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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 102

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 102

Just as He Ruize was about to pull her pants down, the phone in her pocket suddenly rang.

He Ruize quickly took out the ringing phone. On the screen was Xichen’s name.

The call was from Lin Xichen.

He stared at the screen and gripped tight on the phone. After a few moments of hesitation, he picked up the call.

If he had not, he was afraid that there would be raising suspicion.

“Hello mommy, why aren’t you coming home yet?”

Lin Xichen’s voice came from the other end.

He relaxed himself to make it sound like he was calm. “Your mommy went to the bathroom. She’ll be back in a moment.”

“Oh, it’s uncle. Do tell her to come home early. Ruixi is looking for her and she doesn’t want to sleep.”

“Alright.” After the conversation ended, He Ruize instantly hung up the phone.

Lin Xinyan’s eyelashes fluttered. She felt like she had heard something, but her eyelids felt heavy and she could not open her eyes.

He Ruize placed the phone on the table and retracted his hand quickly as if the phone was a hot potato.

It had taken him great effort to prepare both the plan and himself. After Lin Xichen’s interruption, he felt loss again.

His gaze landed back on Lin Xinyan. Looking at her seducing figure, his heart started throbbing again.

He loved this woman for many years.

“I’ll be good to you.” He clasped his hands a few times before calming down. He reached out to take off her pants.

His hands were cold, and she felt it when it touched her skin.

She could feel the coldness crawling in her.


She raised her heavy eyelids.

He covered her clothes back in a panic when he heard her.

Lin Xinyan woke up.

“What are you doing—”

Just as she finished her sentence, she realized that her clothes were all unbuttoned. Her skin and undergarments were all exposed in the air.


It was as if her brain had exploded.

She stood up in a panic. She hugged her own body, and her pupils constricted. She stared at He Ruize with a look of disbelief and shock. “You——”

“I—” He Ruize wanted to explain, but his words could not form.

Lin Xinyan gathered her wits in a second, and she seemed to realize what was going on.

She could not believe that He Ruize would do such things to her, but the truth was right in front of her.

The person that she respected and felt apologetic to was about to—

“Get lost!” Lin Xinyan shouted with all her might.

Her heart was filled with pain, shame, and disappointment. She could barely breathe in it.

“Listen to me—” He Ruize tried to explain.

Lin Xinyan sneered, “The truth is right in front of us. What are you trying to explain?”

“I—” He Ruize stared at her disappointed face, and he pursed his lips as he said, “I’ve protected you for so many years, I just want you once.”

“What— What are you talking about?”

It was as if her heart was tied to rock in the ocean, and it kept sinking.

“You’re no longer a virgin, and you have children. Why are you pretending to be pure?” He Ruize leaned over and hugged her. “I’ll marry you. And I’ll treat Xichen and Ruize like my own children—”

“Go away.” Lin Xinyan pushed him hard. “Let go of me.”

“It’s too late.” It was as it was. Even if he did not do anything, she would still hate him.

He might as well do it.

“Let go of me, let go of me!” Lin Xinyan pushed him frantically, trying to break away from him.

A man was stronger than a woman physically. Even if He Ruize was not the muscular type, he still had more strength than Lin Xinyan.

She could not break away from him.

He Ruize pushed onto the couch and kissed her face, hair, and neck frantically.

Lin Xinyan twisted her head to one side and saw the wine bottle on the table. She reached out to grab onto it and smashed it on He Ruize’s head.


The red liquid instantly dripped from his hair, and there was a scent of red wine on her.

He Ruize could not believe that she had smashed that bottle onto him.

There was a throbbing pain in his scalp. If it was not for the red wine, his blood would be obvious.

There was even a metallic hint of blood in the air.

Lin Xinyan broke free from him while He Ruize had slightly let go. He Ruize was pushed away and he fell onto the ground.

In Lin Xinyan’s head, there was only one thought—run. She did not have time to see how he was. She pulled up the zip on his pants, gathered the openings of her clothes with her hands, and ran out of the room.

Her running was unsteady, and she looked back once in a while to see if He Ruize was after her.

He Ruize bore with the pain and ran out for her. “Yan—”

When Lin Xinyan heard his voice, she tensed even more, and ran even faster. She was not focusing on the front, and she crashed into a person by the entrance.

She held onto herself and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please make way.”

The person did not make way. Instead, he reached out to lift her chin.

There was shock when the two pairs of eyes met.

Lin Xinyan gaped. “Why are you here?”

Instead of answering, Zong Jinghao stared at her. Her top was completely unbuttoned, and if she had not gathered the edges of her clothes together, her bra would have been exposed. Her top was white, but it was stained by a red that looked like blood. Her hair was in a mess, her face had tear tracks, and there were wine stains on her.

Her pants looked fine, but she had no shoes on.

She had been wearing high heels, but high heels were unsuitable for running, so she had kicked off her heels when she ran.

Zong Jinghao looked at her. His eyes were like an ocean with crashing waves.

Without saying anything else, he took off his shirt and covered her body. He carried her into his car.

Lin Xinyan’s body was curled up at the backseat.

As if she was dealing with a shock.

Zong Jinghao started the car and left the place. The car sped.

His expression was sharp, and his tightly pursed lips were like a sharp sword.

He could have exploded any time.

Just then, his phone rang.

He picked the phone and ended the call without looking.

Just as he put it down, it started ringing again. It seemed like the caller was persistent.

He picked up the call, and a male voice immediately came from the other end. “Are you coming yet? Everyone is waiting for you.”

“I’m not going.”

“It was difficult to gather everyone, how could you not come—”

Before the other man finished his words, Zong Jinghao had ended the call and threw his phone into the storage compartment.

He rubbed his fingers and was about to ask Lin Xinyan what had happened before his phone rang again.

The fury that he had been holding back finally exploded. He picked up the call, and shouted, “I said I wasn’t going, are you deaf? Or do you not speak human?”

Guan Jing jumped from his volume. What was wrong with him?

He did not offend him, did he?

“I— I was just going to ask about the car. I’ve bought that car, should I send you the keys?” Guan Jing carefully asked.

Previously he heard Yu Doudou mentioned that Lin Xinyan wanted to buy a car.

So he told Guan Jing to check which model she was interested in, and to buy it.

“Leave it at your place first.” Zong Jinghao ended the phone. To avoid someone else calling in, he turned off his phone and threw it aside.

By now, he had reached his place.

It was not the villa, but a hotel that was near his company. This was a room that he had booked for long-term stay.

This place was closer to the company. If he was too busy, he would rest here.

Aunt Yu was at home, if he were to bring Lin Xinyan back there, she would have much to say.

He just wanted some peace right now.

He did not want any disturbance.

After parking his car, he carried Lin Xinyan down.

He entered the hotel and went in the elevator.

Lin Xinyan’s head was lowered. She was quiet as if she had not come back to her senses yet.

Entering the room, Zong Jinghao placed her on the bed.

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