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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 979

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 979

By the time she hung up the phone, Luna’s sleepiness had dissipated.

Instead, she got up, went into Nigel’s room, and found his computer.

Nigel was such a skilled hacker that he could enter the dark web, which was almost unattainable to any ordinary person.

Luna wanted to scour through the dark web in hopes of finding some information about Dr. Robert’s social circle.

Since she could no longer use money to buy off the doctor, she had no choice but to try using connections.

She investigated everyone related to Dr. Robert while simultaneously praying that she would come across someone she knew who was somehow connected to him.

Her search rendered no results.

However, Luna could not help noticing that Dr. Robert had married a woman more than ten years younger than him a few years ago.

His wife’s name was Janice Yale.

However, when Luna clicked into Janice Yale’s information, she caught sight of a familiar name — Violet Lewis.

A few years ago, Janice’s daughter had died in an accident, and her ex-husband was so devastated after receiving this news that he, too, died in a car crash a short while later.

Soon after that, Janice remarried to Dr. Robert.

Her late daughter…was none other than Violet Lewis.

When she saw this familiar name in Janice’s personal profile, Luna felt her breath quickened.

If she remembered correctly, Christian had mentioned that Fiona used to have a roommate who constantly bullied her until one day, he accidentally pushed her off the rooftop, and she plummeted to her death.

The roommate was named Violet Lewis.

If these two were the same person, then this would turn out to be more complicated than Luna thought.

After all, by right, Janice would hate Fiona’s guts, considering she was one of the people involved in her daughter’s death. However, her current husband was helping Fiona fake her illness.

Luna had a feeling that there was something more to this.

As soon as she thought of this, Luna took out her phone and dialed Christian’s number.

Christian, who had been sleeping soundly all this while, roused from his sleep upon receiving Luna’s call. He let out a yawn and picked up the phone. “ Why aren’t you asleep yet? Do you know what time it is, madam?“

Luna was so preoccupied with her thought that she took no notice of what he had called her. Instead, she furrowed her brows slightly. “Let me ask you this: How much do you know about Violet, the girl you accidentally shoved off the roof? Do you know what her parents’ names are?“

Christian frowned and pondered over this for a moment. “Her father’s name was Shaun Lewis, and her mother is Janice Yale. I still remember their names because when the accident occurred, my mother liaised with them to avoid me getting any jail time.“

Luna pursed her lips. It turned out that she was right. The doctor who had provided Fiona with a false medical diagnosis was Violet’s mother’s current husband.

“What’s wrong?“ Noticing that Luna did not reply, Christian asked, letting out another yawn as he did. “ Why are you asking me about Violet Lewis all of a sudden?“

Luna let out an exhale. “Why do you think Dr. Robert was so willing to help Fiona, even if it means giving a false medical certificate?“

Bonnie’s meaning was clear. Dr. Robert and his team valued money more than anything else, so much so that they were willing to postpone a pre-scheduled appointment for another higher-paying client.

Why would such a greedy doctor and his team be willing to help Fiona, considering she did not have much money?

“Maybe Fiona knows something about him that he doesn’t want anyone else to find out, like me.“

Christian yawned again. “It’s definitely not because of money. Fiona has always been broke. When we were at school together, I used to give her pocket money because she couldn’t afford anything.”

Luna pursed her lips. Her guesses were correct.

The only reason a respected medical team like Dr. Robert’s would be willing to help Fiona was that she had the goods on them.

All of this pointed toward another possibility: that Violet Lewis’ death was not a simple accident.

“Is there anything else I can help with? ” Christian was so tired that he could not stop yawning. “If not, then I’ll go back to sleep now.”

“There’s one more thing. ” Luna let out an exhale. “I remember you told me that Violet didn’t die immediately from the fall. Instead, she died because the doctors failed to save her after she arrived at the hospital, right?”

Christian nodded. “That’s right.”

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