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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 89

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 89

She caressed the smooth and delicate crystal jade with her fair hands, becoming extremely excited! When she touched it, it felt cooling, which rapidly eased her mood. I need to purchase this crystal jade, no matter what it takes. “Hi, may I know the price for this?”

Stella was stunned into silence when she heard that. Is this young lady standing in front of me serious about buying this? She tried her best to suppress her intense emotions. “This is slightly expensive. A gram costs hundreds of thousands, so this piece would most probably set you by a few million!”

“Go ahead and weigh it.” Janet carefully placed the crystal jade back on the table.

Stella took it in a daze and weighed it on the scale, which read 30g. The unit price for 1g was 500,000, so the total cost would be 15 million. “Miss, the total is 15… 15 million.”

Upon hearing that, Janet raised a brow. This small piece of crystal jade costs 15 million; it seems like there are benefits to things being expensive.

Stella thought that the girl standing in front of her couldn’t afford it, so she waved her hand while explaining, “If you don’t wish to buy this, it’s fine—”

“I’ll pay by card!” Janet immediately interrupted her.

The words, ‘I’ll pay by card’ had witlessly scared Stella, who exclaimed in shock, “Miss, are you sure you’d like to purchase this?”

Janet lazily fished a black card from her bag and placed it on the table with a resounding answer, “Yes!”

“I-I’ll w-wrap it up for you!” Stella stammered in anxiousness before moving in a state of shock as she swiped the card and wrapped the jade. “T-Take care!”

She was still in a stupor when Miss Nolan returned.

Miss Nolan took out her compact powder to re-apply her makeup while mocking, “Stella, look, I was giving you sound advice. Luckily you didn’t show her the crystal jade; otherwise, she would have boasted about it by uploading pictures on her IG Stories! She’s not dressed like a person who can afford a precious gemstone like the crystal jade.”

However, when she noticed that Stella did not respond to her, she approached the latter and loudly thundered, “Did you hear me? I am correct, aren’t I? She couldn’t afford the crystal jade!”

“But, Miss Nolan… She paid for it with her card!”

“What? Did you say that she bought it with her card?”

Miss Nolan stared at Stella in shock and almost lost her balance. Hence, she started to mumble, “How is that possible? She doesn’t look rich at all! How could she possibly afford millions?”

“I have no idea, but she paid using her card and it was 15 million in a go,” Stella answered as she stood rooted to the spot.

Miss Nolan’s palms were coated with a layer of cold sweat. I’m done for! I missed the chance of procuring a huge business deal, and if Stella, the intern, gets this deal, I’m afraid she’ll most likely be promoted to the supervisor position of some sort. She slammed the table in regret. Damn it, this is frustrating!

Janet left the shop in exhilaration. The more I rub the crystal jade, the more I feel better. I’m sure the old madam will love it.

Just when she was about to leave, she was distracted by a female voice.

“Boss, is this truly Master Nato’s painting? Is this authentic?”

Janet turned in curiosity to have a look when she heard that. Since when have my paintings been on sale in stalls?

The owner of the stall cackled. “How could this not be authentic? I bought it in person from Master Nato. Tell me, who could possibly reproduce such a realistic and high quality imitation?”

“Well, that might be true, but it doesn’t seem realistic for such a small stall like yours to be selling Master Nato’s painting.”

The owner’s expression immediately soured. “Why isn’t it realistic? Go ahead and buy the painting if you are interested, but leave if you aren’t. Do you know how many people are competing with each other to purchase Master Nato’s painting?”

Cheryl laughed awkwardly when she heard the owner’s comment before she stepped forward to touch the painting.

“Miss, don’t touch it if you aren’t planning to buy it! What should I do if you spoil it?”

She lowered her hand after the stall owner’s remark and instead turned to the man standing beside her. “Honey, do you think we should buy it?”

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