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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 72

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 72

Janet tilted her head, looking very puzzled before shaking her head. “There aren’t any. What techniques do you need for such an easy question?”

Easy? The moment everyone heard her comments, they were all rendered speechless. As expected, a genius will always be different from us.

Meanwhile, Emily was feeling upset because everybody’s eyes were now on Janet. If it wasn’t for her, I would have been the champion. Who gives her the right to snatch the spot that belongs to me? It’s all because of her. Ever since she has returned, she has been taking away all of my things—one by one.

After the competition, the two of them returned to the Jackson residence.

At the same time, Emily glared at Janet. “Oh my, I didn’t expect you to have a few tricks up your sleeve.”

Janet wanted to return to her room, but Emily blocked her path.

“Good dogs don’t stand in the way. Go away.” Janet’s voice was cold and calm.

“You…” Emily pointed at her. “Who do you think you are? How dare you call me a dog?”

Janet raised her brows. “Oh, I’m sorry. My mistake. You don’t even deserve to be a dog because dogs will immediately leave after being scolded at. You are more like an annoying bug.”

“You…” Emily kept on pointing at Janet’s face.

“Stop pointing at me. Otherwise, you will lose a finger.”

Even though Emily was acting strong and fearless on the exterior, she still decided to withdraw her finger. A crazy person like her will do anything to me.

Not long after, Megan returned from work. The moment Janet saw her coming back, she immediately headed upstairs.

Megan noticed that there was something wrong, she pulled Emily’s hand and asked, “Did you quarrel with Janet?”

Emily stuttered, “It’s… nothing. She told me that being Old Mr. Collins’ apprentice isn’t something to be proud of. Also, she told me that she knows how to draw too, and she is a better artist than me, so she cursed me while pointing her finger at me.”

Upon seeing how guilty she looked, Megan guessed that Janet wouldn’t say something like that. Is Emily lying to me again?

When Emily noticed the suspicion in her mother’s eyes, she quickly changed the topic to prevent from being exposed. “Mommy, you must be tired. I’ll go and make some juice for you.”

“Thank you.” Megan smiled and nodded her head.

She couldn’t muster the strength to deal with them for the moment as she was really tired.

As she watched at Emily’s back, she picked up the remote control and switched on the television.

After doing so, the channel featuring the math competition Janet and Emily participated in today appeared on the screen.

Math competition?

In the competition, she saw that Janet was asleep onstage while Emily was focused on answering the questions.

Then, Megan shook her head in resignation.

Later on, she noticed that Janet had lifted her head and started to answer the questions with concentration toward the middle of the competition.

Emily happened to see that scene appear on the television, so she immediately went up to her. mother. “Mom, why are you watching our math competition?”

However, Megan only regained her senses after Emily called her multiple times, as if she was sucked into the screen.

While watching the television, she asked, “Emily, who is the champion this time?”

Emily anxiously pulled her skirt, stuttering, “It’s Janet!”

“What?” Megan’s eyes widened and she gaped at Emily. “Why is it Janet? What about you? Why isn’t it you?” She couldn’t believe that the talented Emily would lose to Janet.

“I… allowed her to win because we are attending Old Mr. Collins’ discipleship ceremony a few days later, so I don’t want her to feel that she is useless. That’s why I purposely refuse to answer the last question so that she could win.”

When Megan saw how nervous Emily looked, she couldn’t help but shake her head and remain silent.

After a long while, she consoled, “Emily, you are a brilliant girl. It doesn’t matter that you don’t win this time. There’s always next time.”

Although the two of them never said anything more, they knew it in their hearts.

Megan clearly knew that Emily had a competitive personality, so she would never allow Janet to win the competition. Maybe Janet won the competition solely based on her own abilities.

However, to protect Emily’s dignity, Megan would never say it out.

Meanwhile, Janet stood beside the bannister on the second floor while looking at the scene downstairs. It seems like Emily has always been lying to everyone! Looks like I’ll have to teach her a lesson by messing up with her discipleship ceremony.

She suddenly received a message from her phone. When she saw that it was sent from Mason, she instantly opened the screen.

Mason: ‘There’s a good restaurant in Sandfort City that recently opened. I want to bring you there to congratulate you for winning the math competition.’

How did he receive the information at such a fast rate? I didn’t even tell him about it yet!

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