinyan thought it had been a hallucination.

Yet she knew that it was not because she could still clearly feel the warmth on her forehead left by his breath.

He stood on a side with a smile on his face. He looked like a child who had gotten his favorite toy.

The elevator stopped and Zong Jinghao went off the elevator. He walked towards his office and said, “I’m thirsty.”

Lin Xinyan looked left and right. There was no one around, was he talking to her?

Obviously, he was.

There was no one else around.

Was he really treating her like his secretary?

Lin Xinyan sighed. At least she had once been here so she knew where the pantry was.

Easily, she found the pantry and she poured a glass of water.

There were some changes here. The people she once saw were mostly not around. There used to be some women, but now there were only men.

She was a little emotional. Time did change many things.

Finance manager Han Zhiying was bringing the monthly report up for Zong Jinghao to sign.

And she crashed into Lin Xinyan in front of the CEO’s office.

Lin Xinyan had been holding a glass of water, and some of the water had spilled on her.

The expression on her face instantly darkened.

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