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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 118

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 118

“Megan is too biased. How can she dress Emily gorgeously but allow her own daughter to dress shabbily?”

“Her grandmother will definitely fly into rage when she sees her dressing up so poorly.”

Accompanied with the criticisms from the crowd, Janet slowly yet expressionlessly walked toward the main seat of the party in light footsteps.

“Grandma Jade!”

Astonished, the guests that Janet brushed past exclaimed, “What flawless skin!”

“She’s so gorgeous with her red lips and white teeth!”

In everyone’s eyes, Janet had an icy yet stunning face. Although her dress was plain and simple, her chilly aura couldn’t be concealed.

She was just like an angel and as stunning as a goddess.

Although Emily was already extremely pretty, Janet was obviously prettier than her in comparison, especially their aura.

Everyone couldn’t stop discussing.

“From afar, I thought that she was just a country lass. Unexpectedly, she’s as pretty as an angel when she’s up close!”

“She’s truly beautiful. Most importantly, her skin is so fair and smooth!”

“Comparing the both of them, Emily is so tasteless.”

“After all, Janet is the real daughter of a wealthy family. A fake daughter will never be on the same level as the real daughter.”

Hearing the criticisms from the crowd, Emily instantly flew into a rage.

When she passed by Janet, she couldn’t help but mock, “Why are you so slow? Don’t you know that we’ve been waiting for you?”

As soon as Shirley saw Janet, she was shocked as well. Although Megan was already extremely beautiful in the past, Janet was even more stunning than her.

Looking at Janet in jealousy, she lectured her as if she was a child, “Do you know how long your grandmother waited for you? As the daughter of the Jackson Family, how can you get drinks first without greeting your elderlies? Are you starving?”

Shirley totally embarrassed Janet and continued chiding, “Not only does it show that you disrespect your grandmother, but you also make it seem like the Jackson Family treats you poorly, as if we didn’t allow you to drink for a century.”

Hearing Shirley’s words, Emily secretly smiled contemptuously.

Lifting her red lips, Janet flipped her hair and stood in front of Shirley. “Who says that I’m getting drinks for myself?”

After that, Janet handed the drink that she mixed to the elderly on the main seat. “Grandma Jade, this is for you.”

“This is…” Jade hesitated but she took the drink from Janet at last.

However, Shirley hit Janet’s hand away while taunting in disgust, “How can an elderly have soft drinks? Do you have any common sense? You’re such a bootlicker!”

Upon hearing that, Janet’s clear eyes suddenly became icy while she warned in a low voice, “Don’t touch me.”

“You!” Pointing at Janet, Shirley’s blood started to boil.

Seeing that, Emily stood up and scolded Janet, “Janet, how can you be so rude to Aunt Shirley? Did she say anything wrong? Or do you think that grandma can have soft drinks?”

“Pfft,” Janet scoffed. “The drink that I gave Grandma Jade is almond milk and I’ve even added a special ingredient. This drink brings only benefits and is totally harmless. Please don’t assume that it’s a soft drink. Otherwise, I’ll think that you’re ignorant!”

As soon as Janet finished her explanation, Emily looked even gloomier.

Clenching her fist, she was about to refute Janet when a voice suddenly rang from the crowd.

“What are you chatting about?”

Turning around, she found that it was Megan and Brian, who were walking toward them.

As soon as Emily saw Megan, she immediately went up to her and held her hand. “Mommy, Janet, Aunt Shirley and I are greeting grandma.”

Upon seeing Megan, Shirley taunted sarcastically, “Your real daughter is rather ‘filial’. She insists on serving her grandmother drinks when she knows that elderlies can’t have any of those. Most importantly, she even claims that the drink is good for health. How hilarious!”

Upon hearing that, Megan and Brian looked at the drink that Grandma Jade was holding and frowned. “Shirley, Janet is still young and she’s not quite sensible. If she offended you in any way, please forgive her. I’ll take this drink away.”

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