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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 70

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 70

“Oh.” Janet opened her blurry eyes, as if she had just woken up from her sleep.

The host reminded everyone, “Now, Emily Jackson has answered two questions correctly while Gordon Yaleman has answered one question correctly. Good luck to all the contestants!”

The competition seemed to have turned into an internal competition between Star High School students since Emily and Gordon had almost pressed the buzzer at the same time after hearing the question.

However, due to her experience in the competition, she was slightly faster than him.

Every time someone pressed the buzzer, there would be lots of discussions among the audience below.

“Is she a past contestant? She is so brilliant.”

“She is Emily Jackson, and she has participated in lots of competitions before. I’ve heard that she has even excelled in piano and drawing. In every competition she enters, she will either win first place or second.”

“It seems that she is from the same school as Gordon. What kind of luck does Star High School have for them to actually have such good students?”

When Emily heard the praises about her from the audience below, she couldn’t help but raise her head and feel extremely confident with herself.

At the same time, Aaron also let out a cold grunt. This time, the first place is definitely going to Star High School. As for Kenny, I’m afraid that he is going to return with nothing in his hands to show for.

During their discussion, Emily had correctly answered the fourth question. At the moment, she was a big step ahead of everyone. If she could answer the last question, she would automatically be crowned champion today. She secretly gritted her teeth. Only I can be a champion.

The crucial last question appeared on the big screen.

‘The line segment AB passes through a certain point M(m,0) on the positive half of the X axis. The product of the distance between the endpoints AB and the X axis is 2m. With the X axis as the symmetry axis, a parabola is made through the three AOB points. If the TAN angle is AOB=-1, find the value range of m.’

After that, Janet woke up at the right time and gazed at the big screen before furrowing her brows to think. In less than five seconds, she retracted her eyes and wrote her answer on the answering machine.

The questions displayed during the start had been extremely easy and she was inattentive to solve it, but she could no longer suppress her abilities when she noticed that Emily was about to be crowned a champion.

In the meantime, Emily and the other contestants were in the midst of figuring out the question. She had only started to write her answer when Janet was done with hers.

The audience watched her handing her answer with gaping mouths; it was so wide that it could fit an egg. Isn’t she asleep? Why is she now awake? How did she answer the question in just 5 seconds?

“Janet Jackson answered the question correctly. One point to her.”

What? After listening to the host’s announcement, Emliy couldn’t react for a moment… How did she answer such a difficult question in just 5 seconds?

Even though the question was not a big deal in top international math competitions, it was still extraordinary for Janet to answer it in merely 5 seconds.

The audience below drastically changed their expressions, looking at Janet.

“It seems like she has been hiding her true abilities.”

“Looks like the champion today may not be Emily.”

Everyone focused their attention on Janet instead since she answered the questions at such speed. In just a blink of an eye, she had already written down the answer.

For the following questions, she answered them all correctly at a shocking speed.

At some point, the audience was already numbed by her amazing skills.

Even the teachers were plunged into self-doubt. We can’t even compete with a high schooler!

Moments ago, Emily was still in a good mood, but she felt completely distraught when she realized that Janet could solve such a difficult question with ease.

There was no chance for Emily to gain the last point.

At the end, the intense math competition finally ended.

After a discussion among the teachers and judges, they chose the top five contestants.

The first place went to Janet, who had amazed everyone by gaining five points.

However, the second place went to Emily. Even though she didn’t answer the last question, her previous performance was already brilliant enough.

Gordon received third place and was subsequently followed by Liam Curtis and Niko Fletcher.

The champion chosen in the end was unexpected yet expected at the same time, considering that Janet had finally won the competition solely on her ability.

Upon listening to the host’s announcement, Kenny’s face turned green in anger. I can’t believe the top 3 spots are all occupied by Star High School students. Only one student from my school is able to win fifth place.

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