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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 42

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 42

Emily quickly approached Janet and glared at her, saying, “Janet, what are you doing here? When did I invite you to my celebration party? You’re absolutely shameless by trying to come here and cause trouble.”

Janet was a little confused; she was merely searching for her table, but ended up being lectured for no apparent reason. She raised her head and looked at Emily. “What are you talking about? Who would want to attend your celebration party? Don’t be ridiculous.”

She was in a good mood, only for Emily to have ruined it.

Emily never expected the usually calm Janet to scold her.

Janet had wanted to leave after being scolded, but Emily was like a dog refusing to back down and blocked the way. “Stand there! You’re not allowed to leave! I know that you pretended not to care when I gave Gordon his invitation card yesterday.

You must have secretly taken his card to gain access. This party is to celebrate me being in the finals of the competition. You’re here to disrupt it, right? What a shameless person.”

Emily clearly remembered that she had asked her mother, who confirmed that Janet would not be invited. After all, Megan was also afraid that her reputation would be lost as a result of Janet being a village girl.

Emily vaguely recalled that Janet was hanging out with Gordon. As Emily did not hear anything, she did not know what was being said between them, which caused the misunderstanding. Who would have thought that such a coincidence could happen in the Leaping Dragon Hotel?

No wonder she approached Janet to scold her like a madman.

After understanding the entire story, Janet sneered. “I think you’re the shameless one. I’m not here to attend your celebration party! Do you perhaps own the Leaping Dragon Hotel?”

Emily’s face stiffened. “You…”

Although the Jackson Family came from a wealthy background, the amount they had was nowhere near the amount needed to open a place like the Leaping Dragon Hotel. According to what their parents had shared, the Lowry Family, Sandfort City’s number 1 tycoons, was the one who founded the hotel.

The Lowry Family’s wealth was more than enough to overthrow the Jackson Family.

After feeling that she was being shamed, Emily gritted her teeth. “Janet, since Mom is not here, I’m going to be honest with you. Do you honestly think that you can afford to splurge in the Leaping Dragon Hotel? Do you even know how much it cost to have a meal here?

Do you also know how many cows and goats you’d have to sell? Furthermore, we have reserved the entire Leaping Dragon Main Hall, leaving only the top area empty. That area alone costs over 100,000! Are you sure you aren’t here to attend my party? Don’t tell me that you have the money to dine here?” Haha, it would be impossible for her!

Janet had no idea what Emily was up to. She wanted to immediately leave when she suddenly heard Emily calling out for someone. “Manager!”

Not too far away, a man heard Emily’s call and hurried over.

Upon seeing him coming over, she said sarcastically, “That man in front is the manager of the Leaping Dragon Hotel. Since you said you’d be eating in the top area, why don’t you ask the manager to escort you there?”

She thought that Janet would immediately leave upon hearing those words, but did not expect the latter to nod her head and curl her lips into a smile. “It so happens that I can’t find my table! You are rather the attentive one.”

The Leaping Dragon Hotel was designed to have separate floors—with the top area obviously being on the last floor. However, some new customers would be confused by the layout and thus, be unable to locate the floors.

Emily sneered. Even at this moment, she’s still pretending! Why is she so thick-skinned? Or could it be due to the amount of layers of mud on that face of hers?

The manager quickly arrived and she took the initiative to introduce herself. “Hello, I’m—”

However, he did not look at Emily and instead stood in front of Janet before politely greeting her. “Miss Jackson, we have a poor reception. For that, I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

Emily was furious. “Where are your eyes? I’m the young lady of the Jackson Family!”

The manager was stunned, turning to the person who had called for him. “Are you Janet Jackson?”

Emily was shocked and it was a while before she responded. “What? Are you telling me that she is actually here to dine and has actually booked your top area?”

The manager slightly frowned upon hearing her words and turned to look at her. “Miss, please watch your words. Bear in mind to not insult our VIP guest.”

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