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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 991

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 991

“Sure, let’s invite Luna over tonight, then.“ Granny Lynch did not even give it any thought before agreeing to Fiona’s suggestion.

On one hand, she was really heartbroken for Nigel and Nellie. They had been living with Luna all this while before they were abruptly brought over to take care of Fiona, the ill woman.

On the other hand, Granny Lynch also wanted Fiona to see for herself, when Luna came over, what it took to be a woman worthy of helping Joshua take care of his children.

“But… “ At that moment, Nigel, who had been silent all this while, lifted his gaze and looked at Fiona.

“Aunty Fiona, although we miss Mommy, I don’t think she’ll want to come here to see you being together with Daddy.“

Nellie, by the side, also pursed her lips and nodded.

“If you really think that us being apart from our Mommy is terrible, why don’t you be charitable? Try talking to Daddy. Persuade him to send us back to live with Mommy.“

Fiona furrowed her brows at what the children said. She sighed and said with an aggrieved expression, “ Joshua was the one that decided to let you all stay here. I can’t do anything if he doesn’t want you back with Luna.“

Nellie blinked her innocent huge eyes at Fiona. “

Aren’t you Daddy’s favorite woman right now, Aunty Fiona? When Daddy used to like Alice back then, he’d always listen to her. Why does he not listen to you now?“

Nigel sighed and looked at Nellie helplessly.

“Nellie, stop talking. We’re just kids. We don’t know what goes on between the adults.“

Nellie was resentful upon being lectured by Nigel.

“What do you mean, we don’t understand adult matters? It’s clearly because Aunty Fiona has no standing in Daddy’s heart. If Daddy truly likes Aunty Fiona, why won’t he listen to her?“

Nigel sighed. “It’s fine, Nellie. Maybe Aunty Fiona is just casually saying. She’s not truly sad about us leaving Mommy. Don’t take her too seriously.“

Fiona’s expressions alter between blushing and becoming pale upon what they said.

She gripped her utensils so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

These two kids said these intentionally! They definitely were doing it on purpose!

They went back and forth, one mocking her for being unimportant to Joshua, the other deriding her for being pretentious.

Granny Lynch’s expression darkened when she heard what her great-grandchildren said.

Nigel and Nellie were only six years old; they were only immature kids. If they could even see how pretentious Fiona was, she must have been talking behind her back in front of the children often.

At that thought, Granny Lynch harrumphed coldly.

“Yes, if you’re truly concerned for the kids, you should send them back to Luna and not get Luna to come here to make everyone feel more stressed.”

Fiona bit her lip. She wanted to stand up for herself.

“Granny, it’s not me who doesn’t want Luna to be with her kids. It’s because Luna has mental issues, and she was abusive to the kids…”

“Whether she has mental issues or not, well, the results are not out yet, right?” Granny Lynch slammed her utensils on the table.

“I have no more appetite. Nigel, Nellie, let’s head upstairs and continue yesterday’s design, shall we? “

“Oh, sure!”

Nellie smiled and jumped down from the chair. She reached out to grab Granny Lynch’s hand.

Nigel and Nellie held Granny Lynch’s hand on each side and went upstairs.

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