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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 20

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 20

Upon hearing this, the hospital chief’s expression immediately changed. Doctors from the Medical Research Institute of Markovia? What an honor for us to have such a talented doctor who has a doctorate in three years come to our hospital!

He was about to greet her, but Dr. Fernandaz had unexpectedly entered the ward first.

“Dr. Fernandaz!” the hospital chief exclaimed while looking at the man in front of him in surprise.

The man asked politely and respectfully, “Is there a craniotomy here today?”

The hospital chief smiled. “Dr. Fernandaz, how could a minor surgery in our hospital require your expertise? I’m so sorry to have inconvenienced you.”

Dr. Fernandaz waved his hand. “Forget it, I’m also here to help the young lady from our hospital. Speaking of which, where is Doctor Sandra?”

He could not wait to meet the said young lady. They hadn’t met for nearly half a year and he wondered whether she was doing well.

The hospital chief was stunned for a moment. “Dr. Fernandaz, y-you are here to help?” The doctor from the Medical Research Institute of Markovia is here to help?

Concurrently, a weary voice was heard. “Herbert Fernandaz, I have been waiting for you for ages!”

Herbert Fernandaz’s eyes instantly brightened when he heard the voice. He walked past the hospital chief and when he saw the little girl, he teased, “Well, it was rather short notice.”

Janet looked up and frowned in displeasure. “You came alone?”

Herbet chuckled. “Who doesn’t know that you need all members of the Fantastic Four each time you have someone under the knife?” He subsequently gave an order. “Come on in, everyone.”

Upon hearing his voice, the two people who were waiting at the door entered.

“Damn!” the hospital chief couldn’t help but curse as it was an unprecedented scene—the craniotomy had recruited doctors from Markovia’s research institute and the famous brain specialists from Braux, James Torrez and Michael Hoffman.

“Janet!” They bowed respectfully. “We’re sorry that we’re late.”

The hospital chief almost collapsed after hearing that.

Before he could decipher the current situation, he heard “Doctor Sandra” ordering, “Herbert, James, and Michael will stay whereas everyone else will remain outdoors.”

No one dared to go against the chief surgeon’s words—except for the names that she mentioned, the rest all exited.

Sean tried to peer through the window, but his view was blocked by the blue medical curtains and he only saw the blurry figures. “Young Master Mason, do you think Miss Sandra is able to treat the old madam?”

“Yes,” Mason answered confidently.

Sean was stunned. “Are you sure, Young Master Mason?”

I believe in her.”

“Young Master Mason, I was shocked when I first saw Miss Sandra. She only looks like she’s around seventeen or eighteen years old. I had my doubts back then on whether she had experience with a knife, but today’s scene has dispelled all of my doubts,” Sean recalled when he first met Janet.

Mason hadn’t expected that the doctor whom he looked for was Janet Jackson. If he had known about it earlier, things wouldn’t have been so troublesome after all.

At that time, in the operating room, all of the masters were in their sterilized medical clothes as they wore their gloves and tidied their white coats before saying, “Alright, let’s prep for the operation.”

“On it, Janet!” The masters sounded excited. It had been a long time since they performed an operation together.

“Herbert, insert a deep vein, establish a channel, then insert a urinary tube.” The girl’s clear and calm voice directed before the operation started.

Even while Janet was the youngest among those people, the aura she radiated could make one feel at ease and reassured.

“James, I will draw the incision line first. You’ll have to get ready to put on the head frame.”

James held his breath and earnestly completed what she had explained moments ago.

What followed next was up to Janet. It was because of her connection to the old madam on whom she was operating that she couldn’t be slack as the old madam was from the Lowry Family.

The sharp knife landed on the scalp before the subcutaneous layer was opened and she took the medical electric drill in Michael’s hand. The four nodded to confirm that everything was in order and sutured the meninges before the old madam’s skull was reattached.

Minute by minute, time passed—and the blue curtain was finally opened!

Mason looked inside and saw that Janet was packing her tools. “How is everything?” he asked.

“Everything is fine; she’ll be fine once she wakes up.” Her face carried a hint of fatigue as she answered.

Mason’s dark eyes fixed on Janet as he noticed the exhaustion between her eyebrows. He couldn’t help but feel distressed for her.

Just then, Janet felt a slight pain in her face and touched her eyes; it seemed that her sweat had dripped onto her wound, making it inflamed.

Heart aching for her, Mason asked in a panic, “What’s wrong with your face?”

Sean also noticed the wound on her face and immediately said, “Young Master Mason, I’ll head down and grab some medicine.”

“I’m fine; I just need some rest.” Then, the four of them were arranged to a room to rest. In the room, Herbert looked at her. “Janet, you seem quite nervous this time.”

James suspiciously glanced at her. “Janet, are you pursuing the guy outside?” Upon hearing this, a strange emotion danced in her eyes. Seeing this, Michael teased, “Stop it, guys! Janet’s blushing.”

Janet looked up with a fierce, yet cute expression. “Michael, one more word and I will sew your mouth shut.”

Michael deliberately looked frightened. “Janet, please don’t do that. How can I eat without my mouth?”

Upon hearing that, James and Herbert shouted that they were hungry and that they urgently needed to boost their energy. As such, she waved her hand. “Go away, I need to rest for a while.”

Then, the three of them looked at each other and smiled—Janet was still the same person, who was known for being the best at sleeping.

Once the three of them had left, Mason quietly entered the room and noticed that she was asleep before waking her up. He held a cup of hot milk in his hand and handed it to her.

Glancing at him, Janet took the cup before whispering, “Thank you.”

Mason raised his eyebrows, realizing that she had regained her energy. “Are you re-energized after sleeping for a while?”

Janet took a mouthful of milk and the corners of her lips were stained with a layer of white liquid. The small tip of her tongue stretched out to lick it off before she replied in a low voice, “Yeah.”

He nodded and took out the cigarette case from the pocket of his pants, lighting it by his mouth and blew the smoke out around him, making him look like the mysterious bad boy down the street.

She suddenly recalled the glamorous and charming scene where she was locked in a cage that night and coughed twice before quickly moving away from his face. “So, how will you thank me for saving your old madam’s life?” she asked this for the weirdest reason.

Mason blew out smoke as his thin lips slightly twitched. “I’ll give you something, how about that?”

Janet paused before giving him a blank look. She wanted to say something, but her phone rang.

On the other end of the phone was Gordon’s voice—he seemed to be anxious. “Janet, why haven’t we seen you yet?”

“Why are you looking for me?” She was casual in her reply.

“The 8 o’clock school celebration tonight—have you forgotten?”

She frowned. “When did I sign up for that?”

Gordon laughed in response. “Janet, how bad is your memory? Your name is on tonight’s list!”

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