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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 982

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 982

In the end, Luna decided to have a look.

She had gone through so much that summer.

Seizing the end of the summer and bidding farewell to the unhappy incidents was a good choice, too.

The more important thing was that she was indeed hungry. She was all alone at home, and she was too lazy to make her meals.

Thus, after asking Anne about where the event was taking place, Luna simply packed up and hailed a taxi there.

Outside the Blue Bay Villa, in a corner somewhere…

Zach took his phone out. “Mr. Lynch, Ms. Luna hailed a taxi and left. Should we follow her?“

A cold man’s voice came from the other end of the line, “Go with her.“ Then, he hung up when a knock came from the door of his study.


The person that entered was the aggrieved-looking Fiona.

She was still in her usual white dress, looking extremely frail.

“Joshua, Granny Lynch has been targeting me. I don’t feel like having dinner at home tonight. Let’s go out, please?“

Joshua calmly furrowed his brows. He lifted his gaze and looked at her. “Sounds good, too.“

Although this was only the second day Granny Lynch and the kids came over to stay, throughout the past day, Granny Lynch would make things difficult for Fiona, targeting her, as long as she was free.

Granny Lynch seemed to have used all the tactics she once used on Luna on Fiona.

Luna could endure them, and she also had a tough and stubborn character. She had her way of dealing with them, so she rarely came to complain to Joshua.

However, Fiona was different.

As long as Granny Lynch made things difficult for her, she would immediately run over to Joshua and complain.

Throughout the day, Joshua suffered, too. He was miserable.

At that moment, when Fiona suggested heading out for a meal, Joshua agreed that they needed time to cool it off outside, to change to a different environment.

He stood up. “Where do you want to go?“

Fiona pursed her lips. “I heard there’s a fireworks event tonight called Seize the End of Summer. I’ve never attended such an event before. I hear it’s lively and romantic. There’s good food, too. Can we go?“

Fiona blinked her eyes and looked at Joshua. “I ‘m sure you’ve not been to such an event too, right?

Let’s go together, shall we?“

Joshua inexplicably thought of Luna upon Fiona’s words.

Back then, when he got married to Luna, Luna also had such a look in her eyes, hoping that he would bring her to the summer fireworks celebration, but he was always busy.

Up until that moment, he never truly took her to attend such an event.

Joshua sighed. He wanted to say something when his phone rang.

It was a message from Zach. (Ms. Luna is here.]

A photo was attached with the message.

In the photo was Luna being next to Anne and John in front of a barbecue stall. She was smiling while waiting for her barbecue.

The fireworks and fire lit her face up. She was extraordinarily gorgeous.

Looking at Joshua looking at his phone not saying a word, Fiona bit her lips. “Joshua, you don’t want to go.”

Joshua kept his phone. He walked in front and held Fiona’s hand.

“Let’s go.”

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