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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 96

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 96

Emily Jackson = Little Mouse, how fitting!

Since Janet did not have a laptop with her, she could only phone Lara to ask her to help her identify the ID to check if it belonged to Emily.

After two minutes, Lara’s reply confirmed Janet’s suspicions.

Emily looked at the comments that defended her, feeling like a genius to have used that method. I’m sure Janet would never think that I’m the person who posted that threat, hahahaha!

Janet, I’d like to see how you will continue to stay in Star High School after such an embarrassing ordeal.

Emily smirked contemptuously, making her way to Janet’s seat.

Everybody in the class warned Emily, “Emily, you shouldn’t go near her. What will you do if you catch some disease from her?”

“Emily is such a nice person. I think she must be there to console Janet.”

“Oh, my… Emily is too kind. I can’t believe I even scolded her today after learning that she stole Janet’s painting! It was wrong of me to blame her.”

“Everybody made the same mistake!”

Gordon was extremely furious when he heard them accusing Janet and raised his fist while hissing vehemently, “Damn you all! Repeat yourselves if you have the guts to do so!”

Emily scowled unhappily while deliberately making a remark. “Gordon is right. You shouldn’t gossip about our classmate. First, let me ask whether it’s her.”

She glanced at Janet as a trace of resentment flashed across her eyes, but it was replaced almost instantly with a concerned expression. “Janet, can I ask whether you are the person in the picture, who ‘had fun with four burly men’, in Star High School’s Reddit thread?”

Janet casually raised her brow while maintaining a faint smile. She answered frostily, “You better watch what you say! Don’t assume that I’m oblivious to the truth.”

Emily scowled immediately, replacing her gentle tone with one that sounded aggrieved. “Janet, what do you mean? I even supported you on Star High School Reddit’s thread. Do you think that it’s appropriate for you to speak to me in such a way?”

Everybody in class felt that she did not receive the gratitude that she deserved and started to reprimand Janet. “Aren’t you a shameless person? Why are you scolding her when Emily has done her best to support you?”

“Do you understand the concept of gratitude? You are such a heartless person!”

Janet thought, I can turn a blind eye in normal circumstances when Emily speaks ill of me with sarcastic remarks. However, I can no longer endure it since she’s using my innocence as a topic of discussion. I’m a fool if I were to maintain my silence. Emily loves writing essays, doesn’t she? In that case, I shall write one too.

Hence, Star High School’s post regarding the ‘fun with four burly men’ vanished without any warning.

Soon, there was a post by Janet.

‘Good day, everyone. I am the new transfer student in Star High School, Janet Jackson. Yesterday, someone took a photo of me together with four people. In all honesty, I come from a very small village and they are all my childhood friends. They knew that I came to the city and they missed me. Hence, they took the opportunity to visit me since they were having a break. However, I’m not sure how this ends up as gossip fodder since everyone seems to be spreading scandalous rumors about us. They are my peers and became extremely upset after learning that my schoolmates have used them as some sort of gossip content! They are now having second thoughts about staying friends with me. I never had many friends even in Star High School to begin with. Therefore, if everyone thinks that it’s wrong of me to have friends, I honestly have no idea what else to do.’

Her post was forwarded and shared thousands of times within a few minutes.

Janet’s method of embracing her identity as someone from a village evoked a lot of sympathy.

‘Sigh, I feel so bad after reading that. You should stop spouting negative stuff about her since Janet barely has any friends.’

‘Why did you people go overboard? You can’t possibly accuse her of being promiscuous unless you have a picture of her in bed! You are all too much.’

‘I agree with the comment above. Previously, Janet even received first place in the National Mathematics competition, bringing honor to our school.’

‘She was in first place during the School Anniversary too.’

‘My guess is that someone was jealous of her, which is why her photo was taken out of context to spread unfounded rumors about her.’

‘I am Abby Shaw and share a table with Janet Jackson. I know Janet very well, so I would like for the person, who spread the rumours, to take the initiative and come forward to apologize.’

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