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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 140

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 140

Shirley held her chin up smugly and glanced at Janet in a disdainful manner as she answered, “Of course. Otherwise, do you think they are all here to see a country bumpkin painted?”

Chloe too stared at Janet contemptuously after listening to Shirley.

She had heard from her mother how shabby Janet looked before. Today, it was her first time meeting Janet in person and she realized that her mother’s description of her was accurate. Seeing how badly dressed Janet was, Chloe was confident that she looked way better than her.

Janet’s eyes turned menacing the moment she heard Shirley’s comment. In a level voice, she told Jade, “I need to use the bathroom.”

Shirley snorted icily and pointed at Janet as she taunted, “Look at her. That country bumpkin must have wet her pants because of how grand this event is.”

Chloe chuckled in response to her mother’s remark.

Without anyone of them realizing, those bunch of big shots vanished from the ballroom at the same time together with Janet.

They gathered at a corner of a corridor where Janet glowered at them and confronted, “Why are you guys here?”

Lee curled his lips upward into a smile and said, “I heard that you’re going to showcase your skill today. So, of course I have to be here to admire the work of ‘Master Nato’ who has not produced any new artwork for a very long time.”

Janet couldn’t come up with anything to say.

Shortly after that, Lara too said with a smile, “I’m here to make you look like a popular star.” Then, she pointed at the group of underlings she brought with her.

Janet was left speechless. When Lee and Lara walked away, she bumped into Henry.

“Why are you here too?” Janet squinted her eyes and looked at him indifferently. After gazing at him for several seconds, she moved her eyes away.

Henry chuckled, “How can I be absent at the painting competition in which one of the contestants is my future sister-in-law?”

Janet held her chin up and shot him a supercilious glance before she cursed under her breath, “Stop talking crap!”

Henry shrugged before pointing at someone standing behind her. “Janet, look who’s here.”

She turned around and saw Mason flashing her a faint smile and giving her a penetrating stare.

She was not at all surprised to see him there.

“I’m going back to the ballroom,” Janet spoke nonchalantly before tucking her hands in her pockets and made her way toward the ballroom.

“Young Master Mason, let’s go inside too,” Henry invited.

Mason nodded at him and followed behind Janet.

While they were making their way toward the ballroom, their tall and muscular bodies in suits left all the guests captivated.

“My goodness, so many big shots are here for Old Mr. Collins.”

“Hey, look at that man walking beside Young Master Moss. Is he Mr. Lowry?”

“Mason Lowry? Seriously? Why is he here?”

“Gosh, all of them are so good looking! Are they here for Old Mr. Collins or the Jacksons?”

“Are the Jacksons on such good terms with those big shots including Mr. Lowry?”

While the guests were absorbed in heated discussions, the painting competition was about to begin.

Old Mr. Collins stood on the stage and declared, “Ladies and gentlemen, the painting competition will begin in no time. While the contest is ongoing later, I hope everyone can maintain a silent environment to avoid disturbing the contestants while they are painting. Next, let me introduce the contestants—Emily Jackson, Janet Jackson and Chloe Jackson. Like what I pointed out last time, whoever wins this contest will be my apprentice. I don’t intend to go back on my words.”

After listening to Old Mr. Collins, the guests started talking about the three contestants.

“I bet Emily will win the contest because I heard she is really talented in drawing.”

“Someone told me that she has no integrity for having submitted a stolen work to Old Mr. Collins and nearly misled him into accepting her as his apprentice previously.”

“Just criticize her all you want. I think she still has what it takes to be here even if she stole someone else’s work before.”

“I think Chloe Jackson will be great. Since her mother has arranged plenty of drawing lessons for her ever since she was little, I expect her to be good.”

“Who’s that Janet girl?”

“Seems like she’s the one who gave a painting which was striking similarly to one painted by Master Nato to Jade as a gift during her 70th birthday celebration.”

“How’s that possible? Can anyone actually draw like Master Nato? That must be a joke!”

“Haha, it’s unlikely enough that Janet Jackson actually knows how to draw as a girl who grew up in the countryside, let alone have the ability to draw like Master Nato. She must have copied a genuine work of Master Nato’s.”

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