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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 998

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 998

“What I ‘m trying to say is we can’t find the person, but we could be sure that the organizers hired those part-time janitors at a…very, very low price. The people who would do such a dirty and messy job at such a low cost must be someone at the bottom rung of the social ladder.“

Then, Lucas furrowed his brows and questioned, “ Sir, why are you looking for such a person?“

“Nothing much.“ Joshua’s expression darkened. A part-time janitor, from the bottom rung of the social ladder.

Even if Luna had a mental disorder, she would not hug and make out with someone like that. Therefore, the person the night before would not be as simple as what Lucas described.

“Continue the search. How many part-time janitors the organizers hired, search each and every one of them.“

He had to find out who the person was the night before!

Lucas was silent for a while. Nonetheless, he eventually answered, “Yes, sir! “

Leaving the restaurant, Luna bought fruits and went to Anne’s house.

Guilt-ridden by John’s injured arm, Anne tried to figure out how to make some desserts for John.

When she saw Luna entering, she glared at her with rebuke.

“Why did you buy fruits? We’re not lacking any, “ said Anne while looking at John on the sofa, watching TV.

“Luna bought you fruits.“ John immediately stood up. He was about to accept the fruit when Luna could not help but laugh out loud.

“Since when have I said that these fruits are for you all?“

Then, she looked at Anne’s kitchen. “I remember that you have a juicer in your kitchen?“

Anne and John looked at each other, then they snickered awkwardly.

Anne scratched her head. “I knew it. With our close friendship, why would you have suddenly brought fruits over for us?“

Luna laughed and pinched Anne’s nose. “I’m just pulling your leg.“

She took two peaches, two oranges, and a lemon. Then, the rest, she washed them and placed them on the coffee table.

“Most of them are for you too, but I ‘m using these to make juice. I ‘m bringing them over for Nigel and Nellie tonight.“

When she heard Luna mentioning Nigel and Nellie, Anne immediately came over.

“You’re going to meet Nigel and Nellie tonight?

Joshua agreed to it?”

Luna took Anne’s juicer out to clean while nodding her head. “Joshua was the one who invited me.”

She turned on the tap and smiled.

“This afternoon, he treated me to Ausland Lobsters and assorted seafood…all because he wanted to invite me to the set up that Fiona prepared for me at Orchard Manor tonight.”

John leaned back on the sofa, peeling an orange with one hand for Anne.

He chuckled gently. “Since you know it’s a setup, you still agreed to it?”

Luna shrugged and laughed. “Of course. Joshua threatened me with the children, saying that he’ll stop them from contacting me, so I had to go. How could I refuse?”

Anne bit her lip. “Joshua is getting out of line!”

Luna was nonchalant about it. “But, I plan to turn the tables tonight. The setup will be for Fiona instead.”

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