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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 145

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 145

Lara found the whole situation ridiculous and she couldn’t see why Janet had to put up with such humiliation.

Old Mr. Collins stared at Janet and asked in a solemn tone, “Janet Jackson, do you have any evidence to prove your allegation?”

All eyes were on Janet as everyone was looking forward to seeing what evidence she had.

Yet, Janet still looked as cool as a cucumber as she seemed to be mulling over something.

Once again, Lara stood up from her seat and snapped, “Let’s go and tell everyone who Janet really is! I simply can’t hold it any longer.”

Lee stared at her with resignation written all over his face. “Go ahead if you feel like getting banished to Africa to do coal mining.”

He could still remember the time he let slip Janet’s true identity in public when they were in Markovia. As the result of his blunder, he was sent to Africa where he had spent two months in hell.

At that juncture, Janet’s crisp and clear voice came, “Well, I can show you the evidence.” While she was talking, she put on a pair of gloves before she revealed her own work.

A painting of a koi fish leaping over a gate emerged in front of everyone. Under the bright sunlight, the scales of the fish seemed to be shimmering with a silvery glow that made the fish look like a warrior in armor that was mustering every ounce of its strength to make a leap over the gate.

The koi fish looked like it was given a life of its own; it was a symbol of strength and determination.

Upon closer look, one could see that the tail of the koi fish was deliberately given less details and colors. In this way, the fish was made to look more colorful and lively the nearer it got to the gate which symbolized its eagerness for success.

Everyone gaped in astonishment when they saw Janet’s painting.

The unique combination of colors was a telling sign of Janet’s identity.

However, everything seemed so outlandish to all of them.

How could Janet be Master Nato, who was supposed to be an elderly woman?

Deeply shaken, Old Mr. Collins stared at her painting with utter disbelief. “Janet Jackson, are you the legendary Master Nato?”

With a faint smirk, Janet glanced at the guests offstage nonchalantly.

At the same time, joy was barely concealable on Lee and Lara’s face.

Lee knew Janet was no pushover and she would strike back when the right time came.

Having been thinking that Janet stood no chance to win the contest, Henry’s hands were trembling in shock as he stammered, “Y-Young Master Mason, is Janet Master Nato, the legendary artist who is said to be an elderly lady?”

Mason narrowed his eyes slightly and put on a slight smirk without denying it.

Judging from Mason’s reaction, Henry, who was quivering in consternation, reckoned the fact that Janet was Master Nato had been within his knowledge way before this.

At that moment, Henry was having great difficulty registering that fact because he found it too incredible to be true that Janet was both a talented doctor as well as a painter.

The guests obviously didn’t buy it thinking that Janet didn’t fit the description of the legendary artist at all. Therefore, voices of disapproval could soon be heard.

“Janet Jackson, I’m surprised you actually have the face to proclaim yourself as Master Nato.”

“Do you think you can convince all of us that you’re Master Nato with that painting alone?”

“From what I heard, Master Nato would always affix a special stamp on her artwork. Can you produce that stamp now?”

“Show us that stamp to prove that you’re the real deal.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t have it. If she has it, she wouldn’t have participated in this contest because Master Nato is way more famous and her artwork is way more valuable than Old Mr. Collins’.”

“I think she’s just trying to impersonate Master Nato to trick Old Mr. Collins into accepting her as his apprentice.”

All the guests gritted their teeth resentfully because they loathed a deception like this the most because it was way too unethical.

Emily went with the flow by scoffing, “Janet, not only did you ruin my glorious moment, but you also misled Old Mr. Collins and everyone here into thinking that you’re Master Nato. Don’t you think you owe everyone an apology?”

“Who told you that I don’t have the stamp? Make sure you don’t blink so that you can see it clearly.” Slowly, Janet lifted her painting and pointed at the stamp on the bottom right corner of the canvas with her slender finger.

The whole ballroom fell silent when everyone saw the small stamp that read: ‘Master Nato’.

Emily went panic-stricken at once; colors drained from her face as she stared at Janet in utter stupefaction.

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