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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 116

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 116

“Janet, may I know if you hate your grandmother? Isn’t this the first time you’re meeting her? I’m sure she didn’t offend you.”

Indolently, Janet shook her head. “I don’t hate her and this is indeed the first time I’m meeting her.”

In fact, she didn’t feel anything and only took her as a stranger that suddenly appeared in her world.

“Do you hate your father and I then? I don’t expect you to give jewelry but you can’t give just anything! How can you deliberately give your grandmother an umbrella on her 70th birthday? Are you cursing her to die early?”

Pursing her lips, Janet kept her silence.

Just then, Ms. Cook walked over. “Madam Jackson, it’s almost time. We have to set out now.”

Despite feeling speechless, it was too late to buy a new gift on behalf of Janet now. Therefore, Megan could only go with that.

Megan then took the red velvet box from Emily and the newspaper-wrapped gift from Janet.

“This is from Emily and Janet respectively. Please take care of them for now and only take them out during the party.”

Ms. Cook smiled politely to indicate that she understood and took the two items. When the two items were placed together, they looked totally incompatible. One was noble and pleasant while the other was cheap and disgraceful.

A contemptuous smile appeared on Maya’s face and she secretly mocked that Janet was indeed as unrefined as the first day she came to Jackson residence.

Even though she had been staying in Jackson residence for years, she still looked uncultured. How pathetic. Perhaps some people were just not meant to be the daughter of a wealthy family.

Averting her gaze from Janet’s newspaper-wrapped gift, Megan suddenly noticed Janet’s dress. “Janet, why didn’t you wear the matching dress with Emily?”

Although Janet didn’t dress up as luxuriously as Emily, her temperament and beauty weren’t inferior to Megan’s in the past and because of that, she was rather satisfied.

Looking calm, Janet flipped her hair and replied, “I just didn’t feel like wearing it. There’s no other reason.”

Megan was lost for words.

Yet, she knew Janet’s personality all along.

She just liked to oppose everyone else.

When the others told her to do something, she would do the exact opposite.

Holding Megan’s arm, Emily sneered, “Mommy, haven’t you heard of a saying in the modelling industry? Wearing the same clothes isn’t the scariest but the one who wears it worse will feel utterly embarrassed. Perhaps Janet…”

Unhappy, Megan glanced at Emily. What was she trying to say? If Janet wasn’t beautiful, did that mean she wasn’t beautiful either?

Emily sensed that Megan was unhappy. Knowing that she hated it the most when the others doubted her beauty, Emily quickly changed her words. “Perhaps Janet didn’t want me to be embarrassed…”

As soon as she said that, the dark clouds on Megan’s face lifted.

Walking behind them, Janet couldn’t help but sneer. Well, Emily reaped what she sowed so she couldn’t blame anyone else.

At 8 p.m., the entrance of Leaping Dragon Five Star Hotel was flooded with luxury cars.

Since the host of the party tonight was the kind and benign Jade Jackson, who, along with her husband, helped many people in building their careers in the past, these current successful presidents of their own companies respected her.

Besides, the luxury cars outside represented the nobility of the guests.

At 8.10 p.m., the car of the Jackson Family arrived on time.

Megan arrived first whereas Brian came later. Since he came straight from his company, they didn’t set out in the same car.

Looking at the luxury cars outside, Megan couldn’t help but feel nervous. Although she had attended a lot of splendid occasions, this was the first time she attended such a grand event.

Curious, Emily asked Megan, “Mommy, why are there so many cars today? There weren’t this many in the past.”

“Today is your grandmother’s 70th grand birthday, which is an important event. Besides, we’ve just found the daughter of the Jackson Family this year and the other friends and family are eager to meet her. Therefore, everyone came to join the fun.”

Upon hearing that, Emily’s expression changed.

If that was the case, the spotlight tonight would be on her grandmother and Janet.

Wouldn’t she be left out?

However, when she recalled that Janet’s gift was an umbrella, which would definitely offend her grandmother, she was sure that Janet would embarrass herself tonight. Naturally, everyone would think that she was better than Janet.

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