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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 77

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 77

“Honey, I’m still at the art gallery. I’ll go find you after I’m done. Mwah!”

Janet’s moment of silence was suddenly interrupted by a middle-aged lady’s voice. The lady continued to speak on the phone while ignoring the people around her.

“Oh well, I miss you too.” The lady continued to blabber.

In the meantime, Janet looked toward the words written on the wall. ‘Please be quiet!’

Not long after, her phone suddenly rang, so she took out her phone and noticed that Lee sent her a message. Just when she was about to reply to him, the lady had already ended her call and was now walking toward her.

“Can you be quiet? Can’t you see that there are lots of people here?” After that, the lady even rolled her eyes at Janet.

Janet raised her eyes and looked at her with a calm expression as the lady continued to speak, “What are you looking at? Have you not seen a gorgeous lady before?!”

Janet’s lips curled upward, revealing a menacing smile. Gorgeous lady? I’ve actually never seen a gorgeous lady like her before.

An attendant went up to both of them and asked, “What’s the problem?”

“Are you asking me what’s the problem? The people who come to the art gallery are uncivilized. Her phone was ringing, so I asked her to silence it, but she talked back to me!” Madam Hunt ranted.

The attendant felt aggrieved. “Can you two lower your voices? Please don’t disturb others at the art gallery.”

Madam Hunt’s eyes widened, staring at the attendant. “Who are you talking to? She was the one who started it.”

“This…” For a moment, the attendant didn’t know what else to say.

After letting out a snort, Janet squinted her eyes and sneered, “Do you need me to check the security cameras and see who was the one actually speaking through the phone?”

Madam Hunt pointed at Janet’s nose and scolded, “You little b*tch. I’m not afraid of you!”

Janet pushed her hand away and warned her quietly, “Don’t point your finger at me; otherwise, you won’t be able to fix it after I break it.”

“What… did you just say?” Madam Hunt’s eyes widened.

I can’t believe I’m being threatened by a little girl. This little girl is going to get what she deserves.

“You wild little girl. Believe it or not, I will ask someone to throw you out of here.”

The attendant could feel that the atmosphere was worsening, so he quickly went to call the manager.

Then, the manager dressed in a black suit came over. “What are you two arguing about?”

As soon as Madam Hunt saw the manager coming, she feigned that she was the victim and complained, “Look at her. Not only is she being noisy in public, but she even scolded me for correcting her.”

After the manager gave Janet and Madam Hunt a thorough look, he realized that the older woman wore jewelry. She isn’t someone whom I should mess with, so I’ll just start with this little girl. “Alright. Alright. Stop fighting. The person who started it should apologize.”

Janet smiled coldly. “Please apologize!”

“You are crazy. Stop accusing me!” Madam Hunt’s high pitch voice drew the attention of the people around them, so everyone looked in their direction. “Everyone, please be the judge. This little girl not only scolded me, but she also accused me of something that I didn’t do!” She made her tears clear for everyone to see how pitiful she was.

However, everybody couldn’t make an evaluation of the situation because they didn’t know the whole story, so all of them remained silent.

At the same time, Janet didn’t want to waste more time, so she said to Madam Hunt, who was blocking her path, “Move away!” However, Madam Hunt straightened her posture and refused to move. “Good dogs don’t stand in the way!”

“Oh dear, this little girl is yelling at me!” Madam Hunt knew that she won the moment Janet scolded her, so she intentionally started to cry.

Everyone saw that the lady was being bullied, so they quickly expressed their discontent.

“This little girl is so rude!”

“Both of you should just take one step back!”

“The two of them are so noisy. Throw both of them out!”

In the midst of everyone’s conversation, Janet continued playing with her phone, as if she didn’t listen to any of it.

Seeing how indifferent she looked, Madam Hunt became furious as she wanted to say something.

‘Lara, can you please hack into Sandfort City Summerville Art Gallery’s security cameras before sending it to my phone?’

In a few minutes, Lara quickly replied before sending a video.

Janet looked satisfied as she glanced at the video on her phone. Then, she raised her tender arm and showed her phone to the manager.

As soon as the manager saw the video on her phone, he was shocked to the point where he couldn’t speak properly. “W-Why… Do you have the surveillance video of our art gallery?”

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