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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 987

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 987

Looking at Luna’s miserably pale face, not saying anything as she stood still, Joshua’s gaze darkened even more.

He was spot on, then.

The person hugging the thin man behind the boulders was Luna. At that thought, Joshua’s gaze turned even colder.

There he was, worried that Luna might be lonely since there was no one to talk to her after Christian left Banyan City so suddenly.

What happened then?

In less than half a day, she found another person!

If he was not standing by the edge of the beach on a phone call, he would not have noticed how loose and easy Luna was.

She was not like that before. At that thought, Joshua was even more convinced that Nigel and Fiona were right—Luna was mentally ill.

If she was not mentally ill, how could she do such baffling things?

Luna’s heart was in suspense when she saw Joshua’s cold gaze. She bit her lip and looked at Joshua.

“W—What else did you see?“

Did Joshua see Theo? Did he know that the other guy was Theo?

However, Luna’s nervousness was interpreted differently by Joshua. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Luna’s miserably pale face. His gaze turned colder.

Why was she so nervous?

Could it be that when she was behind the boulder with the other man, it was not as simple as a hug?

At that thought, rage appeared in his eyes. “I think we really need to find someone to cure your mental illness! “

Luna glared at him. “I said I’m not ill!“

Then, she turned around and helped John up together with Anne.

“You want to talk about illness? You and Fiona are the ones that are sick! Since both of you are here together, why don’t you hold onto each other tightly? If you’re next to her, don’t mention killing herself: It won’t have anything to do with us, even if she wanted to slice her own abdomen open!

“You weren’t next to her. Who knew whether she wanted to kill us or kill herself when she picked up the knife? John went to stop her and snatched the knife away, and she hurt him! “

Joshua furrowed his brows. Only then did he notice that the white sleeves on John’s arm had been sliced through. Although his arm had been bandaged, from the blood seeping through his clothes and the bloodstains on the sand, his injury seemed serious.

Joshua turned to look at Fiona in his arms.

“Fiona, what happened?“

Seeing that Joshua finally looked at her, Fiona wiped away her tears. Her tone was extremely aggrieved.

“Ms. Zimmer had been hostile to me from the moment we met. You know about this, Joshua. I only bumped into them when I was walking around.

Then, she started spewing harsh words.

“I was pissed so I retorted. She actually said that no matter how hard I try, I ‘ll never be as important as Luna to you.“

Fiona cried so badly  that  she began to gasp for air.

“Joshua, you know, my will to live right now is just to be with you and enjoy the time left with you, but Ms. Zimmer kept saying how I meant nothing to you. I

couldn’t take it, so I ran over to the barbecue stand and picked up the knife. I wanted to kill myself.

“But perhaps Mr. Young thought badly of me because of his terrible character. He thought I picked the knife up because I wanted to hurt Anne, so he rushed over.

“Then, it became this.“

When she finished recounting, Fiona was crying so hard that she was spent. She nestled herself in Joshua’s arms.


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