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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 84

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 84

It wasn’t just the two of them; even Dexter and Tyler’s excitement hadn’t subsided.

Ever since their boss appeared, Dexter had a feeling that she was different than before. She used to send us flying with a kick whenever we seek her attention by hugging her legs. Now, she has only patted our heads. Sob…

As Janet’s red lips curled upward, she looked at the few boys before her.

Those four boys were like her children as she watched them growing up… Looking at them, she thought about her friends in Markovia.

It was 12AM when she left the hotel while being supported by the four boys.

Dexter frowned in worry. “How is she returning to the Jackson Family while looking like this? What if we cause trouble for her?”

Luke glared at Tyler. “It’s all your fault. I told you not to pour so much beer for her. Look at her—she’s now drunk, so what are we going to do now?”

Tyler had an innocent look on his face. “Boss looks strong on the outside, but who knows that she doesn’t have a strong alcohol tolerance?”

Leo quietly uttered, “Stop arguing. Should we send her to a hotel or back to the Jackson residence?”

Upon hearing their chattering voices, she gave each of them a punch in a drunken stupor. “Stop making noise! Let’s head to the Lowry Residence!”

Subconsciously, she remembered that Old Madam Lowry would be going abroad tomorrow, so she had planned to pay her a visit tonight. However, she overlooked the fact that she was now in such a drunken state!

Covering their eyes, the boys wept and glanced at one another. “It hurts! Sob…”

It wasn’t easy for them to find out where the Lowry Residence was. They looked at the grand villa before their eyes and exchanged glances with each other. “Is this the Lowry Residence?”

Dexter gave a simple and direct answer. “Why don’t we ask them?” He then pressed on the door bell.

Soon, the front gate then opened before one of the Lowry Residence’s housekeepers came out in a state of shock at seeing them. “This is… Miss Jackson. It’s late; why are you here? Who are you guys?”

Tyler stupidly answered, “We are B—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Leo stomped on his foot, instructing him not to reveal their Boss’s identity. “We are Miss Jackson’s friends. She’s drunk, but she said that she wants to come over to the Lowry Residence. Is this the Lowry Residence?”

The maid glanced at Janet and nodded. “I’ve met Miss Jackson before. Please come in.”

A drunken Janet raised her eyes to look at the four boys and pouted in displeasure. “You guys should quickly head back. Be careful not to reveal your identities!”

“But…” The four boys exchanged glances in hesitance.

In a fuddled state, she gave each one of them another punch. “Just leave when I ask you to. Stop dilly-dallying!”

With a hand covering an eye, Dexter was the first to stand up and uttered in between sobs, “With her combat abilities, we don’t need to worry for her. Let’s just head back so as not to expose her identity.”

Tyler, Leo and Luke nodded and gave their number to the maid so that she could contact them as soon as possible if something were to happen to Janet.

The maid then helped her into the living room.

Mason and Henry happened to head downstairs after completing their work with the former completely stunned to see Janet.

On the young lady’s clean and beautiful face, her cheeks were pink and tender like delectable flowers, and her usual coldness was totally replaced by a faint smile on her face.

“You’ve been drinking?” Mason softly asked.

“Yeah!” Janet nodded before waving at him. “Come over and drink with me. Don’t just stand there like an idiot. Hehe!”

Before he could react, she took two bottles of wine from the wine cabinet in the living room.

Those were strong alcoholic drinks. If she were to drink those, she would be practicing the boxing moves she learnt in Markovia for the entire night. “Those few brats were reluctant to drink with me…” She rarely revealed such a charming yet naïve look.

Upon hearing that, he frowned and his voice exposed his displeasure. “Those few brats? Who are they?”

“They are four little brats… They said that I’m terrifying after drinking.” As she spoke, her lips curled upward into a gorgeous smile, causing both Sean and Henry to be stunned.

Henry suddenly realized, It turns out that Mason likes a girl who’s as innocent as a bunny!

Sean, on the other hand, knew that Janet wasn’t a little bunny—at least she wasn’t as weak as she looked. However, it was his first time to see a different side to her.

“Leave!” Mason gave a cold look at those present with him.

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