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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 15

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 15

After the examinations were over, it was time for the anniversary of Star High School.

The current year’s school anniversary required every class to put on a show—the more the better.

The class teacher instructed the students, “Emily, you are the class monitor, so I want you to work with the art committee and come up with a list of shows for the registration. Please hand the list over to me by Wednesday.”

All of the sudden, the entire class became lively. All the students fancied the school activities the most because not only could they skip classes, but it was also a great opportunity for them to express themselves.

After class, she took her notebook and happily went over to Gordon. “Gordon, do you want to sign up for this? I remember that you are excellent at singing and playing the piano, so you can definitely win first prize for us.”

Actually, she had her own selfish intentions because he was a school hunk, so he was capable of singing, rapping and playing both the guitar and piano. That day, if I get to sing while he plays the piano, everyone will think that we are a match made in heaven.

He was already used to words like those, so he nodded. “Alright.”

Suddenly, Emily turned her attention toward Janet, who was leaning there with sluggish eyes, as if anything around her did not matter

Therefore, she purposely said to Janet in front of Gordon. “Janet, would you like to present a show too?”

Instantly, everyone in the class looked toward Janet at the same time.

During the exam, she gained all the limelight, so Emily really wanted to embarrass her.

Then, Janet lifted her head. “Don’t you play the piano very well? Aren’t you joining?”

“She is right. Emily, I think you should play the piano that day.”

“That’s great. Our Emily is such a pretty girl. She can even win the prize merely by standing there.”

Everyone quickly agreed.

Emily lowered her head shly. “Oh my. You all should stop praising me. I’m just an ordinary girl.”

At the same time, Janet remained silent.

After being praised by her classmates, Emily felt really happy, so she was patient when asking for other people’s opinion, which was a rare occasion. “We can now confirm two shows. Does anyone else have other talents?”

“Emily, I want to sign up for calligraphy.”

“Class monitor, I want to sign up for street dancing.”

Everyone was exceptionally enthusiastic for the school anniversary. In less than half a day, Emily and the art committee, Bethany, were able to come up with a list of shows.

In the end, when they were handing over the list, Bethany suddenly felt that something was wrong. She looked at the list in confusion. “Emily, why did you write the name of the newcomer, Janet, on the list?”

Initially, Emily wanted to secretly include Janet’s name into the list, so that she could put the blame on Bethany when the list was released.

However, Bethany had mentioned Janet all of the sudden.

“Bethany, Janet said earlier that she wants to present a show as she has learned dancing before.”

In shock, Bethany scratched her head, saying, “Really? I never expected that she knows how to dance.”

Emily’s face didn’t blush as she continued with her words. “It’s true. I just found out about it. Forget it, let’s stop talking about it. We need to hand over the list to the teacher.”


At that moment, a low-key luxurious car stopped in front of the biggest private hospital in Sandfort City.

Then, a man exited the car.

Inside the hospital, a doctor emerged from the emergency room to explain, “Young Master Mason, the old madam’s situation isn’t promising. I’m afraid that you need to prepare for the worst.”

Mason raised his eyes and glared at the doctor. “She was still fine a few days ago. Why would this happen today?”

The doctor revealed an aggrieved expression and sighed, “Young Master Mason, we didn’t expect this to happen too, but there is still another way.”

As Mason listened, he lifted his eyes and said coldly, “Say it!”

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