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Room for You Chapter 486

Room for You Chapter 486

“Who else could it be? Of course it’s Elliot! They will be engaged two weeks after Christmas, and my daughter will finally marry.” Francis’ happiness was uncontrollable, especially now that he had such a wonderful son-in-law. His company would certainly expand further when it was handed over to Anastasia in the future.

A trace of jealousy flashed in Naomi’s eyes, but she couldn’t show it on the surface. So, she smiled pretentiously and said, “Really? That’s great! Anastasia is so lucky.”

“I think so too.” Francis nodded in agreement.

What he didn’t realize was that when his wife turned around, her face turned frosty and anger flashed in her eyes. Francis loves Anastasia even more now because he can count on her for anything.

In his eyes, there is no Erica and me anymore!

Since Naomi and Francis got married, they had never been at one with each other. His heart was dedicated to home, and she only cared about herself and her daughter.

When Naomi went downstairs and headed out for a stroll, she couldn’t help but call her daughter. At that time, Erica was out shopping with Hayley.

Erica had no idea that the person who had kept her alone at Alex’s place the night before was her bestie currently standing next to her. Aside from that, the card that Hayley was holding in her hand was under Alex’s name.

Unknowingly, Eria had shared a man with Hayley, yet she was still showing off how much Alex loved her and how generous he was to her in front of Hayley.

On the other hand, Hayley only smiled and said nothing. Erica didn’t know that she was acting like a clown in front of her.

Upon hearing her phone ring, Erica took out her phone and picked up the call. “Hello, Mom. What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Erica, Anastasia is getting engaged to Elliot,” Naomi disclosed.

“What?” Erica’s eyes widened in shock. “Anastasia is getting engaged? With Elliot?” she asked in disbelief.

Although it was only a matter of time, hearing this news still drove Erica insane with jealousy.

On the other hand, Hayley tightened her grip around the coffee cup as she stared at Erica. Those words were like a knife piercing through her heart.

After all, Anastasia is becoming Elliot’s wife. It is as if God has given her the best of everything, and it is so unfair.

“Mom, are you sure?” Erica asked again.

“Anastasia was the one who called and told your father. How can I not be certain? I’m hoping it’s a scam as well!” Naomi replied angrily at the other end.

After Erica hung up the call, she turned and noticed Hayley’s ghastly expression. “Are you alright, Hayley? Anastasia is getting engaged to Elliot!”

“It’s okay. She knew how to use tricks and schemes to seduce Elliot, but I’m not capable of any of that,” Hayley said.

“What exactly did she mean last time? Why would she say that you are being swept out by the Presgrave Family,” However, Erica couldn’t finish the sentence.

An icy look flashed across Hayley’s gaze. “Anastasia framed me. She convinced everyone that I was planning to murder Old Madam Presgrave and everyone believed it, so I was misjudged by Elliot. Anastasia has taken everything that the Presgraves have given me. I hate her and I wish she was dead!” Hayley elaborated.

After hearing her side of the story, Erica was shocked and resentful. “What? Anastasia set you up that way? She really will go to any lengths to get Elliot, huh?” she chastised.

In Erica’s heart, Anastasia was a vicious person, so she bought Hayley’s story straight away.

“Therefore, you and your mother should be careful. Don’t let her plot against you two,” Hayley advised.

“Don’t even mention that. Anastasia took over my father’s company as her own and even drafted his will. My mother and I have no share of the company at all. The company solely belongs to her!” Erica sneered as she gritted her teeth in anger.

“Anastasia is truly showing no mercy to you and your mother. She is not even giving a fraction of the company’s property,” Hayley stated, feigning sympathy for Erica.

At that point, Erica became angrier. “She can’t wait to kill my mother and I!”

Upon hearing that, Hayley began to instil terror in the other woman. “Erica, she is Mrs. Presgrave now. If she finds an opportunity in the future, she will not let us go.”

As expected, Hayley’s comments had frightened Erica and the latter’s expression shifted. As such, she turned to look at Hayley and asked, “What should we do? Are we going to be trampled under her feet for the rest of our lives?”

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