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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 981

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 981

Luna did not expect this question from Christian.

She gripped onto her phone and was silent for a long while. She could not help but clear her throat.

“Christian, what kind of joke is this? You’re Nigel’s and Nellie’s cousin. Although our age difference isn’t that huge, in terms of seniority…“

Christian, on the other end of the line, chuckled. “If you’re not planning to be with Joshua, is seniority in the family that important?

“Rather than saying although our age difference isn’t huge but due to seniority…

“I’d rather put it this way: Although seniority is in the way, our age gap isn’t that wide.“

Then, Christian cleared his throat and continued seriously, “Luna, aren’t you going to consider it? “

Luna paused a little. Her throat tightened. “ Christian, stop pulling my leg, I— “

“I’m already being so serious, yet you could still hear that I ‘m joking?“ Before Luna could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Christian’s mischievous laughter.

He chuckled loudly. “Yeah, I’m just pulling your leg, alright. We do have quite a huge age difference. Also, I don’t think I could be a father to Nigel and Nellie— those  two mischievous devils. I’ll be so pissed off.“

Then, Christian stopped smiling and suppressed the misery in his heart. He looked at the online ticketing system on the screen seriously.

“We’ll stick according to our original plan and prepare thoroughly. Bonnie’s men will continue sifting through, trying to locate Aura’s position, while you stay in Banyan City to hold the fort. Wait for my news.“

Seeing how Christian was finally serious once again, Luna let out a sigh and continued instructing Christian a little while more before hanging up the call.

When he hung up the call with Luna, Christian lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling, smiling bitterly. He knew he did not have a chance with Luna.

Whether it be age or their relationship, Joshua was still rooted in her heart in the end.

This was a barrier that none of them could overcome.

However, if the Violet Lewis case could be overturned and Luna could get hold of something on Fiona, maybe even exposing Fiona’s true colors in front of Joshua…

He was willing to risk it.

After all, he was still young. Unlike Joshua, he did not need to consider much when liking someone.

He wanted to do something for Luna so she could not forget him.

After hanging up the call with Christian, Luna took Nigel’s computer and tried a few times. She still could not get any info on the doctor that tried to resuscitate Shaun and Violet Lewis back then.

She did not sleep throughout the night before, plus she was busy the entire morning.

By noon, sleepiness overwhelmed her. She finally could no longer hold on and fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was already eight in the evening.

There were a few messages on her phone, quietly laying close by.

Bonnie wrote, (Luna, my men searched for the entire day, and we still couldn’t locate Aura. Perhaps Banyan City is too huge, or she’s hiding very well. I’ll get them to continue working on it the next day.

(As for Robert Jenson’s medical team, I’ve increased my price to try to get them, but they still refused. They said that their client gave them much more. I don’t know who their client is. They’re willing to spend more than me!]

Christian wrote, (I’m at the security checkpoint, waiting to board the plane. Don’t worry, I ‘ll try my best to uncover the truth! ]

Nigel typed, (Mommy, don’t worry. Nellie and I are doing well here. Fiona can’t do anything to us. Great- Granny is on the same side as us! Don’t worry! ]

Luna scrolled through the messages. A warm feeling washed over her.

Although she was once blind, falling for a man like Joshua, which led to a series of tragic catastrophes at that moment…

There were always still people who missed her and looked out for her when she was in trouble.

Luna replied to the messages one by one. Just when she wanted to put her phone down, her phone vibrated.

It was a message from Anne.

(Luna, are you up? Summer is almost over, John said that there’s a firework celebration event called Seize the End of Summer by the seaside. Do you want to join us? You’ll feel better in such a lively event.

There’s barbecue, sand, and fireworks. There’s also good-looking hunks!]

Looking at the messages on her phone, Luna got up from the bed. She looked at her cold and empty room, then at the dark skies. She rubbed her famished stomach.

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