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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 98

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 98

Although Madelaine knew that it was all Emily’s doing, she knew that they were in the same boat, so she couldn’t very well expose her now. Hence, she has no choice but to pretend. “Emily, I know that you’ll never do such a thing. You guys shouldn’t accuse an innocent person.”

Emily continued to cry while appearing aggrieved, looking pitiful and pretty. She definitely possessed great acting skills.

Her classmates started a heated discussion upon witnessing her reaction.

“Could it be possible that Emily hadn’t done it?”

“She did it, without a doubt. She is great at pretending. I think we should call her Little Mouse and not Emily from now on.”

“She pretended to be kind to Janet while stabbing her from the back! Emily is an evil person!”

Upon hearing that, everybody shrugged indifferently at Emily’s sobs. She is too evil.

She cried even more while she heard her classmates’ discussion. However, she could only endure her frustration in silence. Who is trying to get me into trouble? Great! Right now, not only do I have to bear the reputation of a thief, but I’ve been nicknamed ‘Little Mouse’.

This is all thanks to Janet; if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be in such a horrible situation. Emily glared in the direction where Janet was seated. Their surrounding classmates immediately looked away when they met Emily’s eyes by accident because her gaze was too ruthless and fierce.

After the incident with the Reddit thread, Emily had behaved much better in the past few days. In fact, she no longer had the courage to mock or speak sarcastically to Janet. She would even take a detour upon seeing Janet.

She is the kind of person who needs to be taught a lesson before she behaves obediently.

The Beasts have now been staying in Sandfort City for a few days, so they were preparing to return to Markovia to continue with their boxing training. Therefore, they made plans tonight for a get-together.

Just when she met up with the Beasts’ four b*stards, she received a message from Mason.

‘Are you available today? There’s a banquet for the Lowry Family Conglomerate and I hope that you will attend the event as my date.’

He was very careful when he asked her the question because he was extremely nervous.

Janet frowned slightly. ‘I’m not free tonight; I have already made plans with my friends.’

Mason replied immediately. ‘In that case, when are you returning home?’

‘I’m not sure.’

‘Can I pick you up once you’re done?’

Janet answered without giving it much thought. ‘Why would you pick me up? It’s not convenient for you at all.’

‘It’s convenient for me as long as you are there.’

She was at a loss for words when she read his message.

It’s so difficult to get this young lady to agree to things.

Sean noticed Mason’s exhausted expression, so he suggested, “Young Master Mason, why don’t you rest for now? You need to attend the banquet later.”

Mason kept quiet while maintaining a deep scowl. He wanted to know the gender of the friends she mentioned earlier. It can’t be those four b*stards again, could it?

At the end of the banquet that night, Sean asked tentatively, “Young Master Mason, should I call Miss Janet to find out her whereabouts?”

Mason looked up, but there was a slightly different expression across his face. “Forget it; she’ll get annoyed with me later.’

“Why don’t we call her to ask her what time she’ll be done?”

“It will still be a bother to her anyway.”

Sean’s expression fell because he did not know what else to say.

The next thing he knew, he saw Mason taking out his cellphone to dial a number.

“What is it?” He strained his ears to listen to the background noise on Janet’s end. It’s slightly noisy.

“The Lowry Family Conglomerate banquet has ended. How about you?”

Janet checked the time before answering calmly, “We are almost done too.”

“In that case, I’ll pick you up. It’s along the way.”

She hesitated for a few seconds before answering helplessly, “Fine. I’m at Starlight Bar.” I just can’t say no to him!

In less than ten minutes, Sean parked the car in front of Starlight Bar.

Mason was just about to phone her when he saw her walking out of the bar. Furthermore, there were four guys surrounding her. It’s the four b*stards, indeed.

Suddenly, Mason’s expression darkened significantly.

Sean started to involuntarily shake. If I knew that this would happen, I wouldn’t have egged Young Master Mason on to phone Miss Janet.

“The Beasts, you guys should go back and train well. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson the next time I see you guys.” Janet raised her fist after warning them.

The Beasts nodded obediently. Boss has already beaten us twice after we were drunk the last time and we wouldn’t want to go through that the third time.

“Well, I’m leaving now.” She suddenly squinted in pain after saying that.

Upon noticing that, Dexter took a step forward in concern to check on her. “Boss, what happened to your eyes?”

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