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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 106

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 106

He was still young; his capabilities were limited. All he could do was to work with this heartless man for now.

Zong Jinghao looked downwards at the boy.

He knew about caring for Lin Xinyan at such a young age.

He knew how to appreciate her.

Lin Xinyan had educated him well.

A kind mother and a filial son.

That was what they were.

At this moment, a server came to clean the table. The server kept away the previous customer’s utensils and wiped the table with a tablecloth. The tablecloth must have been used on many tables, as the table still shone with oil after cleaning.

Lin Xichen pulled the chair. “Sit.”

He climbed skillfully onto the chair and waited for Lin Xinyan to bring the food over.

“Do you dislike this kind of place?” Lin Xichen looked at him.

Zong Jinghao took a look at him, pulled the chair and sat down. It was not that he disliked the place. He had just never come to such places for breakfast and there were people who glanced over once in a while.

It felt like he was an animal in the zoo, meant to perform for others.

It did not feel good.

Lin Xinyan was holding a tray of porridge, dumplings, scallion pancake, and some eggs as she was walked over.

She took out two bowls of porridge and placed one in front of Zong Jinghao and Lin Xichen. She placed the last bowl in front of her and the rest of the plates on the table. She put away the tray and sat on her chair.

Lin Xichen had already started eating. He was eating the porridge and the dumplings at the same time.

It looked tasty from the way he ate it.

“Eat slower.” Lin Xinyan took a tissue and wiped the porridge stain at the corner of his mouth.

Zong Jinghao looked at him. The boy had a good appetite.

“Why are you not eating?” Lin Xinyan asked when she saw Zong Jinghao not touching his food.

Only then did Zong Jinghao pick up the spoon and scoop the pumpkin porridge. The rice in the porridge was cooked well. The pumpkin was also sweet, and it had a strong fragrance.

Lin Xinyan looked at his face and asked, “Is it good?”

“Yes.” Zong Jinghao did not lift his head. He scooped another spoonful and ate it.

Lin Xinyan smiled, her eyes turning into crescents as she did.

This shop was not far from their place. Zhuang Zijin was the one who found this place. When she brought them here the first time, Lin Xichen had fallen in love with the pumpkin porridge.

“This is good too.” Lin Xichen took a dumpling for Zong Jinghao.

He looked at the dumpling in the boy’s chopsticks. He had eaten many dumplings that had exquisite appearances. The ones that Aunt Yu had made, and the ones he had in restaurants.

This one did not look nice, and it looked oily.

“It’s really good.” Lin Xichen looked at him expectantly with big, bright eyes.

Zong Jinghao was stunned when he looked back into Lin Xichen’s eyes. His eyes were pretty.

It looked like his when he was a boy.

He remembered how he looked like from Aunt Yu’s photo.

He leaned forward and ate the dumpling that Lin Xichen had taken for him.

It was filled with pork, shrimp, and leek.

He thought that the dumpling would taste greasy because of its oily exterior, but it did not. It tasted fresh.

“It’s good, right?” Lin Xichen asked.

He felt that the taste was good and he had wanted others to agree with him. So for a moment, he had forgotten that the man in front of him was a heartless man. He just wanted to prove that the dumplings he liked were tasty.

Zong Jinghao realized what the boy was thinking and decided to throw him a wet blanket. “It’s just fine.”

Lin Xichen was rendered speechless for a moment.

“There must be something wrong with your taste buds!” Lin Xichen was unwilling to submit.

Zong Jinghao did not want to answer him.

He was healthy and his taste buds were fine.

After breakfast, Lin Xinyan went to pay while Zong Jinghao and Lin Xichen went ahead.

In the car, Lin Xichen leaned towards him. “What are you planning? What do you need me to do?”

Now he was standing on the same side as him?

Zong Jinghao beckoned him, and Lin Xichen obediently leaned his ear over.

“Just leave the revenge to me. As for you, protect her when I’m not around. Make sure she’s not dumb enough to fall into someone else’s trap.”

