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Room for You Chapter 481

Room for You Chapter 481

Captain Anderson came over and said with a sullen face. “Riley Presgrave, I just received a call from Young Master Presgrave. You are suspected of being the mastermind of a kidnapping case. In addition, your old case will be subjected to retrial. Get back to your cell!”

Riley visibly panicked, and it was unlike his usual calm demeanor. Did my goddaughter actually fail again?

“Take him back. The procedure is voided,” Captain Anderson ordered.

Riley’s hands were cuffed once again and he was taken back to his cell. He looked back at the outside world that was far beyond his reach, and he knew that he would never be able to escape his cell from now on.

It turned out that he had underestimated Elliot.

Rey sent Anastasia back to Elliot’s villa. Although she was still a few hours away from seeing Elliot, she couldn’t sleep anymore.

Besides a cup of coffee to keep herself awake, she never ate anything. Rey ordered the chef to cook her a meal, but she only stared at the time on the phone.

“Miss Tillman, please eat something. President Presgrave will be so distraught if he sees you malnourished!” Rey tried to persuade her.

Anastasia served herself a bowl of porridge. After taking a few spoonfuls, she asked, “When will he arrive?”

Rey shook his head in response.”I’m not sure, but it should be around 3.00 PM.”

Two private jets landed at the international airport. Fifteen minutes later, four eye-catching black SUVs were driving on the road.

They went straight to Elliot’s villa.

An hour later, the villa’s gate opened as the cars drove in.

Rey said excitedly, “Miss Tillman, President Presgrave is back.”

“Mr. Presgrave!” Jared ran out like a rabbit, and Anastasia followed suit.

She held his hand while waiting in the parking slot. Looking at the SUV which was similar to an armored car, she waited for Elliot to alight.

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