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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 63

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 63

Mason softly grinned at Janet. “It seems like you care for me a lot…”

She was stunned and deliberately averted his gaze by looking away before snorting coldly, “Then, please don’t look for me since my consultation fee is extremely high.”

“I will give you as much as you want.” The man’s sexy voice lingered in her ears.

Janet looked up in anger. “Be serious.”

As soon as her words fell, a grumble was heard. It is someone’s hungry stomach growling.

Mason was taken aback before he chuckled lightly. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m hungry!” she answered pitifully.

However, as his hand was injured, she couldn’t ask him to make braised eggplant. “Who cares? I’m cutting vegetables and you are cooking with your other hand!”

Mason smiled faintly. “I thought you would cook it for me.”

“Okay, I will cook them for you.”

Other than being able to prepare traditional medicine, Janet’s cooking fell into the definition of a dark cuisine. Since the Lowry Residence had a lot of fresh dishes and all of them happened to be what she wanted to eat, she washed the vegetables before Mason came to take over the realms.

“Master Mason…” The Lowry Residence’s servants returned.

“Take it to my study room,” he said.


Janet wondered what important information it was and suddenly hissed, only to realize that she had accidentally cut her fingers while slicing the vegetables. Sigh, I really can’t do two things at one go!

She was trying to search for a bandage, but he gently held her hand, which caused her to be puzzled. She didn’t react for a while since he weirdly sucked her finger while she felt his tongue gently caressing her fingers before yanking it from him. Yuck!

The man raised his eyebrows slightly. “Okay.”

She barely wanted to curse him. “Why are you doing this?”

Mason pressed his lips as if he can’t control his laughter, but he chuckled, “Does it still hurt? Do you want to stop restraining?”

Janet coughed a bit and pushed him away. “Hurry and cook; the vegetables are burning.” She looked at her fingers, thinking about what had happened and gently embraced her fingers.

He saw the scene as soon as he turned. His dreary eyes were stunned and his Adam’s apple rolled down unconsciously…

She only felt awkward, feeling that she had been electrocuted and wanted to try to see if she could stop herself. Janet, stop feeling this way! You are such a disappointment!

He turned in the opposite direction as she angrily raised her eyebrow. “Alright! Are you done? I’m ravished.”

“Well, I’m almost done!”

Within five minutes, Mason had prepared the dishes.

Even though it was merely him serving the dishes, Janet saw that he was flushed and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you feeling hot?”

“Yeah.” The man’s voice was a little dry and the dryness overflowed from his throat.

“But, this room is air-conditioned, isn’t it?!”

Mason kept silent and continued to eat—he put his head down as if he was suppressing something. Janet also didn’t speak to Mason for some time since they were both engrossed with their food. It was, after all, her favorite braised eggplant.

It was math class as usual on the second day at Star High School. Aaron entered class A, but did not immediately start the lessons. He caught sight of Janet and Emily. “Can I arrange both Jacksons in a group for this math competition?”

Janet was sleeping, waking up in panic by Aaron’s words. “No!”

The other classmates were surprised.

“Janet, why don’t you participate with Emily? Are you afraid that she will overwhelm you? I thought she wanted to be with you? I really overestimated what I saw!”

Emily was also angry at her in the beginning, but when she saw her classmates defending her by speaking up, she calmed down.

“I mean, I don’t need to practice,” Janet said in a lower tone.

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