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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 985

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 985

It was completely dark behind the boulder, save only the vague, dim light from the fireworks and moonlight in the distance.

Behind the dark boulder stood an emaciated man. He was so thin that his facial features almost changed.

He was as thin as a rake, but his eyes were still elegant and gentle-looking.

“Luna.“ That man smiled. “I never would’ve thought we’d meet under such circumstances.“

Luna rushed forward and immediately hugged him. He was so thin that it was almost uncomfortable hugging him.

Tears fell. Luna hugged him tightly. “Theo, I thought that you were really gone! I thought I won’t be able to see you again in this life! I knew that the email must’ve been you! It was you! “

Theo hugged her. His eyes were rather teary, too. This was the first time that Luna hugged him first, yet it was under such circumstances.

Luna’s tears wet his shoulders.

Theo sighed and gently lifted his hands to pat on Luna’s back.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I ‘m alive. Neil is still alive, too.“

Luna hugged him for a long while before letting go of him. Luna wiped her tears away.


After the intense emotions, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Luna took a deep breath and looked at the tear stains on Theo’s shoulder, and she laughed awkwardly.

“I was too excited just now.“

“It’s fine.“

Not seeing him for a very long time, Theo was still like back then, as gentle as a lamb.

He looked at Luna’s eyes. “I ‘m also very excited. I never thought I ‘d still have the chance to see you.“

Luna sniffled.

“Can you tell me what happened to you and Neil all this while?“

“It’s a long story. “ Theo looked into the distance. “ Time is short right now. I’m here to finish a mission, so I can’t waste too much time. I ’11 make it short. “

Theo took a deep breath and continued, “Actually, back then, Alice and Aura were connected.

Everything Alice knew about you came from Aura. That night when we met with the accident, Alice’s men had already tricked me and Neil away, but no one thought that Aura’s men would suddenly appear.

“Aura arranged for the explosion, too. They took off Neil and my clothes. Then, they cut our arms with a knife. After bleeding all over the floor, they created the explosion.

“For the past month, Aura has been using assorted drugs to brainwash Neil and me, wanting us to forget the past.“

Luna secretly clenched her fists tightly upon Theo’s words. Sure enough, Neil no longer remembered her. It was a surprise, yet not unexpected.

After all, Neil was so close to his siblings. If Aura did not wipe away Neil’s memories, how could she control him?

“Neil is still young. The drugs worked quickly on him. He has already forgotten the past.

“But I…I didn’t lose my memories, and it’s probably due to the dosage of the drug. To protect myself, I’ve been pretending that I can’t remember anything.

“Aura would still be suspicious of me from time to time, so I could only find a way to secretly contact you.“

Then, Theo took a deep breath. “I can only say so much for now. I still have a mission to complete.“

Luna paused for a while.

“Then…where are Aura and you all right now?“ Theo was silent for a while.

“We don’t stay in a fixed place. I’m not from Banyan

City. There are a lot of places I can’t describe to you.“ “I still have one last question.“

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