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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 995

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 995

Luna gracefully picked her bag up and left, all while Lily watched her in shock.

Before she left, she did not forget to stuff the medication she bought the night before into her bag.

Half an hour later, Luna was already outside Joshua’s office. She took a deep breath and adjusted her breathing before lifting her hand and knocking on Joshua’s office door.


She only knocked a few times when Joshua’s low voice came from inside. Luna smiled and walked in with a rather mocking expression.

“I heard Shannon say that you have a lot of places that you don’t understand regarding our design this time?“

Joshua looked at her calmly and responded. He pointed at the seat in front of him.

“Have a seat.“

Luna gracefully sat down. “I thought that a smart person like you would be able to understand a simple design of mine. It looks like I’ve overestimated you, Mr. Lynch.“

Joshua narrowed his eyes. He could hear the mockery in Luna’s tone.

He raised his eyebrows. “Every person has their specialties. I might be smart on business matters,s’ but my design skills aren’t as good as yours.“

Then, Joshua seriously took out Luna’s past design proposal and logically placed his questions.

Luna could not help but furrowed her brows upon his questions.

Although Joshua said he did not understand design, every question he raised was extremely perceptive.

Luna had long expected that he would find a reason to look for her, then invite her to the Orchard Manor as a guest incidentally.

However, Luna did not expect that even if Joshua only looked for a reason to be in touch with her, his questions were still focused and clear. It was straight to the point.

Shannon would really be unable to answer those questions.

Luna secretly lamented about how sharp-witted Joshua was, while seriously answering his questions.

Both of them conversed all the way until lunchtime.

Lucas knocked on the door and entered. “Sir, are you still planning to just do a simple takeaway for lunch again today…“

He was halfway through his question when he realized that Luna was also in the office besides Joshua.

Lucas widened his eyes. Since when did Luna come?

When she heard what Lucas said, Luna could not help but smile. “Didn’t you always have your lunch with Ms. Blake, Mr. Lynch? Why have you stooped

down to the level of simply ordering take away?”

Then, Luna pretended to come to a realization. ”Oh, yes, because you can’ t bear to see her work, so you tricked and forced her into quitting. How rare of you, Mr. Lynch. When Ms. Blake was still working in the office, you were worried that Ms. Blake would be too exhausted. When she’s not in the office working, you could only eat take away alone for lunch.”

Every single word was prickly to Joshua. Lucas, by the side, was extremely uncomfortable.

”Luna, how could you say that of Mr. Lynch? He is clearly— ”

”Lucas, ” Joshua calmly interrupted Lucas, ”you don’t have to order lunch for me.”

Joshua stood up and picked his suit jacket up. ”I ‘in treating Luna to a meal this afternoon.”

He had already walked to Luna’s side, smiling as he looked at her. ”Ms. Luna, may I have the pleasure?”

Luna pursed her lips. Although she was unwilling , she was indeed hungry.

Luna shrugged her shoulders. ”I’ll reluctantly agree to it, but I can’ t be brushed off with a simple meal.”

She sounded rather arrogant. Joshua was amused by her reaction. He could not help but reach out and pat Luna on the shoulder.

”How could I treat you badly?”

Then, he put on his coat and strode out.

Luna stood in the same spot and looked at his back, stunned. Those words that he spoke a moment ago in a doting manner rang non-stop in Luna’s ears. ”How could I treat you badly?”

Luna had mixed feelings.

Was there not a time where Joshua did not treat her badly? Ever since she knew him, had he sincerely treated her well? Even once was good enough, but had he ever?

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