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Read Novel “Divorced Billionaire Heiress” chapter No.239

Read Novel “Divorced Billionaire Heiress” chapter No.239

Floyd Stanton stood by the side with a cold face, not saying a word.

He was not in the mood to watch his brother’s family affairs.

The most hateful thing was that they ruined his daughter’s birthday party.

Thus, he had no intention of helping them no matter how viciously Nicole fought back.

They deserved it!

Jade and Lydia were guilty. If this carried on, it would only be detrimental to them.

They left with their tails between their legs.

Noah Stanton was also not in the mood to stay, so he left after saying a few words to Floyd.

The small episode did not cause that much of a storm.

Everyone soon tacitly changed the subject. Some people continued dancing, while others exchanged pleasantries.

Who would dare to whisper and joke about what just happened?

Nicole quietly sipped a glass of red wine. The wine stained her lips crimson, and her cold and aloof aura made her even more bright and beautiful.

When she turned around, she saw Floyd’s cold and gloomy face.

She walked over and shook his arm, coaxing him with a pampered smile.

“Don’t be angry, Dad. I didn’t suffer. Why should you be angry with such people? They’re not worth it!”

Nicole’s expression changed so quickly that everyone was surprised, but they felt more helpless and interested.

Her gentle and lovable look now made it seem as if the coldness from earlier was a deliberate act to scare people.

Anyone’s heart would soften when faced with such a beautiful and adorable young lady.

“Noah’s getting more and more muddled in the head. How could he bring them along today? He must’ve been bewitched.“

Floyd’s expression was clearly unpleasant after his good mood was ruined.

Nicole blinked and clung onto his arm like she was a koala.

“Uncle Noah has been duped for so many years. It’s not something that just happened. Dad, your health is more important. Don’t be so angry…“

“Alright, I won’t…“

Floyd was helpless by her actions and the anger in his heart gradually dissipated.

Soon, he went back to greeting and laughing with the guests who came over to toast him.

When the party was over, Nicole was already a little tired.

After talking to Floyd, she went outside.

She drank a little wine tonight, so she wanted to take a walk and enjoy the night breeze.

Too many things happened tonight. They piled up on her chest and made her feel stuffy and heavy.

Eric’s kiss and Ian’s bouquet of roses both upset her. The lamps stretched her shadow long.

The night was dense, and the cool breeze blew her long hair.

Her footsteps were slightly heavy with her stilettos as she walked down the desolate road. Her figure looked so lonely.

The streetlights lit up the road, looking like a river of stars on the ground, stretching brilliantly for miles.

Shortly after walking down the road, a section ahead was dark.

The streetlights there were broken.

Nicole stood there and felt an extraordinary chill in the darkness.

She did not move because she seemed to hear a faint movement on the dark road next to her.

They sounded like tense and hurried breaths…

After a moment of hesitation, two burly men came out slowly and leisurely from that path.

Nicole tried to disguise her nervousness with calmness.

“Miss, someone wants to meet you. Why don’t you come with us?“

Nicole’s expression stiffened as her breath stalled. ‘ Did I offend someone? If I’d known earlier, I would’ve gotten a driver or bodyguard to follow me…

It would have saved a lot of trouble.

However, Nicole still did not feel any panic yet, and her expression was calm.

She slowly looked up at the two burly men with cold eyes. “Kidnapping… or robbery?“

Nicole did not care about them. She had to figure out their intentions before she could respond.

She had to understand if she encountered them because she was unlucky, or because of another reason.

The two men were clearly stunned.

It was the first time they saw a young lady remain so calm in such a situation!

They no longer dared to say the vulgar words they prepared to scare her with.

“Someone just wants to talk to you, right there.“ One of them pointed to the dark and dreary path.

Suddenly, a scarlet dot lit up in the darkness. There was someone there, smoking.

Sure enough, someone was waiting for her.

The atmosphere sank in an instant. Nicole did not know what danger would follow, but she could feel it. That person was bad news!

It might not be impossible to run now.

However, if she ran, she would be leaving this danger in the unknown darkness. There might be trouble in the future instead.

Hence, why not settle the matter today once and for all?

Nicole was also curious about who was so bold as to make a move on her.

After thinking about it, Nicole stepped forward in her heels unhurriedly.

She stopped three meters away from the flame.

The two burly men stood behind her to prevent her from escaping.

In the darkness of the night, a person stood in the shadows behind the wall. She could only faintly discern the outline of their body but could not distinguish their features.

This situation was extremely unfavorable to Nicole.

However, Nicole could easily smell the perfume on the person, as well as the fashion cigarette’s scent that she used to like.

Out of all the people who participated in her birthday party earlier, only one person wore this perfume.

That person also had a domineering and cold aura. It seemed to match this person’s style very well.

The person did not speak, and Nicole did not open her mouth either.

She could feel the person in the shadows staring intently at her.

The atmosphere remained eerily quiet.

Nicole soon got impatient. It seemed like the person still had no intention of speaking. ‘Is she trying my patience?’

Half the cigarette burned out. The ashes fell on the ground and scattered into the wind.

Nicole’s tone was indifferent when she said, “Since you invited me here, why don’t you say something, Ms. Snyder?”

The person across her was none other than Chloe Snyder.

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