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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 117

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 117

When Megan spotted Brian’s car that stopped behind her, she gleefully walked up to welcome him. “Honey, you’re finally here!”

Affectionately, Brian looked at Megan and asked sweetly, “Darling, has our mother’s party started?”

Megan shook her head. “Not yet.”

“That’s great.” Brian nodded while waving at Emily and Janet. “Let’s go in together.”

Both of them understood and followed him. Meanwhile, Jade had already shown up at the party and was resting in the main seat while waiting for the party to begin at 8.30 p.m.

In a black gown, Emily breezed along elegantly and confidently with Megan. When everyone saw that Emily had arrived, discussion became turbulent.

“Isn’t she Miss Emily from the Jackson Family? She’s so beautiful!”

“Indeed. When she was young, Megan brought her to my house for a visit. Time flies and she has grown into an adult.”

“Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also excellent in her studies. What a true beauty with wisdom and wealth!”

“Do you think that she has a fiancé? I really like her. If she isn’t engaged, I would like to introduce my son to her!”

“However, I heard that the Jackson Family made a scene at the apprenticeship ceremony previously. I’m not sure if that really happened or not though.”

“What apprenticeship ceremony are you talking about?”

The guests at the party bustled with discussion. Receiving attention and warm greetings from the guests, Emily couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. This is awesome. She definitely enjoyed being in the limelight.

After discussing Emily, the crowd shifted their focus onto Janet.

“I heard that Miss Janet is very ugly.”

“Really? Is she just ugly, or is she also unrefined?”

“No wonder Megan has never brought her to any party ever since they found her. I bet that they feel embarrassed having her around.”

“Honestly, the Jackson Family is great in everything but it’s truly embarrassing that they got the wrong daughter. They took care of someone else’s daughter for 18 years but their own daughter suffered outside all those years. If I was in the same situation, I wouldn’t be able to bear it too.”

Meanwhile, Emily lifted her dress and walked toward Jade. At the same time, she smiled and reverently greeted, “Grandma.”

Jade nodded. “It’s been a few months since we last met, Emily. You’ve become prettier.”

Emily pursed her lips into a smile while replying, “That’s not true. I think that you’ve become younger, Grandma.”

“Oh, Emily. You’re so sweet.” Jade knew that Emily was honey-tongued and was an expert at reading other people. However, this kind of people usually loved to scheme. When she knew that Emily wasn’t the daughter of the Jackson Family, she started to keep her distance from her. However, Megan couldn’t bear to let Emily suffer in the countryside so Emily remained in Jackson residence.

Raising her head, Jade looked behind Emily and asked, “Where is your sister? Is she not here yet?”

“Grandma, I saw her go to the drinks section just now. She didn’t seem to want to meet you.”

Upon hearing that, Jade looked slightly upset. “Sigh, youngsters nowadays tend to have soft drinks that aren’t healthy for them. I’ll give her a lecture after this.”

Hearing her grandmother’s words, Emily was shocked. She thought that her grandmother would be angry and disappointed at Janet for not coming to meet her immediately. Unexpectedly, she was angry at her for getting soft drinks. What an old fool. Hmph!

“Emily, your sister is already 18 but where is her manners? How can she go straight to get drinks like she was starving instead of meeting your grandmother once she arrives?” The one speaking was Emily’s aunt, Shirley.

Shirley wasn’t someone kind either. Everyone in the Jackson Family knew that she was two-faced and insincere. Upon hearing Shirley’s words, Jade frowned with displeasure. As usual, Shirley loved to bad-mouth others. Initially, Shirley wanted to instruct Emily to call Janet over but she overheard the discussion from the crowd.

“Is that Miss Janet from the Jackson Family?”

“She does look like Megan! I think that she’s the true daughter of the Jackson Family.”

“Ew! Look at her. She dresses so simply. It’s just a simple green dress which is completely not on par with Emily’s black gown.”

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