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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 65

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 65

On Saturday, Aaron had brought Janet, Mindy, Emily and Gordon to the venue where the National High School Mathematics Competition was being held.

“You still have 20 minutes before the competition starts. Later, you will enter the examination room.”

Emily was a frequent contestant of the competition, so she brought the others along to familiarize with the examination room.

“Oh my, isn’t that Mr. Rodriguez from Star High School?” Kenny Morton gave Janet a thorough scan before mocking. “Eh, isn’t she a newcomer in your school? I bet that she has never participated in a competition like this before. Are you afraid of being dragged down by her?”

Kenny was a mathematics teacher from another school. Since Emily defeated all of the students he had brought for the last competition, he was disgruntled.

Upon hearing him, Aaron smiled. “Mr. Marton, I think you should be worried about whether your students will be defeated by mine this year again! No matter how bad we are, we still have Emily. This year, Star High School will definitely emerge as the champion!”

Now, Emily had already become the symbol of Star High School.

Kenny laughed coldly, “Your school only has Emily, who is capable. When did we start allowing inept people into our math competition?”

After a long while, Aaron finally thought of a way to refute him, “At least we have Emily around to defeat all of your students. This year, don’t return home in tears after losing to us once again?” After looking at the time, he asked Emily to bring the other three into their room. “It’s almost time for the test to start. Hurry up.”

In the meantime, Kenny was angered by what Aaron had said. He’s right, though. Star High School has always sent Emily as its representative for the past two years and she would win the competition each time. During this period, I couldn’t even hold my head high as a math teacher in my own school. I’ve even become a laughing stock in front of the other teachers. “Aaron, just wait and see. I would like to see what results those three dead weights can achieve for you.” He finally spat out the words that he held back for so long.

After looking at him, Aaron remained silent. If he realizes that Janet had achieved a better result than Emily during the last exam, he will probably be furious.

The math competition was split into two rounds—the first round consisted of a written test and the second was an oral quiz. Only the top ten contestants from the first round could qualify for the quiz in the second round. There were hundreds of contestants from all around the country, so it was extremely difficult for anyone to stand out in the first round.

Then, Emily brought Janet, Gordon and Mindy to the examination room.

In the examination room, it was complete silence. After all, everyone didn’t know each other, so they focused all of their energy on the test.

However, the moment Emily and the others entered the room, whispers started to echo around the room as a result of someone recognizing Gordon.

“Oh my, look over there. Isn’t that the star, Gordon Yaleman? I can’t believe he is here for the math competition too!”

“This is impossible. I can’t believe I’m in the same room as him. I feel so happy right now!”

Janet was already used to the praise that he received from everyone and only felt an annoying buzz around her ear. Then, she found her seat—it so happened to be in the same row as Gordon. Meanwhile, Emily was arranged in the same row as Mindy.

When the other contestants saw a girl sitting next to Gordon, they couldn’t help but glance at Janet from time to time.

Ding! The bell rang and two invigilators entered the room.

After receiving the test papers, Janet gave it a quick look before quickly jotting down the answers while complaining in her heart, This is the math competition? It’s such a waste of time for me to do these questions. I would rather do more tasks to earn money.

Initially, the main invigilator sat lazily in the room, but almost fell off his chair when he lifted his eyes. He saw the girl in front of him rapidly jotting down her answers. This is so infuriating. How can she simply answer the question if she doesn’t know how to? What’s the point of being the fastest? Which school is she from? It isn’t the right attitude to answer the questions even if she doesn’t know how to.

The invigilator next to him asked upon seeing how upset he was, “Mr. Cooper, what is it?”

Mr. Cooper directed his eyes toward Janet’s direction. “Look at the way that girl is writing. It’s so smooth that I reckon she’s writing nonsense. I’m really speechless!”

Upon listening to him, the invigilator next to him looked toward the direction that was being implied and saw that the girl never used her draft paper, going through the questions one by one instead.

Then, he also spoke in anger, “Who chose her to enter the competition? Don’t they want to win?”

“I’ll go and check which school she’s from,” Mr. Cooper answered, furiously walking to the front of Janet and asked. “Which school are you from?”

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