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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 996

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 996

Joshua was already by the door when he noticed that Luna was still standing in the same spot.

He could not help but furrowed his brows. “Why aren’t you going?“

Luna came to her senses. She took a deep breath and immediately caught up with him.

“I’m coming.“

Joshua took Luna to Bamboo Palace, which was one of Banyan City’s best restaurants. It had an elegant environment and was famous for its dishes.

Luna thought that it was a little insulting and ironic that Joshua brought her there. The previous few times that she went to the restaurant were with

Theo. Theo even confessed his love to her there, too.

Joshua knew about that, too. Luna could not comprehend why he would bring her there. Was he trying to get back for her mockery a moment ago, or did he really think that  this was the suitable place?

“Didn’t you say not to simply brush you off?“

Once they entered the private room, Joshua immediately passed the menu from the waiter to Luna.

“The food in Bamboo Palace is no joke. I’m not brushing you off, right?“

Luna sneered. She did not continue focusing on his intention of bringing her here. After all, food at Bamboo Palace was not cheap. Luna was not planning to let such a good opportunity to spend Joshua’s money go away so easily.

At that thought, she immediately flipped to the last page of the menu and ordered starting from the highest price dishes.

“I’d like a set of the Ausland Lobster. Also, give me a set of assorted seafood.“

“You’re going to have such a rich meal?“ When Joshua heard what she ordered, he could not help but smile. “Aren’t you afraid you’ll have a bad stomach?“

“Of course, not.“ Luna rolled her eyes. “Nigel and Nellie haven’t been by my side recently. I’ve gotten haggard and thinned down quite a lot, so I want to fatten up a little. Why, Mr. Lynch, are you not willing to spend the money?“

Joshua smiled helplessly. “You should know that I won’t be stingy with this sort of money.“

Luna slowly pursed her lips at Joshua’s words. After a while, she laughed self-deprecatingly.

She was such a fool. How could she provoke Joshua with ordering expensive food?

The thing Joshua had most in excess was money.

Luna helplessly smiled. “Then, just consider me a person with a small world view.“

Joshua smiled and looked at her. He did not expose her for her small schemes.

Soon, Luna’s extra luxurious feast came.

All these years, as a top-notch designer, she had attended many elegant and luxurious dinners, but this was the first time she had such a feast.

Initially, Luna would still pretend to be polite. Later on, she felt that there was no need to. Why did she need to put on a pretense in front of Joshua? She did not need to please him, neither did she care about his feelings and thoughts about her.

At that thought, Luna started to wolf down the food.

Joshua sat opposite of her. Looking at how Luna ate without any reservations, he smiled dotingly.

If he could, he was willing to treat her to such a feast every day. Looking at her eating without any care relaxedly was also a type of enjoyment for him.

Soon, Luna was full, but there was more than half of the expensive meal on the table.

Joshua did not reprimand her for wasting food. “Are you happy now?“

Luna nodded and confessed honestly, “I’m not spending my money. Of course, I’m happy.“

Joshua smiled. “I can still let you not spend a single cent and be happy during dinner.“

Luna narrowed her eyes. She knew that Joshua was finally getting into the main topic, but she still smiled calmly.

“What? You want to treat me to a meal tonight too?“ Joshua reached out his long fingers and knocked on the table. “You can consider so. I ‘m inviting you to Orchard Manor. Nigel and Nellie missed you.“

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