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Room for You Chapter 482

Room for You Chapter 482

From the second car, a young man jumped out of the passenger seat first, then opened the back seat door. He helped Elliot, who had an injury on his leg, to get down from the car.

Anastasia’s heart clenched tightly and all she had eyes for was Elliot.

When she saw that he was injured, her breath stopped for a second and her heart was in her mouth.

He’s injured. Is it bad?

“Let me go, Richard.” Suddenly, Elliot pushed aside the friend who was supporting him.

As Elliot spoke, Richard, who was holding him, stiffened. “Don’t pretend to be all strong right now,” he said.

“I promised her that I will walk to her.” Again, Elliot reached out and pushed Richard away. I must keep my promise to her.

After letting Elliot go, Arthur walked to Richard’s side, thereafter crossing his arms and saying incomprehensibly, “Women sure are troublesome.”

“You’re right.” Richard nodded in agreement.

Therefore, the fact that the two of them were still single was not without reason.

When Anastasia realized that Elliot insisted on walking toward her, she ran over. She hugged him tightly and then stretched out her arms to support him. Her tears were streaming down her face as she sniffled, “Your leg is hurt. Stop walking.”

“You said you would marry me as soon as I walk back, so does that count?” Elliot stared at her with a serious look, indicating that he had done it.

Anastasia nodded and replied, “I always mean what I say, but your injury—”

“It’s not a big deal. It will get better in a few days,” he comforted her. Then, he turned around and said, “I’ll introduce you to my two best friends, Arthur Weiss and Richard Lloyd. They are two of my closest friends that I haven’t seen in years, and it is thanks to them for coming to help this time,” he explained.

The two men, who were always high up, stood two meters away and suddenly became unable to socialize. One scratched his head, and the other waved his hand. Both looked at Anastasia and said in unison, “Hello, sister-in-law!”

Hearing that, Anastasia was thunderstruck. “Hello!” she squeaked, her cheeks crimson.

The three of them were about the same age, but Elliot was one year older than Richard and Arthur.

Hence, the title of sister-in-law.

However, when the two of them noticed Jared, who stood next to Elliot and Anastasia, they immediately exchanged a shocked glance. On the way back, they already heard about how Elliot pursued Anastasia and were aware that she had a child.

However, they suddenly thought of something at this moment. Why does Anastasia’s son look identical to Elliot?

Right then, Elliot turned around and beckoned at them. “Come in and have a rest before you go,” he said.

When Richard was about to take a step forward, Arthur tugged at his arm and stopped him. “We have got stuff to do today. We will come again tomorrow,” Arthur stated.

After speaking, he pulled Richard into the car, and the four armored vehicles turned around and left.

Elliot didn’t urge them to stay. They purposefully allowed room for him and Anastasia to get together, which was also a tacit understanding between the buddies.

Eyes reddened, a guilty Jared asked as he hugged Elliot’s other uninjured leg, “How is your leg, Mr. Presgrave?”

To him, Elliot’s accident was all because of saving him.

Elliot’s big palm gently caressed Jared’s head. Looking at Jared’s tears made his heart tighten. Jared’s sorrow could instantly pass on to him, and it was as if there was a blood bond between them.

“Jared, stop crying. Let’s get him into the house first,” Anastasia comforted the boy. After this incident, it seemed that her son had grown up and became more sensible now.

Soon after, Elliot’s personal doctor, Benedict Palmer, arrived, and that was when it dawned on Anastasia that she didn’t actually know the people around him.

Benedict was not quite thirty years old, but his medical skills were already at the highest level. He was also the leader of the Presgrave Group’s private hospital.

As one of Elliot’s closest people, Benedict was in charge of Elliot’s health.

While cleaning the wound, Benedict asked about the previous incident with Harriet. At the time, he couldn’t rush back after the incident because he had gone abroad to study.

Anastasia, who was sitting off to one side, could feel the tingling sensation on her scalp as she looked at the wound on Elliot’s leg. The wound was neither deep nor shallow, but it was definitely not a minor injury.

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