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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 4

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 4

It was a man, and he immediately caught Janet’s attention.

The person was leaning against the side of the cage, and his side profile, which was illuminated by the light, was almost perfect. He looked naturally sensual and stunning, and he was exuding an inexplicable seductive aura.

His good looks were hard to come by!

“Oh, my God! Janet, is that a man or a woman? Why does he look like that?!” Lee nudged Janet’s shoulder.

She was staring indifferently at the man in the cage.

The man in the cage seemed to have noticed Janet among the crowd of hundreds of people. He looked over at her, and his thin lips parted. He spoke almost inaudibly, “Buy me!”

Janet got the message, and she mouthed coolly, “Give me a reason!”

The man’s sexy, thin lips parted again. “I’ll pay you double upon my release.”

Double? That’s interesting. It will be just in time to replenish the sum spent for today’s Bronze Ox Head.

The person in charge, President Jayden, suggested, “Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to have a look at the goods we have today and see if it may interest you.”

The bidders were intrigued by the sudden turn of events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman; we’ll just have to buy the person. We can keep and enjoy it if it’s a woman; if it’s a man, we’ll just sell him off as a gigolo.

Everybody was slightly dumbfounded, and President Jayden spoke, “The bid starts at 1 million.”

1 million?

The man in the cage almost coughed up blood in frustration when he heard that. It seems like I’m not even worth the price of the Bronze Ox Head.

“1.5 million.”

The first bidder was an old man with a potbelly. He held up his placard while looking as though he was salivating.

“2 million.”

“3 million,” a hoarse and husky voice thundered. Janet looked in the direction of the voice, and she noticed that it belonged to a balding man.

She was rendered speechless when she saw that. Are men usually interested in other men too?

“5 million.” Janet held up her placard while smiling charmingly.

Lee cocked his brow, and his lips curled into a subtle smile. Is Janet interested in the beautiful man too?

“6 million.”

President Jayden was at a loss for words.

Oh, damn!

Janet and Lee exchanged a look, and they smiled. “6.5 million.”

I’m not being generous or that I’m adamant on having this man. I’m merely driven by the fact that I’d receive double the price if I were to procure him.

Mr. Potbelly held up his placard. “7 million.” Nevertheless, he seemed to have regretted the minute he made the bid. He mumbled to himself in frustration, “Damn it. I should have just abandoned the bid!”

Lee couldn’t endure it anymore, and so he leaned slightly toward Janet while asking her quietly, “Janet, how much do you have in your card?”

Janet lowered her eyes without revealing any emotions, and she replied calmly, “Not more than 10 million.”

Lee looked worried. “What should we do? You won’t be able to take this man away if the bid exceeds 10 million.”

Janet’s lips curled into a smirk. “Mr. Potbelly is such a pervert. I can’t believe he’s competing with me over a man! I want this man.”

Lee chuckled. “Alright.”

Just when Janet was about to raise her placard to make a bid of 8 million, a male voice rang loud out of nowhere.

The crowd was bewildered. Where did that voice come from?

Then, a group of bodyguards in black barged in to arrest President Jayden.

“What is happening?” President Jayden exclaimed in shock.

The group of men in black pried open the metal cage, and one of them kneeled down in front of the cage. “Young Master Mason, we were inefficient in protecting you. Please punish us, Young Master Mason,” exclaimed the bodyguard in black. President Jayden was scared witless when he heard that.

Who is Young Master Mason?

He is Mason Lowry from the most reputable family in Sandfort City, and he is the leader of the largest financial group in the country!

Generally, people addressed him as Young Master Mason, and he was only 25 years old. However, he possessed hundreds of millions worth of assets, and he owned businesses that were involved in countless different fields. He owned enterprises globally, and so he had the global economy within his grasp.

He stood up, and his lips curled lazily into a smile. Mason glanced at President Jayden casually while asking him, “President Jayden, did I do well?”

The crowd exchanged confused looks because they weren’t sure what was happening.

Lee was about to ask Janet something when she placed a finger on her lips to signal him to remain silent.

“It’s a misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding! We had no idea that it was you! If we had known, we would never have done it, no matter the circumstance! Besides, this doesn’t involve us!”

I merely purchased him from someone else for this auction!

“Haha.” Mason laughed mirthlessly. He cackled with abandonment, and it sent chills down everybody’s spine.

“In that case, send him to the police station to investigate whom he purchased me from!”


Janet finally understood the entire story upon listening to their conversation. It’s none of my concern now since someone has rescued him.

After that, she stood up, and her eyes were twinkling with a smile. She put her sunglasses on while dragging Lee to walk out of the venue.

In the Lowry Residence.

After a shower, Mason had a change of fresh clothes, and he listened lazily to the report by the man in black.

“Young Master Mason, we managed to find out that Cyclone was the one behind this incident.”

Mason was still holding onto his phone when his gaze flashed with a bloodthirsty gleam. “In that case, there’s no need to keep him around. Get rid of him.”

“Will do,” the man in black spoke. “Young Master Mason, the woman you asked me to investigate is the Jackson Family’s biological daughter, and they were only recently reunited,” he added.

“Is that all?”

The man in black nodded. “That’s the only information I found.”

Mason’s lips curled into a faint smile. “Got it.”

At 7.00AM on a Monday, Brian brought Janet to the school for some enrolment procedures.

“Mr. Jackson, you must be well aware that our school does not accept new students for the 12th grade because this is unfair to other students. Besides, this will potentially decrease our college acceptance rate.”

The principal had Janet’s folder in his hands, and he looked as though he was put on the spot.

Janet Jackson, studied in ‘Springfield High’’. Well… she is from a village; how could she possibly catch up with the syllabus in Star High School? Besides, she hasn’t even completed the 10th and 11th grades.

He glanced at Janet again. Her eyes are large, black and sharp; it’s obvious that she’s the head of some gang.

We will most probably have trouble in school if I were to accept her.

Brian was extremely angry when he heard the principal’s response. “What do you mean by that? Are you looking down on us, the Jacksons?”

The principal apologized straight away, and he switched tactics immediately, “No, that’s not what I meant at all. I’ll take her to her class right now.”

I might not know Janet’s background, but Brian Jackson is a rich and powerful man in Sandfort City, so I can’t afford to offend him. Well, I suppose I shall squeeze her into a random class.

Brian and Janet did not comment further upon hearing the principal’s response.

In Class A of 12th Grade, all students were still immersed in the excitement of their holidays, and so it was loud and cheery in the classroom.

“By the way, do you know that we have a new student joining our class this term?”

That statement caught everyone’s attention simultaneously.

“New student? But aren’t we in the 12th grade? Are they joining us for the College Entrance Exam?”

“That’s right; they must be here for the graduation diploma in order to sit for the College Entrance Exam.”

“I heard that the new student is a country bumpkin.”

“What? A bumpkin is joining our class?”

There was a sudden uproar among students within the class.

“I don’t want to be in the same class as a bumpkin.”

Emily had already entered the classroom by then, and she took her seat in the classroom.

Upon hearing the discussion, she secretly felt gleeful, and she just couldn’t wait for Janet to embarrass herself.

Although Janet might be the true daughter of the Jackson Family, our classmates are not privy to that information. Besides, I am much more superior than she is in terms of appearance and examination results.

That is why I’m not afraid of her!

A set of footsteps could be heard outside of the classroom door when the class was discussing animatedly.

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