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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 51

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 51

“5 million. That’s the maximum I’m going to offer!”

“Don’t f*cking compete with me! I’m going to buy this oriental jasper today for sure!”

“Why should we listen to you? I’m offering 8 million!”

When the figure 8 million was shouted, everyone was displeased. “Why the f*ck did you raise the bar so high?!”

Janet sat on the table and drank tea while listening to the crowd scrambling to buy her jewel. For the sake of the oriental jasper, the collectors had ignored their reputations and started to curse one another, but it gave her a headache. “Stop arguing. 50 million. You can take it if you want, but I’m taking it back if you don’t want it!”

“50 million? Young lady, you really have the guts to ask for this price!”

“Right, I’m not going to accept that price. That’s absurd. I bet that nobody has ever offered such a high price in the world!”

“That’s daylight robbery! Let’s leave.”

Everyone shook their heads and reprimanded Janet for demanding an exorbitant price, but she was unfazed by their responses and smiled. “If you guys don’t want it, I’m leaving.”

Nobody dared to say anything. And so, she rose to her full height and with light footsteps, attempting to leave with the oriental jasper. However, before she could take two steps, a collector stopped her. “Young lady, don’t leave! I was merely messing with you! Come back! Please come back!”

A shadow of a cunning smile appeared at the corner of her lips. Instead of dilly-dallying like a woman, this is how he should have reacted earlier. In the end, the oriental jasper was purchased by a man with a beer belly at the price of 50 million. Although he felt heartbroken at the moment he swiped his card, a sense of satisfaction bloomed in his heart when he had his hands on the oriental jasper. After this oriental jasper is crafted, the 50 million that I had spent will surely multiply by a few times.

Upon looking at the bank card in the young lady’s hand, the crowd exclaimed, “Even a young lady has so much money. The world is surely changing.”

As the trade fair hadn’t ended, the crowd was curious and asked, “Young lady, where did you get the oriental jasper from?”

She blinked and casually answered, “I picked it up.”

“Picked it up?”

Everyone rolled their eyes at her. “Young lady, why are you lying to us? Tell me where you pick it up from, so that we can go and pick one too!”

“It’s up to you whether you believe me or not.” She blinked at them mischievously and raised the enameled gourd vase. “This is also genuine.”

The crowd’s eyes brightened. “How is that possible? I just scrutinized it earlier!”

Janet looked at the old man. “Oh? Really? You seemed quite old, so I supposed that you have been playing with antiques for quite a number of years.”

The old man nodded. “Yeah, but this thing is obviously a counterfeit!”

She smiled. “The enamel at the base is white and delicate while the pattern is messy, which happens to prove that this is genuine.”

“Continue!” The old man adjusted his spectacle and focused his gaze on her.

“The base of the enamel gourd vase, which was made during the ancient era, is white and delicate because it belonged to a famous person. If the base is yellow and dirty on top of the pattern being in an orderly manner, making it look as if it was printed with a machine, that item will certainly be a fake.” She blinked at him again. “What do you think?” With that, she carried her little bag and trod away in a carefree manner.

The old man was instantly rendered speechless. I think what she said is true… Upon looking at the young lady’s back view, he was suddenly curious about who she was.

The Jackson residence was rather quiet when she arrived home—Brian had been busy with his work in the company as of late, so he was unaware of that incident and Megan hadn’t told him as well. However, he knew about Janet’s current result—she had achieved the first place in the entire grade. Upon seeing that she had arrived home with her school bag, he asked, “Janet, I heard that your results are rather excellent this time. Do you have anything you want? I’ll give them to you.”

Upon hearing that, she raised her brows and gave it some thought. “I really don’t have anything that I want.”

Brian’s gaze toward Janet and Emily were different because a man was more concerned on whether he was biologically related to his children. He thought that Janet was shy to tell him, so he uttered, “I’ve been recently busy with my company and you guys need to attend school as well. I’ll ask my friend to buy you a beautiful dress tomorrow.”

When Emily heard his words, she frowned and pulled Megan’s arm, pleading adorably at her. Although Emily hadn’t explicitly told her that she wanted the same, Megan understood her daughter well. “Brian, ask your friend to get two dresses instead. The sisters should get one each!” she said lightly and happily.

Brain hesitated for a moment. Seeing that his wife had asked him, he couldn’t bear to reject her, so he nodded. “Okay.”

Janet frowned and went upstairs—she lay on the bed with her hands holding on her abdomen, which faintly ached. F*ck. There’s nothing that I’m afraid of in this world, but I can’t escape my period. I can’t cure menstrual cramps and I just can’t get rid of it.

All of a sudden, there was a soft sound outside the window, which immediately startled her as she relaxed on the bed. Someone’s out there?

The next instant, she saw Mason entering her room through her window. The sight of him caused her to be at a loss for words. “Mr. Lowry, do you know that this is considered trespassing?” she scoffed.

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