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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 10

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 10

She even knew the language of Country A.

If she was still unsure whether Lin Xinyan was the girl that night earlier on, then she can be sure of it now!

“Ms. Bai?” Her subordinate did not understand why she stopped suddenly and reminded, “The meeting is about to begin.”

Bai Zhuwei handed the document to her subordinate, “You take the documents to Mr. Zong first, and I’ll be there in a short while.”

“Then you come over here tomorrow.” There were just too few people who knew the language of this country. Although Lin Xinyan had no work experience, it was sufficient since she knew the language of Country A.

Lin Xinyan stood up from the chair and leaned forward slightly, “Thank you.”

And she walked out of the interview room happily. As soon as she left, Bai Zhuwei walked into the room.

“That woman you interviewed just now doesn’t meet the job requirements, so we can’t recruit her.”

“Although she has no work experience, she knows-”

“What I said is useless, isn’t it?” Bai Zhuwei snapped.

She was Zong Jinghao’s secretary and girlfriend, and she might marry into Zong family. Who would dare to offend her?

Although the interviewer felt it was a pity, he obeyed with a “Yes”.

Lin Xinyan came out of the building with joy. She felt that she had seen the hope of life.

Life was getting on the right track bit by bit.

She hailed a taxi from the side of the road and went to the Lin’s residence.

Soon, the car stopped in front of the Lin’s villa. She paid and alighted from the taxi.

She walked into the villa with light and steady steps.

In the living room, Shen Xiuqing was wearing silk pajamas and sitting enchantingly on the sofa.

Seeing Lin Xinyan, she raised her delicate eyebrows, “Oh, isn’t this Lin Xinyan?”

Lin Xinyan’s gaze fell on the jade bracelet that Shen Xiuqing was wearing. She had seen it in her mother’s jewelry box when she was a child, and her mother said that it was given to her by Lin Xinyan’s maternal grandmother.

It had fallen into Shen Xiuqing’s hands now.

Lin Xinyan suppressed the emotions inside her, “I’m here to look for Lin Guoan.”

Shen Xiuqing fiddled with her beautifully painted nails and without raising her eyelids, “Since you are married to a crippled man, I suppose you aren’t having a good life, right?”

“Well, don’t let it bother you.” Lin Xinyan said lightly, and asked again, “Is Lin Guoan here?”

Shen Xiuqing raised her eyes and assessed Lin Xinyan, “You look like a flat eggplant. Even that crippled man from the Zong family isn’t interested in you, is he?”

Lin Xinyan could not help but sneer. At this moment, she was a little grateful to Zong Jinghao for pretending to be lame on purpose so that she had a chance to come back.

If she knew that Zong Jinghao was not crippled, would she regret not marrying her own daughter to him?

As far as men were concerned, Zong Jinghao was indeed handsome, capable and rich.

Many women would flock to him in droves.

Lin Guoan was not there and she did not want to waste her time on unnecessary verbal exchanges with Shen Xiuqing.

She turned and left. When she was at the gate, a car drove towards her from the side of the road and stopped at the gate. Lin Xinyan knew that the car belonged to Lin Guoan.

Within moments, the driver pulled the door open. Lin Guoan got out of the car and saw Lin Xinyan standing at the gate. When he thought that she might have come to ask him for Zhuang Zijin’s dowry, his face sank; and before she could speak, he said, “If you want to get your mother’s dowry back, you have to do something for me.”

Lin Xinyan frowned, “You said that as long as I marry into the Zong family, you’ll return my mother’s things!”

Lin Guoan snorted coldly, “Why do I want you to marry into the Zong family? Because it’s helpful to the Lin’s, especially in the career prospect!”

Lin Xin was trembling with anger, “How can you break your promise? Are you still a man?!”

“Sure enough, you’re an ill-bred brat!” Lin Guoan’s expression was very unpleasant, “I’m your father. How could you talk to me like this?”

Lin Xinyan felt cold. Her body felt cold and her heart felt even colder!

He actually broke his promise!

“If you want those things, tell Zong Jinghao to give me the developer rights for Repulse Bay, then I’ll give them to you.” After saying that, Lin Guoan walked past her and went into the courtyard. He subsequently stopped at a few steps away from Lin Xinyan, “That piece of land is very important to me. As long as you persuade Zong Jinghao to give it to me, I’ll return all the things that your mother brought here, including the piano that your mother gave you as a birthday present.”

Lin Xinyan never expected that Lin Guoan would be so shameless!

Since he was so untrustworthy, Lin Xinyan did not believe him anymore.

If she wished to get those things back, she would need to find another way.

Lin Xinyan narrowed her eyes. The land he wanted was in Zong Jinghao’s hands…

If she wanted to grasp Lin Guoan’s weakness, it seemed that she had to put some effort into her ‘newly wedded husband’.

But how should she begin?

Although they were husband and wife, they were more unfamiliar with each other than strangers.

Lin Xinyan still could not think of a way when she returned to her residence. However, she received a telephone call to inform her that her job application was unsuccessful.

“Didn’t you tell me to start working tomorrow?” Lin Xinyan said anxiously.

“Sorry, we can’t employ you because you don’t meet our recruitment requirements.” After saying that, he hung up.

Lin Xinyan looked at the phone and did not come back to her senses for half the day.

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