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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 93

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 93

“Um…” Cheryl wanted to refute her statement, but she felt helpless because it was indeed the truth.

Janet’s lips curled into a faint smile as she made her way into a narrow passage. Thanks to helping the foolish Uncle Brandon, I almost forgot to send the crystal jade to Old Madam Lowry…

Brandon continued to stare at her. Megan’s information is highly unreliable. If it’s true that Janet has been raised in a village, how could she possibly be well-versed in all these matters?

Driven by his curiosity, he phoned Megan.

The phone call was connected soon enough and she politely greeted him. “Uncle Brandon, how can I help you?”

“Are you sure that Janet grew up in a village?”

“Huh?” She did not understand what he implied, so she asked. “What happened?”

He reiterated what had happened earlier to her.

“What?” Megan appeared in shock on the other end of the line. “Janet knows how to identify jades?”

Brandon acknowledged heavily. “Yeah. Do you think that she might have met someone who taught her these simple skills when she was in the village?” He made a guess.

After pausing for a few seconds, she broke the silence. “That’s possible, but it doesn’t seem impossible.”

He asked, “Why is it not quite possible?”

She answered in a hushed tone, “If she was truly so capable, she wouldn’t have worked the fields in such a small village.”

“Are you saying that Janet was just lucky this time?” That was his last guess to conclude the matter.

Megan tried to carefully recollect about what happened in the past. It is possible; otherwise, how would one be able to explain what has happened thus far?!

That day, news of Janet exposing the imitations in the antique market spread like wildfire. Even The Majestic Jeweller had heard about her.

He was extremely frustrated because he learned that his shop assistant had treated her with extremely poor service when she visited to purchase the Crystal Jade. In fact, he learned that they almost lost a rich client, so he glared at Miss Nolan. “Tell me—if it weren’t for the intern, Stella, we would have lost a huge business deal, don’t you know that?”

Miss Nolan’s shoulders trembled in fear. “Boss, I didn’t know that she was wealthy. She looked like a student from senior high, so I didn’t expect her to afford 15 million!”

The shop owner angrily glared at her. She is an experienced employee in this shop for many years; how can she make such a basic mistake? Maybe… Miss Nolan has lost several large business deals, thanks to her attitude.

The more he thought about it, the more agonized he felt.

“Are you allowed not to serve her just because she looks like a student from senior high? Some billionaires even walk around in flip-flops! Have you forgotten all the common courtesy that I trained you in serving our customers?”

“Boss, I will never make the same mistake again. I promise I will work harder!”

The boss was burning with anger. “Get lost! I don’t need you to work for me anymore! You don’t need to show up for work from tomorrow onward. I’ll transfer your salary into your account! Besides, I’ll shorten our intern, Stella’s probation period. She’ll be promoted to a manager once she works for half a year.”

“What?” Stella and Miss Nolan simultaneously exclaimed.

One sounded delighted whereas the other sounded shocked and furious!

Miss Nolan asked in dissatisfaction, “Boss, I’ve been working for many years now. You have never promoted me. What gives her the right to be promoted as a manager after merely working for six months?”

“You are shameless enough to ask such a question, I see. Have you ever sealed a 1 million deal? Get lost if you haven’t!”

His comment clearly touched Miss Nolan’s raw nerve. Seeing as the boss was determined, she couldn’t bring herself to explain further. Therefore, she left in silence! I truly shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover. That young girl has gotten me in deep trouble. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have lost my job…

It was almost evening by the time Janet arrived at the Lowry Residence. I’ve not returned to the Jackson residence since yesterday evening and I didn’t phone them to inform them of my whereabouts. I see that the Jacksons aren’t bothered about my well-being at all!

Old Madam Lowry held a farewell meal at Leaping Dragon Hotel for dinner.

In the first-class private room, Old Madam Lowry grinned from ear-to-ear because the young girl, Janet, had attended the dinner as well. “Miss Janet, you should eat more! You should gain weight, so that you’ll be ready next year..” She omitted the words ‘to plan for a pregnancy’ because she was concerned that the young lady would be displeased by such remarks.

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