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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 101

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 101

This place did not look like a pub nor a restaurant. The interior seemed high-classed, and the place was quiet. There was barely anyone around.

Lin Xinyan was perplexed. “What place is this?”

“A bar.” He Ruize pulled her towards the room at the end of the corridor.

Lin Xinyan frowned. “It’s rare to see such a quiet bar.”

“This is a private bar. It’s not opened to the public, only to certain people. He Ruize explained, “It’s quiet here.”


Soon, they reached the room. He Ruize pushed the door open. The warm lighting was dim, and the room was spacious. At the end of the room was a black leather couch and a round table. On the table, there were two bottles of red wine and two glasses.

Lin Xinyan looked at He Ruize. “You’ve booked this earlier?”

He Ruize’s expression stiffened, but he quickly returned to normal. “I’m a VIP here. This is my regular room. This wine is from my collection.”

Lin Xinyan walked in. “I thought you don’t like to drink.”

He Ruize stood at the entrance and fell into a momentary trance looking at her thin back. “People change, don’t they? I’m human and I have desires. I get upset when my love doesn’t get returned.”

His words meant something else.

Lin Xinyan understood.

She pretended to be casual as she looked around the room. Her hands traced the lampshade, knocked on the wine bottle, and moved the wine glasses. “There are billions of people in this world. To be able to meet is already fate. Some people are just not meant to be. You can’t force something that’s not meant to be.”

He Ruize lowered his head and laughed. “You’re still witty. Let me off a little. Don’t you know you should respect your elders?”

Lin Xinyan turned around and smiled at him. “You’re not old. In my eyes, you’ll always be that person dressed in a doctor’s coat with glasses, gently asking about Xinqi’s condition. You’re that person who takes care of me like a big brother. I’ll always remember that.”

He Ruize took out the cork and poured the wine. “Let’s not talk about the past.”

He was afraid that he would become soft-hearted and wouldn’t bear to do it.

However, if he did not ruin her, it would be impossible for He Ruilin and Zong Jinghao to be together. There would be no chance for them to get married to create a good future for his family.

He poured two glasses of wine. “Don’t keep looking. Come over and have a glass with me.”

Lin Xinyan sat on the couch and raised the glass that He Ruize had poured for her. The color of the wine was bright red, and the scent was rich. It was a good wine. He Ruize raised his glass and clinked onto hers. “Accompany me in getting drunk today.”

“My alcohol tolerance isn’t good. I won’t be getting drunk with you. I still need to go home early. Ruixi can’t sleep without me.” She had to accompany Lin Ruixi to sleep. If she was not home at night, she was not sure if Lin Ruixi would pester Zhuang Zijin.

He Ruize did not answer her. He tilted his head and finished the wine.

He raised his empty glass for Lin Xinyan to see. “I’m done with mine. It’s your turn now.”

Lin Xinyan had no choice but to drink hers.

Unlike white wine which burned, red wine was smooth and easy on the throat.

He Ruize poured another glass for her. “This is the first time that both of us are drinking in a quiet place.”

“Yes.” Lin Xinyan lowered her eyes as she stared at him pouring the wine. Her vision was blurry, and she was starting to see doubles. She blinked her eyes and said, “Yes. This wine tastes mild, but it’s strong.”

He Ruize looked at her and asked, “Is that so?”

“Yes.” Lin Xinyan clearly felt dizzy.

“Are you looking for excuses not to drink with me?” He Ruize deliberately said.

“No, no.” Lin Xinyan gently rubbed her forehead. Instead of going away, the dizziness became stronger.

He Ruize handed her another glass of wine. “Don’t bluff, you said you were going to accompany me for a drink.”

Lin Xinyan widened her eyes, trying to see his face clearly. However, she could not. It was as if there was a layer of mist in front of her, and everything seemed blurry.

She had another glass urged by He Ruize.

He Ruize continued to pour for her.

“I can’t drink anymore. I’m drunk. I’m going home now. Xichen and Ruixi are waiting for me at home.” She stood up and walked a few unsteady steps. Her mind went blank as her vision went dark, and she collapsed onto the floor.

The entire time, He Ruize had been sitting motionless on the couch; as if he knew she would not manage to leave the room.

He put the glass down after finishing it, then stood up. He carried Lin Xinyan, who had passed out on the floor, to the couch.

She was skinny and light. It barely took him any effort.

After placing her on the couch, he sat by her and caressed her hair. “Don’t blame me for this. You made me do it.”

It was all planned.

It was just that he was not determined enough, and he was forced by He Ruilin.

After listening to Lin Xinyan’s words, he stopped hesitating.

He gently caressed her face. “You no longer care about me, why should I care about you?”

Lin Xinyan could not feel anything, nor could she hear his words.

Button by button, he undid her clothes. Her skin was fair and smooth, like white porcelain. His hand touched her face, her neck—

He swallowed.

“I know you’ll hate me when you wake up, but I have no other choice. The moment you drank the mineral water that I had drugged, you had nowhere left to run. You don’t, and I don’t.” He had added a drug for digestion in the mineral water. This red wine had high alcohol content. When combined, it was easy to make someone fall unconscious.

Even if there was an investigation, the only conclusion would be that the person had been drunk.

Her top was fully unbuttoned by He Ruize. She wore a black bra, and it wrapped around her round breasts. It rose and fell with her breathing. It was an indescribable temptation.

Her stomach was flat, and there were few stretch marks under her belly button. It was from her pregnancy with Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi.

The two children had been small-sized when they were born, so her stretch marks were not obvious. Some had terrifying stretch marks like the cracks on the floor, but hers were faint. It looked a little sexy instead of looking ugly.

His large hands covered and caressed her stomach. “Lin said that women were sensual beings, and they feel attached to men who were their first. If you knew that man was Zong Jinghao, would you fall in love with him?”

“No… You’ve already fallen in love with him, haven’t you?” He Ruize lowered his head and laughed, each time the laughter got lower and lower in tone. “He broke off the engagement with Lin after seeing you. And you, who had not wanted to return here, came back after you saw him. It’s all because of him, right?”

He leaned to kiss her lips. “This is the first time you’re not rejecting me from kissing you.”

In his previous attempts, she would stop him right before he kissed her.

He knew that was her rejecting his intimacy.

She did not love him, that was why even when she said yes, her body still subconsciously rejected him.

He leaned by her ear. “Maybe Lin was right. Even when you didn’t know that that man was Zong Jinghao, but because you were intimate with him once, that’s why you subconsciously had feelings for him”

“If I made love with you, would you feel something for me too? Yan—”

As he spoke, he unbuttoned her pants.

And pulled the zip down.

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