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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 49

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 49

Upon listening to the crowd’s whispers, Megan felt beyond embarrassed. Her earlier words expressing support for Emily now sounded mortifying.

Pointing at Megan, Brandon was a little enraged as well. “Sigh, I’m not going to say anything. Just look at the daughter that you have brought up.” After he said that, he shook his head and attempted to leave.

She could only bow her head in response. “Brandon, I’m really sorry for this. I’ll lecture Emily when we return home. Please don’t blame her. Since she has admitted her mistake, please forgive her and don’t tell Brian about this after you head back.”

From the beginning until the end, she had protected that fake daughter of hers. Gritting her teeth, she was furious as well. “Emily, immediately apologize to Janet.”

Ever since Emily was a child, she had never felt that embarrassed in front of many people. With her head being lowered, she uttered in hesitance, “Janet, I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?”

Since I’ve sincerely apologized to her, Janet won’t continue to look into my fault, right? This agreement is merely temporary. After this incident, I’ll regain my honorable self through the grand finals of the painting competition.

However, Janet didn’t say anything.

Only when Emily raised her head did she realize that Janet was playing with her phone and didn’t even cast a look at her.

Emily was flustered. “Janet, I’ve just apologized to you.”

“Huh?” After hearing Emily’s words, Janet raised her head and innocently blinked at her. “Okay.”

The indifferent attitude had left Emily scowling. “What do you mean by okay?” She couldn’t comprehend Janet’s reaction. I’ve already apologized to her. What else does she want from me?

Janet’s red lips were slightly curved upward as she raised her exquisite brows. “It means that I’ve accepted your apology, but forgiving your action is another story.”

With that, she turned and left.

“Mommy, Janet is too narrow-minded.” Emily pulled Megan’s hand and whined.

Megan, in fact, was quite infuriated by her. “You are in the wrong in this matter, don’t you understand?”

“Yes, Mommy!” Emily lowered her head and pouted, looking rather pitiful.

Megan couldn’t bear to scold her daughter even further. “You need to work hard for the painting competition this summer, do you understand? This is a chance for you to make up for your mistake.”

“Okay, I understand.” I must grab this opportunity to regain my pride and honor. I, Emily Jackson, must ensure that Janet has a taste of the humiliation that I’ve endured!

After Janet had left the banquet, she didn’t go home. Instead, she took a cab and went to the antique market that she had gone to yesterday.

Looking at the medium-sized oriental jasper in her bag, she thought that she would be able to sell it for a good price.

However, she coincidentally encountered the antique market’s monthly trade fair on that day.

When she arrived, the trade fair hadn’t begun. The antique market’s monthly trade fair was no different than an ordinary auction. It was just that antiques consisted of both genuine and counterfeit products—one would profit from the real deal, but undoubtedly make a loss from the fake one.

The scene buzzed with a number of people in attendance. When the trade fair was about to begin, she suddenly heard the old men beside her whispering to each other. “Mr. Wright, have you heard that there’s a calligraphy personally written by Stephen King for sale this time? I wonder if it’s genuine?”

“Who knows? I’m actually here for it, so I’ll make sure to properly identify if it is genuine.”

As Janet listened to the quiet discussion among the people next to her, the corner of her lips curled up into an arc and a gleam flashed across her eyes. I have to check it out.

The host was introducing the first collectable on stage. “Today, we are going to auction a yellow enameled gourd vase from the ancient days. The base price is 500. Anyone who is interested can come onstage to identify it before bidding.”

Right after the host had spoken, quite a number of collectors went onstage. Janet curiously followed them up the stage as well. A few old men were seen using a magnifying glass to observe the collectable.

An old man, who was observing the antique with a magnifying glass in his hands, uttered, “The pattern is detailed and the color is bright. It looks good! It was made during the ancient era. If this is real, this would be really valuable. Eh, look at the base and this pattern as well.”

He regretfully commented, “Too bad, I thought that it’s the real thing, but it turns out that this is a counterfeit.”

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