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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 997

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 997

Luna inwardly sneered.

As expected, it was just like she had guessed. Joshua and Fiona, those two pretentious adults, would use Nigel and Nellie as an excuse to invite her over.

Luna smiled.

“What if I refuse? I spoke to them last night. I never heard that they missed me nor hoped that I ‘d visit them at Orchard Manor.“

Luna leaned back gracefully on the chair and crossed her legs elegantly. “So, is it the kids that want me there, or is it you and Ms. Blake?“

If Joshua could tell her the truth and told her that it was Fiona who wanted her there, Luna might still respect him for being an honest man.

However…Joshua still respected Fiona’s wishes, saying that she wanted it to be a surprise for Luna, to apologize to Luna in person.

Thus, he squinted. “Of course, I’m the one who wants you there.“

After all, in her eyes, he no longer had a good image. He did not care about this anymore.

Luna laughed out loud.

Joshua indeed loved Fiona a lot. As long as Fiona wanted something, no matter the condition or what i t was, Joshua would agree to her without any further questions. Was that the case?

Fiona getting her to go there that night was clearly a setup!

At that thought, Luna sneered. “What if I don’t want to go?“ “Reason?“

“I don’t want to see you and Ms. Blake showing off your love. I don’t want to be a third wheel. Does this count?“

“The kids and Granny Lynch are there, too. You’re not a third wheel.“

Luna narrowed her eyes. “If I insist on not going, would there be any serious repercussions?“

Joshua crossed his arms around his chest. He looked at Luna condescendingly.

“I’ll cut off all signals in Orchard Manor. You won’t be able to contact Nigel and Nellie anymore.“

Luna’s pupils constricted.

Joshua’s expression did not seem like he was joking. He was willing to do anything for Fiona.

Things were at that point already, and Luna could only agree to him. Moreover, she did want to go there, too.

Luna took a deep breath and stood up. “Mr. Lynch, you’re just like Ms. Blake. You both know that the children are my weak spot. As long as you have a hold on my children, you have a hold on my life.“

She turned to look at him coldly.

“How great would it be if you’re not the children’s father.“

Luna would not need to be disappointed for her children, disappointed that they had such a person as their father, a person who would always use them as bargaining chips.

Then, Luna turned around and strode away.

Joshua sat in his chair, looking at Luna leaving coldly.

It would be great if he was not their father, she said? Who did she want to be their father?

Theo? Christian?

Maybe even the man behind the boulder the night before?

At that thought, Joshua immediately took his phone out.

“Lucas, have you found out who that man is?“

Lucas, on the other end of the line, was slightly stunned. “N—No…not yet. There were too many people at the fireworks celebration last night. It’s already quite hard to find someone, and on top of that, there isn’t much surveillance.

“We’ve obtained all the surveillance footage near the beaches, even from the shops nearby. I don’t know whether that man has been trying to avoid the surveillance cameras, but we couldn’t find him at all.

“The only thing we could be sure of is that this man was in a janitor’s uniform. However, last night’s event…almost half of Banyan City was there. The event organizers hired a few extra janitors at the very last minute. Once the event ended, those part – time janitors took the money and left. They didn’t leave any contact details.”

Lucas sighed.

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