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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 79

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 79

Although she was confused, she pulled Joshua’s arm and asked in a fluster, “Joshua, why hasn’t Old Mr. Collins called for me? I’m the star today!”

“Miss Emily, Sir didn’t call for you, so don’t follow us.” Joshua easily shook away Emily’s hand.

Janet clicked her tongue and tucked her hair before leaving together with him.

For an inexplicable reason, Emily had a sense of foreboding as she looked at their disappearing figures.

Just then, Megan returned from the washroom. When she saw Emily standing there in puzzlement, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Emily replied in nervousness, “I have no idea why Old Mr. Collins called for Janet earlier.”

A stunned Megan then dragged Emily to follow them. “Come on, let’s go and check it out.”

However, they were both stopped outside the door to the lounge.

When Janet entered the lounge, she was surprised to see the legendary Old Mr. Collins. Isn’t this the teacher who said that I know nothing?

“It’s you?” She peered at the old man before her. Isn’t this the teacher whom I met that day?

Old Mr. Collins awkwardly coughed before retrieving Master Nato’s painting, which Janet had commented was childish when she was at the Academy of Fine Arts. He then placed the painting in front of her. “You told me a few days ago that Master Nato’s painting when she was younger didn’t meet your expectations, so I would like to have you amend the painting.”

Janet narrowed her phoenix eyes and glanced at him. Later, she stepped forward and picked up a brush before it was placed on a few spots of the painting. “This carp… seems sluggish; it looks sleepy,” she remarked in a low voice and the brush landed on the scales and eyes.

He frowned. “What is your relationship with Emily Jackson?”

Upon hearing that, she curled up her red lips. “Nothing important. Look at this. It is much better now.” She pushed the painting of a carp to him.

Old Mr. Collins and Joshua’s eyes instantly brightened. After her amendments, the painting seemed totally different than before. Without any comparison, the issues of the original painting would have stayed hidden; the current version made a world of difference after Janet amended it.

On top of that, her painting style was extremely similar to that of the one that Emily showed him. Could it be that… “Joshua, ask Emily to come over as well.”

“Huh?” Joshua was baffled.

“Just do it.”

“Alright!” He then left the room.

When he opened the door, he found that Emily was already waiting outside. “Sir has asked you to come in.” His tone was calm.

Emily wore a delighted expression on her face. Old Mr. Collins has finally called for me.

“Mom, wait for me outside!” She beamed at her.

“Okay, quickly enter!” Megan was eager.

A knocking sound on the door was heard.

Upon entering the room, Emily’s expression fell when she saw Janet. Why is this bumpkin still lingering here…

Old Mr. Collins pushed the white paper in front of Emily. “Emily, paint something on the spot now. You can paint anything that you want.”

Feeling flustered, she tentatively replied, “Umm… Old Mr. Collins, haven’t I shown you some of my paintings? You were quite satisfied with them as well, right?”

Upon hearing her reply, his voice was deep. “I know, but I still want you to paint something right now. If you fulfill my requirement, I’ll head out and announce that I’m accepting you as my disciple.”

“Haha, Emily, you aren’t feeling guilty, are you?” Janet scoffed.

Seeing her reaction, she finally understood why Old Mr. Collins would accept Emily as his disciple—it turned out that it was her paintings that Emily had shown him.

“Why would I be guilty? What nonsense are you saying?” Emily pointed at Janet’s face and furiously exclaimed.

“Then, you should paint now.” She cast a glance at the piece of white paper with a raised eyebrow.

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