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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 3

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 3

Emily paused for a moment before replying pretentiously, “Mommy, it’s entirely my fault. If it weren’t for me, Janet wouldn’t have been so materialistic!”

“That’s not true,” Megan consoled her. “You are forever my precious daughter.”

Janet stood beside the railing on the second floor while she observed the scene. Her lips curled slightly into a mocking smile.

The next day, someone came to pay the Jackson Family a visit out of the blue.

Someone was knocking on the door early in the morning, and so Emily came forward to answer the door in a rush.

It turned out to be Megan’s friend, Madam Lane.

Megan and Madam Lane got to know each other in the past when they were models. They were friendly with each other, and so after learning that Megan had found her biological daughter, Madam Lane came rushing over for a visit today.

Emily smiled happily when she saw her. “Mrs. Lane, nice to see you!”

Megan came over to greet her as well, “Madam Lane, you’re here!”

Madam Lane regarded Emily with her kind eyes. “Emily, it’s been such a long time since I last saw you. You are now even taller and prettier.”

Emily covered her face shyly while giggling. “Thank you.”

The three of them chatted for a bit before noticing Janet nearby.

“Eh, is that girl your biological daughter?”

Megan felt her heart sink, and she clenched her fists tightly while her expression stiffened involuntarily.


At that moment, it so happened that Janet was seated on the couch. She had a pair of earphones on while she leaned against the couch lazily. Nevertheless, she was emitting an unapproachable and unfriendly aura.

Madam Lane smiled while commenting, “She is so pretty, and she really takes after you. Madam Jackson, you are a true winner in life for having two pretty daughters.”

Megan’s nails dug deep into her palms, and she felt the sharp pain. Emily, who was standing beside her, felt even worse.

“Madam Lane, you must be joking; sometimes, having more isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

It so happened that Janet looked up at them when Megan commented so.

However, Madam Lane suggested, “Megan, it had been such a long time since we last met. I heard that the large mall has a new restaurant now that uses imported New Zealand steak! Why don’t we head over for a meal?”

Emily broke into a smile when she heard that. “Is that true? I haven’t had imported steak for a very long time.”

Emily started salivating at the mention of imported steak.

Madam Lane spoke while smiling at her, “Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve last had it too. By the way, Madam Jackson, why don’t you invite your other daughter too?”

Megan’s expression stiffened. Janet was raised in the village, and I’m afraid she has never had steak before. I’m sure she wouldn’t be familiar with the cutlery, and she would most probably embarrass herself later.

Nevertheless, Megan was worried that Madam Lane might notice her concerns, and so she collected herself swiftly. “Sure, but she doesn’t really understand English. I’ll go over to speak with her.”

Hence, Megan made her way to Janet’s side and took her earphones off.

Janet’s eyelids lifted slowly, and she glanced at Megan.

Megan lowered her voice into a whisper. “Later, we are going to have steak with Madam Lane. You will say that you do not like steak, and that you want to have oriental food. Do you understand me?”

Janet stared at Megan while smirking at her. Then, she stated casually, “I’m not going.” She then took on a mocking tone. “I don’t understand English, and I do not know how to eat steak.”

“Well…” Janet is sitting on the couch, and she’s so far away from us. How did she hear my conversation with Madam Lane?

Megan was at a loss for words when she heard that.

She regarded Janet, who was emitting a rebellious and distant aura, almost like a porcupine on a defensive stance, and she felt a stab in her heart.

She kept quiet for a moment, but she did not comment further.

It’s a good thing that she’s not going; otherwise, she might humiliate us.

Madam Lane understood the reason Janet did not wish to join them. She has just arrived in Sandfort City, after all. I’m sure she’s not used to a lot of things.

By the time Emily and Megan left with Madam Lane, Janet received a text message on her phone.

Lee persisted and asked her the same question again. ‘Janet, are you sure you are not coming? The main item today is the Bronze Ox Head. Big players from all over the world are attending the auction to get their hands on it.’

A trace of emotion flashed through Megan’s still gaze, and she replied to him simply, ‘I’m coming.’

The auction had started by the time she arrived.

Upon noticing her arrival, Lee exclaimed in excitement, “Janet, is that really you?”

“When does the auction for bronzeware begin?”

“Soon, I guess; most probably in another half an hour,” Lee rubbed his chin while answering with a smile.

Janet leaned against the back of her chair. She crossed her legs while observing her surroundings lazily.

True enough, auctions in big cities are lively.

Lee glanced at Janet, who was busy observing her surroundings. Who would believe that this girl is an actual big player? She is skilled at medicine, painting, hacking and even car racing.

“The next item is the main item for tonight’s auction—the Bronze Ox Head.” The host’s voice boomed and reverberated throughout the auction site.

Janet looked up and saw the assistant bringing the Bronze Ox Head up the stage carefully. It seemed to be a grand occasion, and Janet squinted her dark eyes instinctively.

The host remarked, “I believe everybody is familiar with the national treasure. In that case, let’s start the auction at 10 million.”

“11 million.”

“13 million.”

“15 million.”

Those who managed to get a place in the auction were all wealthy and powerful figures.

Furthermore, the Bronze Ox Head was a national treasure, and so it was an intense competition.

“20 million.”

“50 million.” A male voice boomed from the second floor, and it most probably belonged to a powerful figure.

His bid caught everybody’s attention, and they looked up at him.

It was just a Bronze Ox Head with a bid price starting at 10 million, but it was now five times the starting price.

Initially, the UN Organizer felt that 20 million would be considered a high enough price for the ox head.

They did not expect the price to skyrocket to 50 million!

It seemed as though there was no stopping these people!

“Do I hear more than 50 million?” the host asked for the second time. The third strike of his gavel would seal the deal.

“80 million!” Lee lifted his placard, and he smiled so broadly that his eyes were mere slits.

Well, it’s not my idea; I’m just speaking on behalf of Janet.

“80 million!” The host’s voice was almost hoarse from shouting. It took him quite a long pause to regain his voice again. “80 million. Is there a higher bidder?”

“80 million, going once; 80 million, going twice; 80 million, going thrice.”

In the end, no new bids came in. Hence, Janet and Lee purchased the Bronze Ox Head with an astronomical price of 80 million.

I don’t particularly fancy this bronzeware because I can’t wear it on a daily basis after all. I suppose I’ll turn it over to the country.

Janet stood up happily, and her delicate eyes twinkled slightly with a smile. She put her sunglasses on while placing her hands on her hips, getting ready to leave.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t leave in a rush. I’ve just been informed that there’s a last item coming up. Please wait for a moment.”

The host had just received the update, and he tried reassuring and calming the guests.

Janet and Lee turned slowly to look at him, and the two of them exchanged smiles before taking their seats.

The host smiled politely. “Today, the person in charge of the UN, President Jayden, personally picked a gift for everybody to enjoy. Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to have a look before leaving.”

“Oh? President Jayden even prepared a program for us. He is so considerate,” someone from the audience commented.

The person in charge, President Jayden, grinned broadly at the crowd.

Clap, clap! He clapped twice.

The surrounding lights were turned off, and they were left with a dim light right in front of the hall that was cast on the middle of the raised platform. An additional black cage appeared somewhere along the line, and someone was trapped in the cage.

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