“My mommy’s not dumb!” Lin Xichen exploded.

“That’s not being dumb?” The bad guys nearly won.

“No.” Lin Xichen shook his head. “My mommy wasn’t wary because it was someone she knew. She’s not dumb.”

Lin Xichen did not agree with Zong Jinghao’s comment on Lin Xinyan.

“If my mommy is dumb and you still like her, aren’t you dumber?” Lin Xichen retorted.

Zong Jinghao had nothing to say.

His words seemed logical.

He could only admit that Lin Xinyan was not dumb, or else this boy would never end the argument.

“I’ll protect my mommy.” Lin Xichen reached his hand out for him. “Give me your phone. I need to have your number so we can contact.”

Lin Xichen was a meticulous person.

Zong Jinghao handed him the phone, and he dialed his number. He returned the phone to Zong Jinghao when the call went through. “Here. That number is mine, and I have yours.”

Lin Xichen stretched his hand out. “Here’s to our cooperation.”

He looked at Lin Xichen’s small hands and was at a loss on what he should feel. Must the boy make it so official?


He reached out his hand and grabbed onto Lin Xichen’s small hand. The boy’s hand was plump. It was round and soft.

“Here’s to our cooperation.”

“We’ve reached an agreement!”

“What agreement?” After paying, she heard Lin Xichen’s words as she entered the car.

She looked at her son then back at Zong Jinghao. She asked with a confused tone. “What were both of you talking about?”

“Did we talk?”

Lin Xichen did not know how to explain himself, so all he could do was to not admit to it.

“Did I mishear it?” Lin Xinyan frowned. She did not mishear it. Lin Xichen had clearly said something earlier.

“You misheard it.” Lin Xichen buried himself into her arms and hugged her neck. “Mommy, you’re not that old yet. Why are you starting to hallucinate?”

“Naughty boy.” Lin Xinyan caressed her son’s hair.

Zong Jinghao watched their interactions through the rearview mirror. His eyes were shimmering.

Back at the district, Lin Xinyan sent her son upstairs.

Zong Jinghao waited for her.

Lin Xinyan sat back in the car. “Are you going to the company?”

“Hand me the evidence in your hands.” He did not answer her question.

Lin Xinyan was stunned for a second. “What evidence—” Halfway through, she realized what he was talking about.

“The evidence is with Yu Doudou.”

“Ask him to bring it over.”

“You want it?” Lin Xinyan did not understand why he wanted the evidence.

“Did you think that you can pin the crime on her as long as you have the evidence?” He family’s business was not doing well, but their reputation was well established.

They had connections.

If there was a lawsuit, they would just bribe their way out of the case.

Not only would they not be able to hit the enemy, they would be showing them the ace up their sleeves.

“You’re going to help me?” Lin Xinyan did not know how she had managed to ask this.

She was secretly hoping for it but at the same time, she did not dare to believe it.

She could not believe that he would do this for her.

Without looking at her, he quietly hummed in response.

Lin Xinyan clenched her hands.

She looked out the window as she did not want him to find out that she was overjoyed.

This was the first time her hopes had not fallen.

After a while, she made a call to Yu Doudou.

On the other end, Yu Doudou was equally excited. “Let me tell you this. I’ve found a lawyer in B City. I was about to look for you. When are we going to meet and discuss this? We should find a date to submit the case to court.”

“Are you free now?” Lin Xinyan asked.


“Let’s meet then. Bring the evidence along with you.” Lin Xinyan said.


“Where do I find you?” Yu Doudou asked.

“Wanyue.” This was from Zong Jinghao because he was on the way to the company. Now Lin Xinyan realized that he had been driving towards the town center.

After ending Yu Doudou’s call, Lin Xinyan pursed her lips. “You’re going to the company. Why am I going there for?”

He reached out a hand and grabbed onto hers. His fingers brushed her palm. “Accompany me.”

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