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Room for You Chapter 478

Room for You Chapter 478

Rey took Anastasia to another lounge. After sitting down, he told her something.

“President Presgrave has two close friends. Both of them are powerful and capable. Now, they are rescuing him. We just need to wait for the good news.”

“Who are they?” Anastasia asked because she was worried.

“Their last names are Lloyd and Weiss. I don’t know their background, but President Presgrave once told me that Old Madam Presgrave sent him to a secret training camp when he was an eight-year-old until he was sixteen. During the training, he met the young masters of the other two families and they trained for eight years together. They are close like brothers. If one of them is in danger, the other two will lend a hand.”

Anastasia was shocked. She didn’t really understand Elliot’s background.

“Moreover, they have their own tracking systems with accurate positioning. As long as they arrive at Dansbury, they will be able to quickly find President Presgrave and save him.” Rey believed they would definitely rescue Elliot if he didn’t die before they got to him.

Hearing this, Anastasia felt a little relieved.

A private plane landed smoothly at an airport in Dansbury. Three black armored SUVs appeared at the rear of the aircraft. The vehicles drove out of the airport and headed in one direction.

Less than twenty minutes after the group left, another private plane arrived. The dark color sucked up the lights near the airport. From the rear, another two cars rushed into the dark.

Meanwhile, Aliona had no idea who she had offended. She ordered her subordinates to search the depth of the jungle for Elliot.

“Find him now! Don’t let him escape.” Aliona didn’t want the plan to fail as she spent a lot of money on it.

She would never have had the chance to complete the plan if she had failed today.

“Miss Dora, this jungle is simply too big.” Her subordinates felt that the task was arduous.

“I don’t care how you do it, but you have to find him. Go!” Aliona sat in the car and ordered. Then, she left the car and took a flashlight to search in a direction.

Where can Elliot go? He was stabbed in the leg and must be bleeding badly, and it will consume his strength. He can’t go too far with the injury.

In fact, Elliot was nearby. He was lying under a big tree at the moment. He tore off his shirt and tied a knot on his leg to stop the bleeding. He felt his strength was ebbing away, but the group would never catch him.

If my calculations are correct, the two of them will arrive soon. I just need to stay in a safe place and wait for them to rescue me.

To find someone in the middle of the night was a nuisance. Aliona’s dozen subordinates had been searching for a long time but to no avail.

So, they returned and tried to follow Elliot’s trail. They started from where Elliot had jumped over the wall, followed by the blood stains he had left. Following the blood stains, Aliona thought he bled too much and could have fainted on a field due to blood loss.

A subordinate immediately reported, “There are pieces of cloth here. He must have torn off the clothes to stop the bleeding. There is a lot of blood, though, so he couldn’t have gotten far.”

Aliona’s eyes flashed with joy. “Come on, get him back to me! The doctors are here.”

At this moment, they heard the sound of a helicopter coming to them. The sound of the spiral was very loud.

Aliona’s expression became dark. Her subordinates also had a bad hunch. Why is there a helicopter coming here in the middle of the night?

“Don’t worry about it. Continue to find him.” Aliona hoped that the helicopter was not here to rescue Elliot.

A few minutes later, the helicopter circled over their heads and parked on a field near them.

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