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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 18

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 18

She narrowed her eyes and dodged her body to avoid the oncoming car. Several wretched men exited the car, which now came to a stop on the side of the road, before they looked at her with dangerous intentions.

“Hey little girl, where are you going? Let my brothers send you off.”

Janet quickly removed a dagger from her waist and landed it on the man’s neck. “Who sent you here?”

Those men did not expect such a reaction from her.

A fierce gleam flashed in his eyes, forcing the men to retreat backward and freeing himself from the girl’s hold.

“Oh wow, this girl’s bravery deserves an applause! My dear, let me show you a good time.” As he spoke, the pervert’s hand stretched his hand out toward her fair complexion.

Just when he finished his words, a slender leg kicked at the man before the owner turned to grab the man’s wrist, pulling it backward, making the man squeal and wail in pain.

Upon seeing that, another man immediately stepped forward, but Janet raised her leg and forcefully landed a kick on his abdomen.

The others were stunned upon seeing that.

F*ck, this woman looks weak, but who knew she would actually be this feisty?

“Bloody woman! Let me go!” The man began to curse.

Janet squinted her pair of cold eyes and warned him, “Speak! Who gave you orders?”

“F*ck—ah!” Janet broke his arm without saying a word while he cursed nonstop.

She had to make them understand that she had no time for nonsense at that moment.

The man gritted his teeth but refused to speak.

Receiving no response, Janet smiled heartily. “Huh! You seem to be stronger than I imagined. Let me try another tactic, in that case.”

Then, she forcefully kicked the man to the wall, to which the man slid off the wall, and his bones seemed to have been broken.

However, those men were still relentless.

When they crawled toward Janet again, a man even pulled out a gun with a silencer.

Boom! A gunshot rang in the air, right next to her ear.

She never expected that they would carry weapons with them—they seemed adamant on killing her. As she saw the bullet approaching her, she immediately turned to avoid it.

Unexpectedly, the speed of the bullet was fast enough and it still grazed upon her cheek—there was even a trace of bloodstain at the corner of her eye.

She casually wiped the blood with her hand and slowly raised her head. Her eyes turned red as she wondered how someone would want to have her killed in Sandfort City while she was keeping her life as low-key as possible.

The man looked into her eyes and realized the woman was not someone to be trifled with. Thus, he could only command, “Let’s go!”

Immediately, those men jumped into the car and sped off.

Janet did not chase after them as she needed to head to the hospital. She turned and looked at the shell of the bullet which brushed her cheek; it had a small letter ‘M’ engraved on it.

Things would have been easier to resolve if she had known where the bullet came from, but unfortunately, she had too much to manage at that moment.

At Sandfort Private Hospital, Sean was waiting in the ward while waiting for the genius doctor to appear; he was worried that she wouldn’t show up.

After all, the head of the Lowry Family, Mason Lowry, was also present on that day as he was very curious about that someone the people call a “genius doctor”.

The director of the hospital walked over at this moment. “The old madam’s preoperative check-up has been alright and preparations for the operation have been made. We can start at any time now.”

Mason glanced at the time and turned to ask Sean, “When will the doctor arrive?”

“Around 11 o’clock,” Sean responded cautiously.

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