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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 119

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 119

After that, Megan stepped forward to take the drink from Jade.

Unexpectedly, Jade held the cup tightly and finally spoke, “Can all of you stop arguing? Today is my 70th birthday and this drink was prepared by my granddaughter. Why can’t I drink it?”

Jade had never liked Shirley’s domineering tone. In fact, she hated it.

Upon hearing that, all four people on the scene except Janet widened their eyes and stared at her.

To their astonishment, Jade gently asked Janet, “What did you add inside the drink?”

Janet raised her eyes and replied without any expression, “I added my exclusive vitamin C powder. Try it.”

The kind of vitamin C was invented by Janet back in the medical institute of Barnsford. It was different from normal vitamin C products in the market because it was ten times more effective. Not only was it easier to be absorbed, but it was also extremely beneficial to people who had anemia and lacked calcium.

Upon hearing that, Grandma Jade nodded and brought the cup to her mouth to take a sip. At once, the smooth liquid glided into her mouth, filling her mouth with milk fragrance accompanied with the taste of almond. After a sip, it was tempting to take another sip.

Soon, Grandma Jade finished the drink in the cup and nodded in satisfaction. “It’s indeed tasty. It doesn’t taste too rich or bland…” Surprised and delighted, she looked at Janet. “Most importantly, it’s warm. Did you warm it up?”

“Yes, I did.” Janet nodded.

Satisfied, Grandma Jade nodded. “Janet, I’m so sorry that you suffered for the past 18 years.”

Speaking about that, she was engulfed in guilt. In the past 18 years, she had never fulfilled her responsibility as a grandmother.

Looking at how Grandma Jade treated Janet, Emily had no choice but to smile. “Grandma Jade, look at the gift that I prepared for you.”

Upon receiving Emily’s hint, Ms. Cook stepped forward and handed the present to Emily.

“I bought this gold necklace with my pocket money for you, grandma.” While saying, she opened the red velvet box.

At once, everyone on the scene couldn’t help but gasp.

That necklace was made of pure gold and it was even thicker than a chain. Undeniably, it was eye-catching.

Besides, Emily had bought it with her own pocket money and that showed how filial she was!

Receiving the response from the crowd, Emily smiled smugly.

She then removed the necklace from the box and deliberately held it up to show it to the crowd.

“This necklace is the most valuable item in the shop. Most importantly, it’s made from old gold that can only be found in Myanmar. Although it’s expensive, it’s worth it as long as you’re happy, grandma.”

Looking at the shiny gold, Shirley pretended to be astonished. “Emily, you’re truly thoughtful. It’s such a precious gold and your grandma will surely like it. Heck, even I like it too.”

However, Jade didn’t look too fond of it and just nodded. “Thank you, Emily.”

Smugly, Emily sat on the stool, waiting for Janet to embarrass herself.

“Janet, what gift did you prepare for your grandmother? Why don’t you show it to us now?” Shirley deliberately urged her from the side.

Upon hearing that, Megan’s heart sank.

If Janet displayed her gift now, she would definitely be embarrassed by her.

It would be even worse if Janet gave her grandmother an umbrella in front of Shirley. That would embarrass her to the extent of wishing that the ground would open up and swallow her.

She began to regret not helping Janet buy her gift.

After clearing her throat, Megan said, “Grandma, the party is starting soon. Why don’t we save Janet’s present for after the party?”

After the party ended, the guests would leave one by one. By that time, there wouldn’t be so many people enjoying her and Janet’s embarrassment.

“Alright then.” Jade nodded. As long as it was a gift from her granddaughter, she would love it.

Throughout the party, Emily’s eyes were always on Janet.

She couldn’t wait to witness how Janet would make a fool of herself in front of the crowd after the party ended. Whenever she imagined that scene, she would feel really excited.

Halfway through the party, Janet suddenly had the urge to go to the toilet. After informing Megan, she walked away.

Emily remained staring at Janet and glared at her as she left.

When Janet came out of the restroom and walked past the stairs in the corridor, she suddenly sensed something strange—someone was tailing her.

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