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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 999

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 999


At six in the evening, Luna received Joshua’s call. He wanted to take her to Orchard Manor. Luna told him Anne’s address, and soon, Joshua’s car arrived.

When she got in the car, Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at the small tote bag in her hands. “What have you got there?“

Luna smiled. “A gift.“

Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at her so- called gifts. Luna got herself comfortable in the backseat. “It’s just some juice I made.“

Luna smiled. “John was injured, so I came to visit him. Anne was researching how to make iced tea and fruit juices, so I tagged along and did some.“

Joshua relaxed a little. “Are there any for me?“

Luna smiled. “No. From what I know, I don’t think you like things like this, Mr. Lynch, so I only prepared for Nigel, Nellie, Granny Lynch, and Ms. Blake.“

Joshua raised his eyebrows. “You also made some for Fiona?“

“Why? Should I not prepare gifts for the mistress of the manor when going to Orchard Manor, Mr. Lynch?“

Joshua’s expression darkened at her words. After a while, he turned his head to look out of the window.

“Fiona isn’t the mistress of Orchard Manor.“

Orchard Manor was built from a design Luna made when she was bored once. Therefore, in Joshua’s perception, no matter how long Fiona stayed there, she was just a guest.

The mistress of Orchard Manor would only ever be…

“You’re right.“ Luna laughed bitterly. “Ms. Blake isn’t the mistress of Orchard Manor yet. I misspoke. I should say she’s the future mistress of Orchard Manor.“

Joshua furrowed his brows. He did not continue arguing about this topic with her. The atmosphere in the car was eerily silent. It was so suffocating that Lucas could only slowly start the car and play some music.

The radio was playing an old love ballad. The singer was singing in a melancholic and depressed key.

“Listen to the oceans, are they laughing? “Laughing at those who are innocent as can be. “Laughing at them for stupidly waiting. “Waiting for happiness to slowly arrive, sadly.“

Luna turned around, looking at the ocean in the distance. She slowly closed her eyes. This song was once her favorite. When she received the brunt of Joshua’s coldness, she would play this song on repeat on her phone.

She thought that she was the one being laughed at. The stubborn fool. In the passenger’s seat in front, Joshua looked at Luna in the backseat from the

rearview mirror. Although her eyes were closed, she could not hide the misery on her face.

Joshua furrowed his brows. “Lucas, change a different song.“

Lucas was stunned before he frantically changed songs.

Luna sniffled her nose and forced herself to suppress her emotions. She almost forgot. Joshua hated this song. Every time he listened to that song, he would furrow his brows and ask her to change songs. He said that this song was pretentious.

At that time, Luna did not understand why he hated the song.  At  that  moment,  she finally understood.

Back then, he could not even bear to listen to a pretentious song, yet at that moment, he could have the pretentious and sickly Fiona by his side every day.

It was not the pretentious song that he hated. He purely hated her.

Soon, the car reached Orchard Manor.

Lucas barely stopped the car when the door to the manor was opened. Nellie was the first one to rush out.

“Mommy, I’ve missed you terribly! “

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