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Room for You Chapter 490

Room for You Chapter 490

Richard turned to Arthur and rolled his eyes at him before he gave a grave warning, “Don’t play a joke like this anymore.”

Arthur no longer felt playful when his friend said that. All he wanted to do was make life more fun for his friend. He hadn’t at all expected Richard to be as unbreakable and stubborn as an iceberg.

“I am only doing this for your own good. You should appreciate my effort. You are a 27-year-old man who has never even held a woman’s hand! I am just worried about you. Look at Elliot. He is already engaged.” Arthur had a concerned expression on his face as he lectured Richard, who then suddenly grabbed him by his hand.

“You’d better leave with me. Stop hanging around places like this every day. There is nothing you can get out of doing this.”

Just like that, Arthur was then dragged away by Richard. A few women behind them let out a motherly smile at that instant. So all the high-quality men have boyfriends! And not only that, the boyfriend is the domineering, possessive type! The women began to muse at the sudden revelation.

Arthur would probably have broken down right there and then if he had known the thoughts running through the women’s heads when he was pulled away by Richard.

After they got to the carpark, Richard said to Arthur’s bodyguards, “Watch your young master properly from now on. Try not to come with him to places like his.”

“Understood, Young Master Lloyd,” they respectfully answered him.

Arthur dumbly blinked his eyes at that. It seemed like it was Richard’s turn to nag him this time around.

Richard’s subordinates soon drove a black SUV to pick him up, and after the vehicle speedily left, Arthur pursed his thin lips before he instructed his bodyguards, “Let’s head back to the hotel.”

His car was parked in front of the bar entrance. Right after his bodyguards had safely escorted him into the car, a woman with heavy makeup suddenly sprinted out of the bar and frantically looked left and right. this novel”My Baby’s Daddy” daily new latest chapters provide plzz bookmark. Her eyes finally landed on the car whose door had just been opened and like a startled rabbit, she hopped right into the vehicle.

The bodyguards couldn’t even react when the woman abruptly squeezed herself between Arthur’s thighs. He had just sat down then. The woman proceeded to hug his thigh and plead, “Sir, sir, I need your help. Can you please let me hide in your car for a short while? Someone is trying to kill me!”

Out of duty to take care of Arthur, the bodyguard completely disregarded the fact that he was going to manhandle a woman as he reached out his long arm and grabbed her by the front of her shirt. He started to drag her out, but the woman, refusing to leave, instantly wrapped her arms around Arthur’s neck.

“Just let me hide here for two minutes! Í beg of you, I will only take a while.”

Not only was his neck forcefully clung onto the arms that were around his neck were as thin as they were powerful. It almost felt like she was trying to murder him instead of ask for his help. Arthur then started pushing her away from him too.

However, the woman seemed to have the strength of a lioness as she grabbed onto him even tighter. She even started yelling at this point. “I will only hide for a little while! Please! I beg of you!”

Seeing her nearly choking Arthur, the bodyguard immediately let go of his hold on her. “Who the hell are you? You better get out right this instant,” he growled in a threatening tone.

Arthur wasn’t breathing smoothly because of the woman’s hold on him, but it only got worse when he accidentally breathed in her thick perfume.

He couldn’t help but wonder just what kind of taste the woman had to be wearing such a cheap-smelling perfume.

However, he couldn’t tell what her face looked like underneath all that makeup. All he knew was how dramatic a person she was.

The woman took a peek outside, and when she saw a few men running past the car, she finally heaved a sigh of relief as she let go of Arthur. She even looked apologetic as she sputtered, “I am sorry! I am so, so sorry! Are you alright, sir?!”

Instead of replying to her, the man only harshly told her off. He didn’t want to see her a second longer if he could.

She was frozen for a few seconds upon hearing his voice. As she looked at him under the dim lights, she caught sight of the cold yet extremely beautiful face of the man. He looked like an artwork that had come to life.

She was in the middle of her daydreaming when the strong grip of the bodyguard held her by the back of the neck. “Ah!” she yelped as she landed heavily on the ground after she was thrown out of the car.

The woman felt as though something was ripping her hair out. It was so painful that it wouldn’t surprise her if her scalp had torn apart and started bleeding at some point. Arthur’s bodyguard then took the chance to drive the sedan away.

“Ouch! It hurts,” she mumbled to herself as she rubbed at the sore spot. She brushed her fingers through her thick and wavy hair, and when she reached out to see what was in her hand, she noticed something dangling by the end of her hair that had been fixed in place by an insane amount of hairspray.

She could tell that it was a round gemstone under the dim light. The stone, which was as long as the little finger, had a bundle of golden thread shaped into a dragon embedded around it. It looked like it had been meticulously handcrafted.

“Hey! You dropped something! Hey—” She immediately got back on her feet and chased after the black sedan that was getting further by the second. However, despite her running after the vehicle for about 100 meters, the sedan still got away and it showed no signs of stopping.

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